Video: Trailer For Atlas Shrugged Movie Released

Hollywood is making a movie out of libertarian icon Ayn Rand’s most famous novel Atlas Shrugged. You can see the trailer for part 1 below.

Interesting that the setting is modern America as opposed to the original setting of the book. This should make the similarities between Rand’s original plot and Obama’s America all the more palpable.

Fitting that they’d cut it up into more than one movie. After all, it’s a long book.

Also fitting that they’re making it now given the resurgence in popularity of Rand’s works and philosophy. Just last year the book hit an all-time high in annual sales some 53 years after it was first published.

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  • ec99

    This movie has been in the making for over 40 years. Interesting it’s coming out now.

    • Frrankosuave

      I didn’t see any 40 year out of prime actors in that clip…

  • Jimmypop

    i wonder how they will turn it into a global warming film….

  • WOOF

    Animal sex and high speed rail. This movie has it all.
    “What I feel for you is contempt. But it’s nothing compared to the contempt I feel for myself. I don’t love you. I’ve never loved anyone. I wanted you from the first moment I saw you. I wanted you as one wants a whore – for the same reason and purpose.” ATLAS SHRUGGED

    • $8194357

      Sounds like bill and monic and their cigar scene, but that must depend on what your defintion of “is” is…

  • Guest

    AWESOME! I can’t wait to see this…didn’t mention a release date though…anyone hear when it is coming out?

    • Erer

      April 15. How fitting. :)

    • preston

      It opens on tax day, April 15th !!! And that’s not a coincidence. It was set to release on that day quite intentionally.

  • Jamermorrow

    One of the best books ever written. The movie better not ruin it.

    • Enigma_Cypher

      Movies do tend to do that. The only movie I like more than the book is Stand By Me.

      • di_da_is_alpha


        • Enigma_Cypher

          I’ve actually never seen Jaws.

          • di_da_is_alpha

            Wow, you’re the only person I know of that hasn’t seen it. It was pretty good when it first came out, seems a bit over the top now, though. You oughta check it out anyway. Have you read the book? I thought it was a snoozer.

          • Enigma_Cypher

            No I haven’t. I haven’t really liked anything by Peter Benchley

          • di_da_is_alpha

            Yeah, Jaws was the only book of his that I’ve read. I saw a few movies based on his books, and Jaws was the only one that was any good, but like I insinuated, the movie deviated greatly from the book, so, if all else is equal, his other books must really suck.

            Or, maybe they’re really good, but somehow I doubt it.

    • Tims_email_2005

      Your kidding right? Hollywood would never ruin an excellent book with a poor movie interpertation. I mean just look at the great job they did with Robert A Heilein’s book “Starship Troopers”.

      • JohnGaltWannabee

        I love the Starship Troopers movie. It totally buthcered the technical aspects of the novel to make it more “screenable”, sexy, “exciting”, and possibly more gory than the original novel; but it did hold true to the original basic concepts of Heinlein’s ideas re public service, citizenship (duties and responsiblilities thereof), the passive, moocher sheeple class, crime and punishment, military training,morality, etc.,etc., For those of you who haven’t, please go read the novel; you won’t put it down til you’re through. For those of you who haven’t read Atlas Shrugged, get it and set aside at least 3 nights for its’ reading (it’s that long!). Then let’s all go see the movie, and figure it out from there.

  • Proof

    I saw Armin Shimerman in there. Figures you can’t do Atlas Shrugged without a Ferengi getting involved!

  • mickey_moussaoui

    The Acadamy will go gaga over this one.

  • mikemc1970

    I bet this gets the same sort of cold shoulder that the movies Soloman Kane or The Road got. Although Solomon Kane is looking more and more hopeful for release, probably because Pete Postlethwaite has passed away. Hollywood is loathed to show a Christian in a good light.

  • Guest

    More fiction to drive the right wing political machine.

    • Ssdiver2112

      Ayn Rand, Right Wing? You better do some research. She saw beyond right, left, middle…

      • Guest

        Oh yea. Such a genius who failed to emotionally mature past a late teenage phase.

    • UnRiel

      Says the statist counter propaganda agent

      • Guest

        Looks like somebody missed my ‘Ayn Rand is a rent seeker’ post.

        • flamemeister

          Much more likely the person ignored it based on your reputation.

