Where The Debt Comes From, In One Chart


Via Reason, here’s a chart showing federal revenues and outlays since 1999.

This dispels a lot of myths about the debt and deficit debate. For one thing, the idea that Bush-era tax cuts created the deficits. That’s not true. Tax revenues grew after the implementation of the Bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003.

Debt accumulated in the Bush-era because of Bush-era spending.

Also, we have a tendency to attribute spending to Presidents, but it’s more accurately attributed to Congress. The Republican Congress under Bush from 2000 – 2006 was pretty bad on spending, but note the explosion in spending after the Democrat Congress was seated in 2007.

We don’t need tax hikes. We need spending cuts. Big, across-the-board spending cuts.

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  • Thresherman

    The idea that the Bush tax cuts created the deficits was and is no more than the disreputable practice of continuingto tell a lie until it begins to be accpted as the truth. Another lie is that the Iraq/Afghanistan war created the deficit. When the total spending on the war throughout the Bush Administration was exceeded in just one piece of legislation of the Obama Administration, the failed stimulus bill, it shows that those who perpetrate these lies place a higher value on partisan politics than the truth. Even worse, they seem to be proud of it.

    • http://realitybasedbob.sayanythingblog.com/ realitybasedbob

      Bush tax cuts created (part of) the deficits, his wars, the unfunded, lied about costs of his medicare part D and the skyrocketing cost of healthcare for our wounded vets are part of it too. Yes, as well as the money President Obama has had to spend to keep the sinking America afloat after the bush boys let it take on so much water.

      • two_amber_lamps

        Lol… poor deluded Bobby’sWorld. You gnash your teeth and roll your eyes at Bush because he gave you an underfunded program, just like Bamster did with his Health”Care” Abomination.

        If Obama had passed Medicare Part D you’d praise it like it came from God himself. Which I suppose since you don’t believe in God, the fact it came from Bamster would make it divine.

        Just goes to show you can never please a hypocritical leftist.

        Bush’s dumbest mistake was catering to centrist nonsense, believing he could mollify ideologues like yourself by giving you what you wanted to begin with.

      • mickey_moussaoui

        boobie, Your obama “boy” pulled the plug and tossed it overboard. We aren’t sinking anymore…we’re sunk. At least you have BDS to keep you warm this winter.

      • jl

        And now Obama has to tax big to keep the sinking America afloat after the, well, Obama boys let it take on so much water.

      • guest

        If you were any more of a moron, you could pass for woof and hannitized….oh wait…

    • $8194357

      (is no more than the disreputable practice of continuingto tell a lie until it begins to be accpted as the truth.)
      So said Barry boy who would be king..
      So said Bill Clinton
      So said Alinsky
      So said Goebles
      So said Lenin
      So said Marx
      So said the prophet mo

      “and so said lucifer before them”…….

  • Neiman

    1. Reduce spending. 2. Cut costs. 3. Improve revenues through revamp of tax code.

    Problem is #2, as the GOP is always made to look and much of that is their fault, to look like hard hearted accountant mentality cruds.

    Before the get to number two, they must not allow the Obama increased spending as presently proposed, they must insist on actually cutting spending. Then they hire someone to help them propose cutting costs in ways that will cause the least amount of pain possible and to sell the need for sacrifices to the American people. You cannot get to #3 before dealing effectively with 1-2.

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    SAB has become a sad joke full of miserable conservative conspiracy theorists who have no hope.

    • guest

      Well clown boy, looks like another night you’ve alone, again.

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

        Looks that way to you mikemc1970, because you’re an idiot, who can’t even use proper grammar.

        • http://proof-proofpositive.blogspot.com/ Proof

          you’re an idiot, who can’t even use proper grammar.

          More projection than a multiplex from you, Tiny Sociopath! A few of your “greatest hits”:

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