64% Of Americans Support Off-Shore Drilling

Including some 37% of Obama voters:

Nearly two-thirds of Americans (64%) support going ahead with offshore oil drilling, an issue that John McCain seized on in early June as a way to help lower gas prices and has since forced Barack Obama to at least partially agree with. . . .
Forty-two percent (42%) said that offshore oil drilling would have the biggest impact in terms of reducing the price of oil — a far higher percentage than believe that for several other options now being floated by the two major presidential candidates. . . .
Only 20% of Americans now oppose offshore drilling, which Obama initially opposed but is now willing to consider in conjunction with development of alternative energy sources. . . .
Ninety percent (90%) of likely McCain voters support offshore drilling along with 37% of potential Obama voters.

Opposing the expansion of domestic oil exploration is now, officially, a political loser for Democrats.
The only question remaining is how they’re going to manage a 180 on this issue without looking like a bunch of wrong-headed opportunist panderers.

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