White House: Americans Are Too Dumb To Understand The Debt Limit Issue

“The fact is that the Gallup poll has come out today saying that most of the American people do not want their representatives to raise the debt ceiling,” a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today. “In spite of the fact that the president was on TV last night and talked about certain things that would be at stake, do you feel at all that this administration has not really laid out, in very strong terms, what exactly is at stake for the American people if this debt limit is not raised?”

“I think it’s easy to understand why most Americans don’t have a lot of time to focus on ‘What is a debt ceiling?’” said Carney in response. “I mean, honestly, did anybody in this room – before they had to cover issues like this – have any idea what a debt ceiling was? Any understanding of the fact that a vote by Congress to increase our ability to borrow was simply a vote to allow the United States of America to pay the bills it incurred in the past?”

In other words, they’re not explaining because they think we’re too dumb to understand.

I actually think the real answer is that they hope we’re not paying attention. They’re hope we’re not engaged and understanding the ins-and-outs of the situation. They want us in the dark.

Rob Port is the editor of SayAnythingBlog.com. In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • Neiman

    He and the Obama administration may think the people are too dumb, especially after Obama’s comment about the peons not understanding issues like the ruling elite; but the truth is that Carney did not say above nor imply they were too dumb to understand, only that they were mostly focused on other issues in life and probably are not as self educated on such budget issues. Sounds about right to me, most people are only as educated on such issues as their news sources tell them in sound bites.

  • fedupny

    Just watched Luntz with a mixed focus group watching the negative ads coming out now. The people get it! They don’t want to be talked down to and they want the truth. D’s, I’s, and R’s pretty much agree and are tired of the using of the children and seniors in the ads.
    It was good to see.
    I think that whoever blinks first and gives in is going to lose at this point. Repubs will feel the anger from the base, if they give in. Dems will if they don’t tax the rich. Obama will lose if they don’t raise the debt ceiling, because he will have to choose what gets funded and people will see where his priorities will lie. I don’t think that he wants to be in that position as all eyes will be on him.

  • John

    Wow, talk about a misleading post Rob. The Gallup poll found 42% opposed to raising the debt ceiling, 22%in favor of raising the debt ceiling and 35% saying they don’t know enough about it. I am curious Rob, how does 42% equal most Americans? http://www.gallup.com/poll/148454/Debt-Ceiling-Increase-Remains-Unpopular-Americans.aspx

    Normally I enjoy your blog Rob, but you and this reporter have taken liberties with the truth in this topic and it is sad. 

    • Conservative Soccer Mom

      I think “most” refers to the order most of those who answered the poll (supposedly a representative sample) said they opposed it. 42% is more than 22% or 35%. He didn’t say “a majority,” which would be clearly inaccurate. He used the words that the reporter asking the question used. I don’t think it is nearly as misleading as you are trying to make it out to be – how many approve or disapprove isn’t even the main issue he’s talking about.

    • donwalk

      Most Americans understand that spending and debt has to be paid for.
      Most Americans understand that the primary source of those payments just happens to be themselves.
      Most Americans understand that the other source of payments has to be the “printing of money”
      and when that takes place they understand their dollars lose value and their purchasing power seems to decline.
      Tell us how you handle your personal finances, please? If it does not parallel with the feds practice of spending almost double what the revenues are, then you are nothing but a hypocrite unless of course, it is spending someone else’s money then you are ok with it.

  • http://randysroundtable.blogspot.com/ Randy G

    Mr. Shipman is worried too many ARE paying attention.

  • fedupny

    Just saw August 4th is Obama’s b’day and is having a fundraising birthday party in Chicago. This makes it interesting.

  • http://www.bikebubba.blogspot.com bikebubba

    I understand the issue.  QE is going to result in inflation, which will result in higher interest rates, and 1% more on interest for federal bonds costs each and every family $1000 per year at the current level.  Keep bumping it up, and the exposure increases exponentially.

    Pretty.darned.simple, I say.

  • Bat One

    If we are told, by the Obama regime for example,  that the subject of deficits and debt is a very difficult one to understand, what that tells me is that THEY are the ones having difficulty comprehending it.

  • Conservative Soccer Mom

    I think this guy is too dumb to know what he’s talking about, and he’s too young to remember Jimmy Carter, who is starting to look good compared to Obama! Just because he’s clueless doesn’t mean the rest of us are. I totally argee with bikebubba!

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    In other words, they’re not explaining because they think we’re too dumb to understand.

    They’re [sic]hope we’re not engaged and [sic]understanding the ins-and-outs of the situation. They want us in the dark.

    Well, obviously some of you are stupid, as evidenced by your own post.  Unfortunately, you did not accurately describe what was said.  Instead, you were sloppy about articulating your point of view, on top of getting it wrong.

    This site sucks!

    • BGON

      Your posts are childish and inconsistent, you have no credibility. 

      If this site sucks, start your own blog, we are sick of scrolling past your brainless garbage.

      • http://proof-proofpositive.blogspot.com/ Proof

        In a drama queen moment, about three years ago, Hanni told us he was done with this site, which most English speaking people would interpret to mean he would not be back. But, hope springs eternal!

  • suitepotato

    I was not wrong about Obama ending up worse than Carter. Carter had a very low debt as a percentage of GDP level. Obama’s is approaching that of World War II. Where is the justification for the spending each month of billions of dollars more than are coming in?