Who Cares If Rick Perry Tipped The Press About Herman Cain’s Scandal?

It’s not often I agree with Paul Begala, but he’s got it right here:

Herman Cain’s camp can’t seem to figure out which way is up. Midday Thursday, Cain’s campaign manager Mark Block stood down from his accusation that Rick Perry engaged in “despicable” conduct by leaking news of the first story about a sexual harassment complaint against Cain. But later in the day, Cain himself suggested again, this time on Sean Hannity’s radio show, that the Perry camp was behind the story. So which is it? Did Perry’s underlings leak the information?

If they did, it would be the first signs of intelligent life from the underachieving Aggie. What—me defend Rick Perry? Ordinarily I’d be right up there leading the charge against him for despicable behavior. I mean, Perry may have executed an innocent man. He ran an ad against a Latino that many Tejanos considered racist. His conduct in office has been so ethically challenged that even Sarah Palin has accused him of “crony capitalism.” He hugged a preacher who smeared Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith. Despicable indeed.

But none of those things sparked the ire of the Herminator. No, Cain and his team accused Perry of the “despicable” act of leaking information about alleged sexual harassment by Cain.

Since when is it dirty to encourage reporters to commit journalism?

I think it’s fair to have some criticism of the way the media has handled the story – they’ve been shockingly reticent about reporting some of the most pertinent details of the scandal – but if there are allegations of sexual harassment in Cain’s past that’s a legitimate story to chase and whoever may have tipped the media off to it is irrelevant.

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  • ellinas1

    Who Cares If Rick Perry Tipped The Press About Herman Cain’s Scandal?
    Rob Port  •  November 4, 2011

    Cain’s supporters do.

  • Hal387

    I care because it is a reflection of the person’s character.  The information about the allegation is sealed from everyone including Cain, so the person who leaked knew he could not adequately respond.  It’s all about character.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/U63MV6DPZJNEMUWJBRZQ7BCINU Julie

    Because it’s shitty, dirty politics, that’s why and people are sick to death of it.  Why do you think Cain is still leading??  NO one cares.  FWIW.. I am losing my excitement over Cain and it’s not because of this harassment business.  It’s because this is the THIRD time now he has jumped in Perry’s shit without thinking.  The racial rock, stating he would not consider a VP slot with Perry and now pointing the finger at the Perry camp as the leaker of the harssment charges. Add this up with his other gaffes and he is starting to wear damn thin with me.

  • HG

    I support Cain.  I care.  I think it’s great that this came out and it has been mishandled by the press.  Cain isn’t being hurt by this… yet.  I really don’t think this hit job is going to do much in the way of damage to Cain, and it may very well benefit him.  We’ll see.

    • borborygmi

      Anonymous allegations don’t mean crap.  The only thing of importance out of this is to see Cain floundering and the pundits second guessing how he should have responded.

      • 2hotel9

        “floundering”? Really?  Where? Cain is up in the polls, and in fund raising. He has put this sh*t in the trash can where it belongs. Now, if any of his accusers want to come forward with actual facts, lets see them.  NRA gave 2 employees severance packages and non-disclose agreements, both of which Cain was not signatory to according to the lawyers who have scuttled out from under their respective toilets. And at a radio station he asked a staffer to put stuff in his tea. Exactly how is that “sexual harassment”, sweetheart?

  • Game

    Who Cares If Rick Perry Tipped The Press About Herman Cain’s Scandal?Rob Port  •  November 4, 2011
    I think the thing to remember is that part of team Cain’s response was that it was a vast left-wing conspiracy to derail his campaign.

    I just know I would not want my wife or daughter working for somebody who has a history of paying people to go away after he asks them back to his hotel room.

    • 2hotel9

      So, you don’t vote for Democrats? Really, tranni? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

      • Game


  • 2hotel9

    “Who Cares If Rick Perry Tipped The Press About Herman Cain’s Scandal?”  I don’t, I never was going to vote for Democrat 3rd placer Perry to begin with.

  • Davoarid

    “they’ve been shockingly reticent about reporting some of the most pertinent details of the scandal”

    Non Disclosure Agreements are a bitch, aren’t they?