ACORN Gets $2 Billion From “Ecnomic Stimulus” Spending Spree

I just heard Rep. Michelle Bachman (R- MN) on the Scott Hennen show refer to ACORN getting $2 billion (yes, that’s billion) in new funding from the “economic stimulus” bill Obama and Democrats ram-rodded through Congress with as little debate and scrutiny as possible.
Frustrating, no? Bachman noted that the payment to ACORN wasn’t a “stimulus,” it was a pay off. Presumably for ACORN’s efforts in fraudulently registering Democrat voters across the country.
Well Bachman also noted that after she finally got the 1,000 page final version of the bill just after midnight on Friday, the one she was to vote on within 24 hours, many of the line items in the bill that appropriated millions of dollars had vague descriptions like “education” and “supplies.”
Is that the sort of accountability Americans voted for when they elected Obama and Democrats?

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