We Don’t Need To Reform The TSA, We Need To Get Rid Of The TSA


According to Politico, political ire aimed at the rubber-gloved freedom fondlers at the TSA runs the gamut from libertarian-leaning Republicans to liberal Democrats. It seems like just about everybody is upset with the TSA, and political ideology has nothing to do with it.

So in an environment like that you’d think the TSA would be headed for the chopping block, but you’d be wrong. There are a lot of plans to reform the TSa. Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn wants to stop the TSA from wearing uniforms that make them look like police officers. Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer wants to fund “passenger advocates” who would act as liaisons between travelers and TSA agents. Republican Rep. Paul Broun wants the head of the TSA to resign. And there are a myriad of calls for studies into how the TSA does its job, not to mention the health hazards of the scanners used by the agency.

But one thing nobody is talking about is eliminating the agency altogether. Why? Probably because after a decade in existence, there are simply too many special interests making a good living from the TSA. Whether it’s labor unions gaining many dues-paying members from among the ranks of the federal TSA employees or contractors raking in big bucks to supply the TSA with their security equipment, it all adds up to a lot of political clout.

There never was a good case for the TSA. It was created in the security hysteria following the 9/11 attacks under the assumption that a single federal bureaucracy would do a better job of airport security than the private contractors who were doing it previously.

Yet since its inception, all the TSA seems to have accomplished is the irritation of a vast swath of the American public.

We have a cavalcade of domestic law enforcement and intelligence agencies whose job it is to detect and thwart terror attacks. The TSA’s job, really, is just to provide a baseline of security at the airports to catch the obvious things and the crazy lone actors who are almost impossible for intelligence/law enforcement types to preempt.

And the private sector can do that job adequately, and without needing to violate the privacy rights of every citizen boarding an airplane.

Rob Port is the editor of SayAnythingBlog.com. In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • thevoiceofreason

    I can’t find a single person that thinks the TSA is a good idea.

    • Roy_Bean

      Let’s not be hasty here.  At least we know where these pedophiles, perverts and pickpockets are and all we have to do is drive, not fly, to protect us and the kids.  If you disband the TSA they will all be unleashed on society and who knows where they might end up. 

      • sbark

        …….and it might just keep them from all voting multiple times each come Nov……..

        Before they are let go after that…….use them to grope and make sure the Obama’ettes are not walking off with the silverware and decorations from the White house…………still fresh in my mind how the Clinton’ista’s trashed the White House on they way out the door………

        …….no reason to expect the Obama Clan to  be any better………unless they are on a Govt paid vacation at the time by chance.

      • thevoiceofreason

        I laughed. Thank you Roy_Bean

      • KMOR0815

        out from underneath the govt’s protection they would end up where they belong…..in JAIL.

  • Jimmypop

    these people don’t find knives and we somehow expect them to find bombs?

    and i am they use real knives in first class again…..

  • sbark

    Lets Apply a reverse Pelosi Rule to this and a myriad of other Govt Agencies.
    Lets shut down and eliminate agencies and entire departments to find out whether we need them or not.

    If there is any doubt or  we are unsure whether a given beuracracy is doing more harm than good, or if there is any question whether it is needed at all, then simply disband it, fire all of its employees, and then find out whether it is actually needed.

    As Milton Friedman pointed out……Govt is the problem.   In the free market, if something doesnt work—it goes broke and out of business.    In Govt if it doesnt work it gets more money, gets bigger with more beuracrats and gains power.

    We have a serious budget problem, a corrupt Public Union problem,  a growing arrogance of our Govt employees at all levels as if they are owed jobs and a full retirement with free health care………its time to reign it all in.

  • WOOF

    You don’t have to submit to a search.
    You don’t have the right to fly,
    you don’t have the right to hitch hike.

    You can tell your story walking.
    Even that’s suspect.
    Whoever provides security is gonna jack you up.

    • 2hotel9

       More sh*t spew from just another racist Democrat Party c*nt.

      Americans do, in fact, have the right to travel as they wish anywhere in America.

