Video: Rick Berg’s Fargo Town Hall

Courtesy of, here’s a video highlight reel of Rep. Rick Berg’s town hall last night in Fargo.

In related news, the liberals continue to push their town hall narrative trying to manufacture the same sort of perception of these town halls as the 2009 town halls when Democrat lawmakers were seen getting angry and snapping at constituents who were questioning Obamacare. Liberal Washington Post blogger Aaron Blake zeroed in Berg’s town hall last night writing, “Rep. Rick Berg (R-N.D.) reportedly commiserated with the man he defeated, former representative Earl Pomeroy (D-N.D.), while getting his own town hall grilling: “Now I see why my predecessor didn’t want to do town halls.”

You can see the referenced exchange above. “A town hall revolt redux?” asks Blake. “The answer is that we don’t know yet, but it certainly could.”

The answer is the left and their friends in the media certainly want it, but the facts for it aren’t in evidence yet.

From all the video I’ve seen nationally, which to be sure has a few pointed questions and tense moments, the two just aren’t on the same scope.

As far as Rick Berg is concerned, let’s all note that a) the guy is actually holding town halls (unlike his predecessor Earl Pomeroy) and b) he’s taking all the questions and not losing his cool with his constituents.

That’s a marked improvement for North Dakota.

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  • Cal Schaible

    I was at the Berg townhall meeting. I suspect the crowd was made up of mostly Democratic partisans. The time of the townhall meeting was not conducive to getting a cross section of interests. I felt like most of the folks who approached the mikes were more prone to making partisan speeches than actually asking questions. Phrases such as “don’t balance the budget on the backs of the poor” and “make the rich pay their fair share” were common place. The audience seemed to recognize applause lines we they heard them.

    Despite several efforts on the part of Berg to explain that Ryan’s Medicare house plan (not his “Roadmap”) was not a voucher plan – several kept saying it was a voucher plan. I will let you readers decide whether this was done out of ignorance or a deliberate attempt to misrepresent the plan. In my view “vouchers” indicate money going directly to the individual citizens. Ryan’s plan DOES NOT propose this. Funds would be directed to one of several insurance options (based on citizen choice) to act as “premium support.” This is the same option members of Congress already enjoy. The amount of support would be based on need, with the poor and needy getting more, and the rich and healthy getting less. I believe the average amount of support I have seen discussed is $15,000 a year. In my universe there is no way this can be considered a voucher program.

    They also said Republicans want to “cut” Medicare – even though Berg tried to remind them that Medicare spending under the Republican plan continues to be more than in previous years. One liberal tried to tell us that the 500 billion dollars in cuts in Obama’s plan were not in benefits. This is a joke. You do not add 30 million people to coverage and cut 500 billion dollars and not impact benefits. I almost shouted out “death panels” but somehow managed to contain myself. The townhall gave me great fodder for my next column. I applaud Berg for his great patience. His 90 minutes of anwering mostly ridiculous questions was noble. In that one appearance he probably gave more time to his constituents than Dorgan, Conrad, and Pomeroy gave in the last two years. Hyberbole I know – but not by much!