Why Is A Walmart Heir Supporting Barack Obama?


Democrats hate Walmart, because Walmart is not union-friendly. At least, that’s the perception. The truth is that Walmart loves big government policies, so much so that Sam Walton is supporting Barack Obama in a major way:

Wal-Mart heir Sam Walton has apparently given big to Obama’s SuperPAC.

This is at first surprising for a couple of reasons. First, the Waltons tend to be Republican. Second, the conventional wisdom is that megacorps like Wal-Mart are a Republican thing.

But Sam Walton gave the maximum $30,800 to the Obama Victory Fund in 2008, and $40,000 to the OVF this election.

This is a dirty little secret of American politics. Democrats claim to hate big business, but big business loves the big government policies that Democerats support.

Walmart, for instance, loves minimum wage hikes. Because Walmart is gigantic and can absorb the increase in payroll costs minimum wage hikes lead to. The businesses who can’t handle those increases as well are Walmart’s smaller, regional competitors.

For the same reason, Walmart supports the employer health insurance mandate in Obamacare, again because while Walmart can absorb that cost, smaller businesses cannot.

Big government begets big business, because in order to survive big government policies businesses must become gigantic.

For all the left’s talk about supporting the “middle class,” and supporting “small businesses,” they promote policies that promote larger, more monolithic business.

Rob Port is the editor of SayAnythingBlog.com. In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • mikemc1970

    Also Barrack Obama loves him some China and since he gets a great deal of his campaign contributions, by way of small, untraceable, and highly illegal credit card donations from China through his website and Wal-Mart buys most of the merchandise it sells directly from Chinese manufacturers…..simpatico!

    • borborygmi

      oooooo another WalMart Hater. Which way is the wind blowing? I don’t care as long as it isn’t blowing towards Obama. Flippy Floppy Conservatives

      • mikemc1970

        WTF are you talking about? I love paying less. Wal-Mart has the smartest business model in a generation. I’m just adding my two cents to the blog post. If you do business in Mexico or Malaysia or India, you have to do business their way, which involves a lot of pay offs and dealing with a lot bureaucratic corruption, the same thing as doing business with democrats.

    • mickey_moussaoui

      Most large chains do the same. They all sell the same brands. It is not exclusive to Walmart.

  • JW -American

    1) A broken America, will push the middle class down, making the Mall / and Outlet store shoppers new WalMart shoppers the poor already have no where else to shop.

    2)China payback, cut a good deal with China, give money to Obummer, then get full price for the good deal products to launder the reimbursed money

    3) To insulate themselves from the Obummer regime if Obummer wins the election.

    4) To secure a position for green grants, to convert its massive truck fleet to Nat Gas

    5) I could go on and on, A rich elite liberal is more dangerous than a poor one as they have a treat every one but me outlook.

  • robert108

    You almost got it, port, when you said “Big govt begets big business”. The truth is, big business needs permission from big govt to exist. Since the Sherman AntiTrust act of 1890, a business has to have govt permission to incorporate, and is rewarded by getting a lower tax rate and other favorable considerations for incorporating.
    The left wing wheeze about “corporate America'” is a lie. It’s big govt America. The dirty little secret is that big corporations need a supporting infrastructure of small businesses. It is generally uneconomic for them to provide all the goods and services they need to prosper.
    In a Democrat administration, all corporations have to bow down to govt, or else they will get investigated and harassed(Microsoft under Clinton). Big businesses give to both parties, since they have to do business through administrations run by both Parties.

    • borborygmi

      Why, I am proud of you 108, it is good to see you are grounded in reality.

      • robert108

        Your ignorant assumption is that you know what reality is, in this case. If you want the facts, read up on the Sherman AntiTrust Act of 1890. it is also responsible for the toxic collective bargaining privilege being given only to Americans who are part of unionism. As a result, we have unionists bullying businesses who are at a massive disadvantage at the bargaining table with massive national unions. As a result, we have economic problems as a result of unionist greed. One of the early advantages WalMart had was the it was non-unionist, and so could offer lower prices and more transactional freedom. Local business that had been unionized didn’t have a chance, since their prices reflected unionist greed. That’s the untold story of WalMart’s success, and the reason you radical left wingers are always attacking it. Now, port tells a one-sided ‘gotcha” story that doesn’t mention WalMart’s contributions to the Republican Party and Mitt Romney’s campaign, and you start clucking in self-righteous satisfaction and predicting WalMart’s demise. Premature politicization.

  • Roy_Bean

    Walmart is simply playing out the life cycle of any business. It has played out with Richard Sears and Alvah Roebuck, James C. Penny, Aaron Montgomery Wards, George Dayton, Sebastion Kresge, Frank W. Woolworth and many others. Rest assured that Walmart is feeling the heat from Amazon and Ebay. At some point Walmart will become too far removed from the vision of their founder and will lose their place at the top of the heap. As before, the free market will provide us with young ambitious successor if we just stay out of the way and let it happen.

  • WOOF

    Trouble ahead trouble behind.
    You’re gonna need somebody go your bond.
    “in the 2012 cycle, individuals and PACs affiliated with the company have contributed $811,000 — and more has gone to Democrats than Republicans, though not by much.

    But OpenSecrets.org data also shows that money given by individual members of the Walton family –exceeds the contributions by employees and the PAC, and the
    family contributions favor the right decisively.

    With allegations that Wal-Mart engaged in massive bribery in
    Mexico — and then tried to cover it up here at home — the Times
    suggests that the giant Bentonville, Ark., retailer will turn to the
    friends it has worked hard to cultivate in Washington over the years: ”

  • Robert Portly

    Wow, what could be worse than a rich person with a sense of decency? What if all the greed dogs suddenly became moral members of society? This is a scary thought Rob. Lets spin the shit out of this one.

