While NDSU Football Players Face Charges, Still No Charges In Diploma Mill Scandal


Just to add another layer of hypocrisy on top of the mess that is North Dakota’s university system, consider that as eight NDSU Bison football players face charges (rightfully) over tens of thousands of fraudulent petition signatures, there isn’t a single charge against anyone in the higher education system for the hundreds of phony diplomas handed out at Dickinson State University.

When I called around to the various state law enforcement agencies I was able to confirm with officials that there aren’t even any state-level investigations on-going.

Don’t get me wrong, what the NDSU players did was really bad, and North Dakotans should be ashamed of the way NDSU officials are handling it. But at least these players are going to go to court and will more than likely be convicted for their crimes as they should be.

At Dickinson State University officials knowingly brought hundreds foreign students into the country, gave them doctored grades to justify unearned diplomas (and visas issued under false pretenses), and nobody is on the hook for it. In fact, some of the central figures in the scandal have been allowed to quietly resign their positions and move on, sometimes with benefits and pensions intact.

How’s that for a travesty? Whatever else you want to say about the NDSU scandal and the horrible way officials there are handling it, at least there’s been an investigation. At least there’s going to be justice handed out in a court of law.

Not so at Dickinson State, and our “leaders” up to and including Governor Jack Dalrymple are silent about it. Heck, the media is silent about it too.

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  • Harold

    None of our big bankers and wall street people who brought our economy to the skids has ever been prosecuted for their crimes against ordinary americans and I doubt that any of the big shots in our higher education here in North Dakota ever will be either. The rich and influential are allowed to commit crime after crime against the peasants and allowed to go free same thought process is in play here with the higher ed scandals.

  • http://www.facebook.com/laurie.playans Laurie Playans

    Why are the college kids held to a higher standard of behavior than the educated adult faculty?

    • Onslaught1066

      As fully fledged graduates of today’s modern liberal higher education system, the educated adult faculty is beyond hope or help.

    • Bat One

      Laurie, Judgement is reserved for the riff-raff, the publicans, and not the elite pharisees.

  • opinionated

    what do you expect from Spendrymple…. he wanted to give free money to Minot voters (vote buying) he is dead silent about the massive corruption at the Higher Ed institutions. Is this why these people love local control because they don’t want everyone questioning them on all this corruption..

  • Eat This

    It’s because no one cares. North Dakotans seem content with corruption or they are completely apathetic. That’s why the media isn’t talking about it. That’s why our “leaders” aren’t doing anything about it. The “leaders” want it to go away just as much as those involved and it will since no one seems to care.

    My proof? Only 5 comments on this article and few comments on other DSU diploma mill stories. I find it disturbing that most people don’t seem to care that DSU handed out degrees and aided illegal immigration.

    • http://sayanythingblog.com Rob

      Not that I’m necessarily disagreeing, I wish there was far more public outcry about this, but comments aren’t always a great reflection of readership of any given post.

      Some posts generate a ton of comments, but not a lot of readers. Others generate a lot of comments and a lot of emails, or one or the other, plus a lot of readers. And some just get a ton of visits but not many comments.

      I’ve given up trying to figure out why this is.

      • Eat This

        Interesting. Makes sense. I didn’t really think of that. If you are preaching to the choir, you probably won’t get many comments. When we think you or others are full of shit, we’ll say something!

        I was wondering if you are often shocked at the response you get from some articles, thinking you are preaching to the choir and then everyone turns on you! There have been some that really surprise me.

        • http://sayanythingblog.com Rob

          I tend not to base what I write on other people think. I try to be true to myself and my principles. I listen to other people and, when I think their criticism of me is right, I respond.

          • Eat This

            Well yeah… but the response has to be unexpected at times.