Why Do North Dakota Democrats Hate Hungry Children?


I got this invitation from North Dakota Democrats today inviting me to a chili feed in Bismarck which will feature former gubernatorial candidate Ryan Taylor portraying Will Rogers. Because I’m not very interested in watching a humorless man playact as a humorist I won’t be attending, but I noticed something interesting.

Democrats aren’t inviting any poor, hungry children to eat for free.

This is surprising to me given that the Democrats were recently using a conflict with Republicans over funding for a third pint of milk for school kids in the state to raise money for their party. I just assumed that some of those funds they raised would actually be used for, you know, kids and stuff.

I guess not. Does that mean it’s fair to suggest that Democrats care more about filling their coffers to fund their political activities than helping disadvantaged children? Of course not. But then, it also wasn’t fair for Democrats to suggest that Republicans don’t care about children because they didn’t approve an appropriation for a statewide mandate for a third half-pint of milk a day that no school district even bothered to testify in favor of.


Rob Port is the editor of SayAnythingBlog.com. In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • camsaure

    They only care about children (or so they say) when they hope to exploit them to futher their far left socialist/progressive agenda.

    • WOOF

      Children eating is the most socialist/progressive of plots.
      See you in the bunker camsaure.

      • camsaure

        WHAT?! First you are all for killing children through abotion and now you support eating the children? Wow, you really are morally bankrupt.

        • borborygmi

          With Fava beans and a nice chianti

      • camsaure

        Why do you hate the children?

      • devilschild

        My thought is … if you’re serious about this you may want to fatten them up a little first otherwise it will be like eating a chicken wing.

  • NDConservative2011

    Leave it to the North Dakota Democrats to double down on stupid.
    First it was the milk debacle and their fundraider letter which was crass to say the very least.
    Now they are piggy backing on their first bad idea. It’s no small wonder that they are, and will continue to be the minority party in North Dakota.
    I would expect this type of behavior from Corey Mock, but I thought that Mack Schneider had a little more class.

  • http://nofreelunch.areavoices.com/ Kevin Flanagan

    Don’t the parents care enough about their children to provide the proper nourishment?

  • Tim Heise

    Did Ryan Taylor lose? I’d think that they would have someone else.

    • http://sayanythingblog.com Rob

      Well, yeah he lost, but who did they have who won? Nobody except Heitkamp, and I doubt she’s going to worry about attending many of these six years out from re-election.

      • borborygmi

        Who did she beat..oh yah some guy named Berg.

  • http://Sayanythingblog.com The Whistler

    Democrats love poor starving children so that they can exploit them. That’s why their policies are meant to create more and more of them.

  • devilschild

    Maybe they will send the left over chili and saltines to a homeless shelter. You need to think positive thoughts Mr. Port. You would be a happier person if you did.

  • MetisMick

    Does he do rope tricks as well? I hope he performs before he eats the chili.

  • borborygmi

    The milk bill is probably one of the most important bills from a conservative standpoint

    1. Less gov’t spending

    2. Program is not needed “water is free”Even if the other kids have some Life isn’t fair

    and you had better learn it at a younger age then later in life. Just because others have doesn’t mean you should too. That should send them on the road to achievement and self sufficiency . Your future Republican Base.

    3. The camels nose is swatted. 1st milk, next obama phones and then Democratic voters.

    4. A great way to balance the budget. By eliminating this program or not letting it get started they will make up for the revenue lost when the taxes for the large oil corporations are cut. Smart very smart.

    5. With the oil companies making more this will trickle down like p!ss on a rock island to the masses so even the ones making minimum wage (an increase in minimum wage would net them about $30 which they can buy milk with) will make more and thus afford their own milk.

    6. Milk is not a Constitutional RIght. Remember that and you will be all right.

  • Guest Observer

    Ryan Taylor=All hat, no cattle.

    • http://nofreelunch.areavoices.com/ Kevin Flanagan

      There’s no hair on the top of his head, either.