    • mikemc1970

      There is no way moonbats could ever become moral members of any society.

    • robert108

      “What if all the greed dogs suddenly became moral members of society?”
      The Democrats have a long way to go to return to American values. They’re Marxists.

  • ellinas1

    “Democrats claim to hate big business, but big business loves the big government policies that Democerats support.”
    Rob Port on October 22, 2012.

    Rob Port would like us to know that Republicans not just claim to, but plainly hate big business, because big business loves the big government policies that Republicans support.

    Maybe Rob Port forgot that he was a front line soldier for Wall-Mart during the battle to enable Wall-Mart to dominate the pharmacy business in North Dakota.

  • ellinas1

    “Walmart, for instance, loves minimum wage hikes. Because Walmart is
    gigantic and can absorb the increase in payroll costs minimum wage hikes
    lead to. The businesses who can’t handle those increases as well are
    Walmart’s smaller, regional competitors.”
    Rob Port on October 22, 2012

    Awwww! Isn’t Mr Port cute?
    During the pharmacy referendum in North Dakota he was a good little soldier for Wal Mart.
    He was saying that the small business can compete with the giant store.
    During that battle he did not care about the small business that would have been affected so long as he could save a buck or two of his medications.
    Now look at him.
    All it took for him to turn around were a few thousands of dollars given by a Walton to the Democrats.
    Tsk! Tsk!

    • borborygmi

      Etchy Sketchy to say the least. The all consuming hatred for some one makes them a bit wishy washy.

      • ellinas1

        You nailed it. The only things consistent about him is his love and devotion to the oil industry the imaginary fact that he knows what is best for all, and above all his dislike for anything the Democrats do.

  • tomorrowclear

    Probably because he thinks Obama will win.

  • philipgray

    Can you say COSTCO…..Gave my wife the word, though I do that sparingly…You will shop at Costco….
    Love to see that in town….Walmart deserves what is coming….should have picked another horse….I will not boycott or censor Walmart, just know that more american goods come from Costco.
    I am not a bigoted liberal calling to protest Walmart, simply make a point to consider a company that has more american made stuff…period.
    Let the liberals boycott and suppress peoples speech and their business…remember chik fil a?
    If the product is not at Costco, I will still go to Walmart, but……………

    • borborygmi

      I have run into flag waving patriotic only buy American’s like you until they see it costs more. Then they run squealing to the nearest WalMart.

    • mickey_moussaoui

      Costco still buys from China , just the same.
      Vote with your feet. Be more selective when you purchase. Change your habbits. The big retail chains only sell that china crap because YOU buy it. Don’t blame them, they didn’t kill American manufacturing, you and politicians did.

      • Snarkie

        Totally true.

  • borborygmi

    Well that big slice of American Makes Economic Sense Walmart apple pie starting to choke you. I do believe you have sung praises to the WalMart god in the past. Now it is bad? Rob Etch-a-Sketch Port.

  • VocalYokel

    Politics makes strange bedfellows.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    The majority of Fortune 500 companies donate more to Democrats for the same reasons. If you want to benefit from dirty politics, buy a Democrat.

  • SigFan

    Nothing unusual here. Most large businesses donate to both parties, sometimes equally, sometimes more to one than the other based on which party they think will treat them more favorably in the coming cycle. It’s just the way the system works and if WalMart is favoring Democrats this time it’s just as likely to be Republicans next time.

  • jamermorrow

    When interest rates start to rise the American consumer is finished. The cost of importing goods is going to rise as inflation continues to rise. Walmart is going to take a huge hit. Maybe looking for a bailout in the future.

    • robert108

      Your ignorant assumption is that WalMart will not adapt to changing market conditions. The error of static analysis and static thinking.

  • cylde

    The Walmart heir is supporting obama because he did not build it, he inherited it.

  • terribleorv

    While we’re at it let me simplify what tariffs are. This country supported itself for the first one hundred fifty years through tariffs. Say you owned a shopping mall, would you allow me to sell my wares, whatever they are, in the corridors of that that mall without paying rent? Of course you wouldn’t be that stupid. You’d expect to be paid something for the use of, and the cost of bringing the shoppers to you, so that you can make a profit from them. And if other shopping malls charged you for driving across their lots, or on the roads in front of their stores, calling the charge a use charge, or inspection charge, you’d be pissed wouldn’t you? That’s what’s been happening to the US for years, and what has helped, immeasurably, to make China filthy rich. We’re not talking about a huge increase, like that imposed in the dirty thirties, just a tax similar to the one you pay whenever you go grocery shopping.

    • robert108

      You need to look up the definition of “tariff” in a real dictionary. You have it wrong, and we never supported ourselves with tariffs. That’s just a lie.

      • terribleorv

        Well, liquor taxes did help a bit. And how is my way of explaining tariffs wrong? Explain it to us grand Pooh Bah…

  • groetzinger

    Democrats claim to hate big business

    No they hate giving tax breaks to millionaires and the millionaires that do not want to pay their fair share hate all who oppose them.

    • robert108

      Please give us your definition of “fair share”, oh wise one! Who gets to decide that for everyone?

      • groetzinger

        Let us start by treating capital gains as income.which is what it is.

        and if you think that it creates jobs I would say how is that working for you now.

  • DBdowner

    Wal-mart has denoted to Mitt Romney as well, just about $5,000 less. The giving to incumbents is the real issue here. They are trying to gain favor and sway, and it is destructive but part of an organization’s survival plan. The more dangerous and destructive an incumbent is the more likey they are to receive pay-offs from coward companies.

  • SillyBilly

    I can make up a bunch of false claims top.. Must be Christmas time, why else would anyone be talking about Wal-mart is such negative masses as of late.. I’m sure Target has it’s hands clean here.