      • Awfulorv

        Unless that American is a white salesman who simply wants to sell Amway supplies, door to door, in Chicago’s Cabrini Green. Somehow I don’t think he’d get too far without being hassled, or thrown off the balcony. Sad, but the truth.

        • 2hotel9

          That same Constitution also quarantees our right to self defense.

        • WOOF

           Cabrini no longer exists.
          The area has been gentrified,
           so get your sample case and sell, sell, sell.

          • Awfulorv

            You can do the multi-racial honors for this blog.  You couldn’t get someone, with a brain, to venture into that area if you offered them a cherry, 57 chevy , for $750.00. 

      • TheSameoldsonganddance

        If the dollar wasn’t worthless almost every American would be able to afford their own airplane like when Henry Ford produced the car and commercial airports would be all but obsolete and most likely converted to private use.

  • 2hotel9

    TSA has not stop a single terrorist act, has not killed a single terrorist. Period. Full stop. They are incompetent. The organization is riddled with criminals. And yet the Democrat Party is defending them at every turn. Why? Because they are union.

    • TheSameoldsonganddance

      The Union has gone WAY left and wants special treatment.

  • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

     Obama sleeper cell. …

  • James White

    Body Imaging Screening.
    During consideration of the Transportation Security Administration Authorization bill (H.R. 2200), Rep. Jason Chaffetz (RUtah) offered an amendment that would prohibit the use of Whole-Body Imaging (WBI) as the primary method of screening at airports. The amendment would allow passengers the option of a patdown search rather than being subjected to a WBI search that shows extremely intimate details of one’s body. The Chaffetz amendment would also prohibit TSA from storing, copying, or transferring any images that are produced by WBI machines. Since its creation, TSA has become infamous for its meddlesome searches and disregard for an individual’s right of privacy. Evidence shows that corruption and mismanagement have been commonplace within the relatively new federal department for years. The Chaffetz amendment would do very little to scale back the power held by the TSA, but it does offer some hope that our representatives are not wholly unaware of how the TSA and its policies would threaten the privacy of American citizens through a process that has been called a “virtual strip-search.” The House adopted the Chaffetz amendment by a “Committee of the Whole” on June 4, 2009, by a vote of 310-118 (Roll Call 305). Such technology is obtrusive for American citizens and violates our right of protection against unwarranted searches and seizures.
    Marsha Blackburn voted AGAINST this bill.
    Marsha Blackburn is my Congressman. 
    She is no conservative.
    See her unconstitutional votes at :

  • TheSameoldsonganddance

    TSA was never even allowed to be voted on. Good ole Bush rammed it thru Congress. *Yes I was being sarcastic*

    Obviously the Republicans gave in to the Globalism and you can’t trust them. I think they are actually controlling Obama to make him look evil because he is black and Obama is surrounded on all sides by evil people so no matter what he does it will get blocked unless it involves making America a police state hence his executive orders..

    The first Bush signed a contract that would allow our infrastructure to be bought by private controls thru NAFTA and Obama simply extended it with his executive orders.

  • TheSameoldsonganddance

    I know nobody will see this bu what was wrong with security before 9/11 again? I mean what could they have done to stop terrorist if they are not alert to look for them?

    Heck in the year 2000 a man walked past security just by waving his loaded pistol at them and going around the metal detector which happened to be right next to the gangway to the plane.


    If the airports were on high alert before 9/11 then they would most likely report the ‘Muslims’ for looking suspicious due to shaving their beards off *A BIG sin* and be brought to the ‘back room’ for further questioning which as they dig deeper they find more and more clues.

    However it wouldn’t be able to be done unless they were issued an alert.

    In fact I think the 9/11 airplanes were loaded with bombs which acellerated the destruction as in one of the supposed interviews if you believe the official stories says that the crew didn’t fight back due to the suspect yelling about a bomb on board.

    Interestingly that little detail got overlooked and the fact the airplanes just *vanished* into the buildings before exploding if you see the videos in slow motion without any pieces falling off or any special repercussion effects from slamming into a stationary building that is designed to sway.

  • TheSameoldsonganddance

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the dollar wasn’t worthless and almost every American could afford their own private airplanes even if it’s just by renting?
    That would make commercial airports go obsolete or be converted to private usage.