$375 Million In “Stimulus” Spending Allocated To Non-Existent Zip Codes

I posted a couple of days ago about WatchDog.org having found that tens of millions of “stimulus” dollars had been allocated to non-existent zip codes in New Mexico. Now the folks at WatchDog.org have expanded their investigation, and found that hundreds of millions of dollars have apparently been spent in non-existent zip codes nationally.
Via an emailed press release from The Franklin Center:

Bismarck, ND– First it was phantom congressional districts; now it is phantom zip codes.
Less than two months after breaking the news that federal stimulus money was allocated to 440 non-existing congressional districts, it now appears more than $375 million in federal stimulus funds were sent to and credited with creating jobs in ZIP codes that do not exist in all but 12 of the nation’s states. According to a national study of the Recovery.gov website compiled by Kansas Watchdog reporter Earl Glynn and authored by Bill McMorris, the stimulus is sending $375 million in the form of grants, loans and government contracts to fund more than 200 projects in imaginary ZIP codes. The site also reports the funds created more than 400 jobs at a cost of about $800,000 each.
This new development was discovered on Monday by New Mexico Watchdog Jim Scarantino of the Rio Grande Foundation, who sifted through Recovery.gov, the $18 million website launched by the Obama Administration to track the destinations of billions of dollars of stimulus funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Following Monday’s developments, stories from other state-based watchdogs indicated that the problem extended beyond New Mexico’s borders. Scarantino is also credited with breaking the news on the phantom congressional districts on November 16, 2009.

More here.
The government is so inefficient, so inept, they can’t even keep track of where they’re spending money.
But don’t worry. These idiots are totally going to make your health care more efficient.

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