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Guest Post: Laws Can’t Change Social Attitudes

Guest Post: Laws Can’t Change Social Attitudes

North Dakota experienced a tragedy this summer, when the lives of a vibrant, young West Fargo family were cut short by the senseless act of an intoxicated driver who was driving the wrong way on Interstate 94. This incident brought a variety of reactions, some expected, some perhaps unusual. Following the tragedy, I was asked


Saturday Linkaround/ Open Thread

Cartoon of the Day – NRO Home page The Ten Things You Should Know About Romney’s Taxes State Department Attacks CNN for Reporting Inconvenient Facts on Libya ABC’s Jake Tapper reports Obama coverup of Benghazi attack First Air Marshal Obama Leads U.S. Military to its Worst Loss of Air Power Since Vietnam Canadian PM to


Last Chance To Get Tickets To See Peter Schiff In Fargo Tomorrow

I’m heading out tomorrow to Fargo where I’ll be the MC at the North Dakota Policy Council’s 5th annual Free Market Forum. There are a lot of good panels scheduled for tomorrow, as well as dinner and a keynote address from financial guru and talk radio host Peter Schiff. I hope to see a lot


New York City Bans Subway Ads Critical Of Islam

In 1942 the Supreme Court, in the Chaplinksy vs. New Hampshire ruling, upheld the notion of a “fighting words” exemption to the First Amendment. “There are certain well defined and narrowly limited classes of speech, the prevention and punishment of which have never been thought to raise any Constitutional problem,” wrote the court in that


Even the NFL Knows Pensions are Dead

The long national crisis is over. No, you didn’t fall asleep and wake up on November 7th to news that President Obama lost his re-election bid either. The real National Football league (NFL) referees are back on the field as of last night’s Thursday Night Football game between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns. A


Heitkamp Loses Ground To Berg In Latest Democrat Poll

Democrats have released yet another poll (based on a sample of voters provided by the state Democrat party with a massive 5-point margin of error and polled by the same company that showed Barack Obama winning North Dakota in 2008) which indicates that Heidi Heitkamp is leading Berg by 4 points. You can read the


Shirvani’s Higher Ed Plan Doesn’t Address The Biggest Problem: Cost To Taxpayers And Students

New North Dakota University System Chancellor Hamid Shirvani has been busy selling admissions reforms to officials around the state. In fact, earlier this week, the State Board of Higher Education signed off on the reforms over the protests of some university leaders and some unease among legislators. The protests from university officials may also be


Shocking New Romney Scandal: He Employed THE Standard Model of Investment While at Bain

Sit down.  It is indeed shocking.  Mother Jones has unearthed a video of Mitt Romney talking about employing a strategy that was pioneered by a major US management consulting group and that has been taught as a standard methodology in every business school in the world ever since.  First the shocking revelation: Mother Jones, the

obama state of the union

Ten Debate Questions I Would Ask President Obama

1. Would you sign a bill into law that sought to criminalize offensive religious speech? 2. Would you support across-the-board actual cuts to the federal budget (i.e., no outlays excluded)? (NOTE: reductions in increases to budgets do not count.) 3. What percentage of incomes above $250,000 would you consider to be a tax rate at which those


Heitkamp Still Lagging Behind Berg In North Dakota Fundraising

Today the Heitkamp campaign, without releasing any of the actual details, announced that they had raised more from North Dakotans than any other previous Democrat campaign. “U.S. Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp has reached a financial milestone, having raised $1 million from North Dakota donors from November 1, 2011 to September 25, 2012,” reads the press