      • noblindersome

        see my comments previously.
        THIS passes for humor here.
        Kev flanagan thinks making fun of a actual cowboy who wears a cowboy hat is ‘Will Rodgers’ funny . Kev – Will Rodgers obviously never met you, or Rob for that matter.
        btw – kev is not wearing pants in that dumb picture of him. and he is wearing a tuxedo tshirt, not a real one !

    • noblindersome

      remember when you went to high school and had to tolerate all the smart ass imbeciles whose only purpose in life was to get out of that school with as little effort as possible and as little to show for it? They certainly were too good for that school as the ‘real ‘world would find them a place where their common sense ‘genius ‘ would allow them to flourish! Whatever happened to them? One clue would be to check out where those ‘losers’ congregated after they found out they didn’t fit in the ‘real’ world as well as they hoped!
      Another clue would be to study and be amused by a select few who actually became moderately ‘sucessful’ by furnishing a place for those ‘losers’ to comingle and feel ‘ normal ‘ just cuz they can hang out together. Rob Port certainly falls into that category! He thinks he has acheived great sucess by this venture called SA blog. Well every coyote den has it’s head jackal.
      Mr Port I have met Ryan Taylor many times , I have been in his audience as he does his ” Cowboy Poet ‘ act . I can assure you, Mr smart ass, that he was received by ALL the farmers and cowboys very well and everyone there found him to be HUMOROUS!! Since you ‘arn’t interested in watching him playact as ‘Will Rodgers” then just take your bitter classless act elsewhere!
      Question – do you find him humorless because he is a democrat ? ( and would find his exact same act funny if he was a republican???)
      Question , can YOU do better ??? Could YOU be more humorous. I can assure you that if you would stand up in front of an audience the folks would be laughing AT you and not WITH you!
      I have to go no farther than the ridiculous and head shaking stupidity offered here by the SABers who think the ‘all hat and no cattle ‘ idiocy is some kind of cleverness. Mr Taylor is a real cowboy folks ! Do any of you smart asses really know that? Raises cattle by Towner. I raise cattle folks. Red Angus! I
      Why is the fact that he is a real cowboy so threatening to you that you have to revert back to your high school highjinks , why can’t you outgrow that?
      just read some of the comments here by the ‘losers’ I am aiming my comments at- gee making ‘fun ‘ of his thinning hair! Gee just because you are as hairy as a badger Rob , does not qualify you as more manly or ‘funny’!
      I bet ROb will reply to me before he replys to ‘his’ fans because standing up to bullies is a greater sin here than ‘ making fun of how someone looks or acts! and don’t get all petulant because I called you out. Anytime you want to reply to my defense of Ryan Taylor or real farmers , you can visit my ranch and do it in person. I hope you don’t mind getting shit on your nice shoes!

      • Onslaught1066

        check out where those ‘losers’ congregated after they found out they didn’t fit in the ‘real’ world as well as they hoped

        Good point, NBoM, besides here, where do you normally hang out?

      • Guest Observer

        Funny! A real cowboy would be Trent Loos who has real life experience and is a sixth generation farmer/rancher. But you believe what you want.

      • Cattleman

        HAHA, Taylor is a drugstore cowboy! I agree Trent Loos is what real agricultural and cattle production is and understands the principals of our founding fathers not like Taylor with his socialist outlook.

  • Eric Wittliff

    It not to late to get a bill proposed for a A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People From Being a Burden to Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Publick. I mean I am eating a double cheese burger right now and I can not tell if it is a horse or a cow. Put enough mustard on it and it all tastes the same. Do you want a girl or boy happy meal?

  • Snarkie

    That’s a salient point Rob. I mean, they invite you; not poor, not a child, and not starving.

    They must hate poor, starving young children by parity of logic.

    • Onslaught1066

      So, what you are saying is, you didn’t hate your wife, you killed her because it was the best way you could think of to show how much you loved her and didn’t want her to suffer being married to you?

      Awwww, what a kind and loving buttfuckle you are.

      You should write for Hallmark®.