About That Photo Of William Ayers Standing On The Flag…..

The photo of Ayers standing on the American flag, hands in pockets, a look of absolute superiority on his face, was first published in Chicago Magazine in August of 2001 and the accompanying piece was just short of being a tribute to a man who had once planted bombs to kill his fellow Americans.
I’d like to point out something about that picture.
Note the setting. Ayers is bravely standing on the flag, haughty, smug, a man ovbviously convinced that he is just…..better. And he’s doing it in a tiny, closed, isolated alley.
He isn’t on the street, he’s not doing it on the steps of the local government or in a busy parking lot. He’s doing it in a tiny alley that doesn’t even appear to have windows that are open from the surrounding buildings. Nice gesture, standing on the flag. But…..if you’re that convinced of your righteous place in the political cosmos, why not do it in public instead of in that dank, weedy alley?
It’s just my opinion, of course, and I’m sure he and the photographer can come up wilth all sorts or artistic reasons the photo was taken there, but this isn’t the act of the brave radical.
It’s an act of craven cowardice.
Ayers and his ilk lurk in shadow, throwing their bombs both literal and figurative from the safety of the dark. And in this case, from the safety of a grimy little alley. There’s no courage here, no conviction, no spine. There’s just a little alley dweller showing us what he’s really, really all about.
So…..don’t get angry at slimy little alley dwellers like Ayers. Anger is an emotion that he doesn’t rate. Just look at him and understand what he is – and isn’t. The disgust and disdain we reserve for other vermin is more fitting in his case.
The photo says it all, if you really think about it.

Curmudgeonly sesquipedalian.

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