    • Galtfever

      maybe you should read the book before you much such ridiculous comments!

      • Guest

        Of course I’ve read the book, assclown. What do you think I am, a right wing voter?

        • Rodgerleanne

          “Assclown?” So, so typical of all lefties. When you don’t have anything of merit to contribute to the conversation, resort to insults, smears, etc. I’d say the term petulant suits you quite well. Surprised you didn’t use the term “Nazis.”

  • NDSuperman

    April 15…according to IMDB

  • NDSuperman

    Interesting that Part 2 doesnt seem to be in production yet

  • Rob Rents & Sells

    The old adage “The better the book, the worse the movie” will no doubt hold true in this offering…..and the book is EPIC in the purest sense of the word, not in the way that people are now using it (as the new word for “awesome”). But I can’t wait to see what I hope will be comparisons to the Obama administration.

    • Rob

      I actually think there’s a lot of fat in the book that could be cut for the film (the lengthy, awkward romantic scenes for instance).

      And not all good books make bad movies. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was adapted quite well for film.

    • Tims_email_2005

      My only complaint with Ayn Rand is her great ability to say in 10 pages what she could have said in 2. Aside for that little nit-picking though I found it to be one of the most influencial (sp?) books I have read.

  • Sean Smith

    Wow, looks like they held tight to a “b-list actors” only policy.

    • UnRiel

      If I read you correctly you’re not disparaging the actors, merely pointing out that they are not big salaried box offices stars yet. I recognized most of the stars easily.

    • Joemama

      Why would you want some “A-list” douchebag in the mix? Do we really want Tom Cruise to play Galt?

      • Tims_email_2005

        not only no, but HELL NO. Now I’m trying to think of who would be a good person to play Galt. Thanks, now I’ll never get to sleep. lol

        • slapstick

          Robert Duvall as Galt????

  • eeee

    Uh, oh – the government teat-sucking parasites won’t like this very much!



  • Winston Smith

    Ooh! High-speed rail!!! The Lefties ought to love that part of it – and ignore, disdain, or twist everything else.

  • aoeuismyhomekeys

    I read only about a third of the book, and regardless of what I or anybody thinks of it’s philosophical ideas (I know that some Randians will probably say that that’s impossible), it is simply a piece of literary trash. It’s an awful novel, and I’m not sure how some people seem to miss this. This movie will similarly be terrible; just look at who’s involved. The most compelling role any of the main actors has played was the dreadlocked werewolf from Twilight. It’s written by a guy who hasn’t written any screenplays before this one (according to imdb) and another guy who seems to have only written bottom-feeder horror movies. It’s directed by the guy who plays the asshole dad on One Tree Hill (who’s also playing John Galt). I realize that it’s not impossible to make a good movie with unknown actors, but they’re working with a novel that, purely taken as fiction and not the philosophical treatise it was really meant to be taken as, was garbage. This novel was then translated for the screen by an unknown and a hack. It’s being directed by a TV actor that’s starring in it alongside other TV actors and the guy that played a dreadlocked werewolf. I just don’t see any way this could possibly end as well as, say, Dagny Taggert’s ride on the John Galt line.

  • Lawrence

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned the movie of her other major fictional work, “The Fountainhead”. This starred Gary Cooper, who did a very creditable Howard Roark. Rand insisted on and got full artistic control of the movie, and it came off as a virtual recreation of the book. Didn’t lose a thing in translation. Too bad she isn’t around to oversee this. Hollywood has been fighting the making of this (a book that more people have claimed made a significant impact on their lives than any other book except the Christian Bible) ever since it came out. No wonder it has only b-actors. I’m sure no good commie star is willing to touch it. Likewise commie screenplay writers. Probably for the better, although I shudder at anyone from Twilight (although maybe the guy was just hungry at the time – kind of like doing porno loops when young).

    You should go rent/buy The Fountainhead and watch it to compare with this come April 15 (what a great choice of date). And Starship Troopers (the movie) SUCKED. That was an intentional hatchet job by Hollywood to destroy a great anti-statist novel. Note that they have never allowed “The Moon is a Harsh Mistresss” to be made. It is practically a revolutionary’s handbook of how to wage a war of independence. Heinlein understood his strategy – he was ex-military. Go now and READ Starship Troopers and Moon is a Harsh Mistress. You’ll love both of them.