White Paper Is Racist

So says a diversity expert advising schools in the United Kingdom, who is also advising that witches in school productions not always wear black and that crayons be more…multicultural.

(Telegraph) — Teachers should censor the toy box to replace witches’ black hats with a pink ones and dress fairies in darker shades, according to a consultant who has issued advice to local authorities.

From the Wicked Witch of the West in “The Wizard of Oz” to Meg, the good witch from the “Meg and Mog” children’s books, witches have always dressed in black.

But their traditional attire has now come in for criticism from equality experts who claim it could send a negative message to toddlers in nursery and lead to racism.

Instead, teachers should censor the toy box and replace the pointy black hat with a pink one, while dressing fairies, generally resplendent in pale pastels, in darker shades.

Another staple of the classroom – white paper – has also been questioned by Anne O’Connor, an early years consultant who advises local authorities on equality and diversity.

Children should be provided with paper other than white to drawn on and paints and crayons should come in “the full range of flesh tones,” reflecting the diversity of the human race, according to the former teacher.

Finally, staff should be prepared to be economical with the truth when asked by pupils what their favourite colour is and, in the interests of good race relations, answer “black” or “brown”.

People can’t actually be this dumb, can they?

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  • SigFan

    “People can’t actually be this dumb, can they?”

    That dumb and dumber – witness the liberal trolls here at SAB.

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    If you have read any of your own posts, or the conservative comments in response to them, surely you can see that they are that stupid.

  • Jamermorrow

    I wipe my ass with white paper. I think that is racist towards white people.

    • borborygmi

      but in the process in becomes muli tonal  thus not racist.

  • Sparks

    No moral panic pieces about our own country, better go across the drink.

    Keep it up Rob, you are headed towards Neiman’s territory.

    • Neiman

      Rob may have his faults, but comparing him to me in any manner is highly insulting to him. He operates a very dynamic, super tolerant blog even allowing others to blog within his blog, he deserves credit and not such insults.

      • Bat One

        Classy answer, Neiman!  Far more so than that infantile dolt, Sparkie is entitled to.

    • Cinnamin

      …but aren’t we supposed to be more like Europe…?

      • Sparks

        Got some more strawmen?  It’s a frickin massacre in here.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    My last boss was a witch. She wore pastel pant suits and she had a hump on her back. She also had a mustache.

  • Anna830

    So, instead if answering what my favorite color is I should lie? Go figure!

    • mikemc1970

      No, you should say you like all crayons the same and when coloring you always apply them in an equal manner that does not try to stereotype any crayon into a preconceived role. Imbuing leaves pink, grass purple, and skies green is the best way to ensure ethnic diversity in your coloring books.

      • Anna830

        I don’t like all crayons the same and I don’t have to like all crayons. I have the right to have a favorite crayon regardless of its color. And answering a child with the truth about my favorite color is ok in my book.

  • Bat One

    And answering a child with the truth … is ok in my book.

    A terrific parent, and a lousy progressive.  Bravo!

  • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

    One of my favorite jokes I use with liberals & black friends is to show them a sheet of white paper.  I then point to my forearm and say “THIS is white!”—then to the sheet of paper and say THIS is OFF-white!”

  • DopeyDem

    So if the KKK just wears pink robes they wouldn’t be considered racists. It all makes sense now.

  • Katie

    Witches wear black because black is most of the time, black is associated with darkness and shadows, which are associated with dark/evil powers, and therefore, black is appropriate for them. Also, there is no reason to use multicolored paper for painting – colors show up better on white.  Did Michelangelo paint on a black canvas?