Video: Rand Paul Responds To Detention By TSA

The TSA and their apologists are saying that Senator Rand Paul wasn’t really detained earlier today, but Senator Paul says he was asked to step into a cubicle in the screening area and was told not to leave.

That sure sounds like “detention” to me.

Senator Paul decries the “mindlessness” of the TSA. That’s a good term. Little of what the TSA does seems geared toward security. Rather, what the TSA does is more security theater. Security theater that violates our right to be protected against illegal search and seizure.

Someone remind me again of why we need the federal government to place a mandatory and offensive screening process between private citizens and their ability to travel on privately-owned airlines? Or what part of the US Constitution gives the federal government that power in the first place?

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  • Jamermorrow

    Airline companies should be responsible for their own security. If a plane get hijacked and people die, property gets damaged, etc.. The airline should be responsible for the damages and lives lost. 9-11 would have never happened if Americans were allowed to defend themselves on airplanes. Government regulation caused 9-11. Bad people will always exist no matter how many wars we have. The best way to protect yourself is for individuals to be able to protect themselves. The Israeli’s carry weapons while on planes maybe we should start doing the same. We need to quit relying on government for all our security needs.

    • Hal782

      “Government regulation caused 9-11″

      Ah…..OK.  You are silly.

    • Matthew

      “Government regulation caused 9-11.”

      You need to explain that sentence, because it is one of the stupidest statements you have ever made.  And that is an impressive bar to jump.

      And BTW, not every Israeli carries a weapon on a plane.  They have government employees carry weapons on planes dressed as civilians.

      Please learn what the hell you are talking about.

  • sbark

    Why am I thinking a person, who was clearly a Muslim walked right on the same plane Rand was traveling on……..with barely a 2nd glance at him/her………

    ……..because it would’ve been discrimination and not “fair”………

    I hear the State of the Union speech is going to be all about “fair”………..that emotional term the Left Loves, has nothing to do with any legality, and is historically unacheivable…….

    Fairness thru history has given us a Stalin…………or a Detroit/ Zimbaubwae economy

    take your choice……

    • Game

      I think Rand Paul is a bigger threat to our counrty than most of the 1 billion Muslims in the world.
      Stalin was a dictator, he did not care at all about “fairness”

      Also, if any “Muslim” (as you say) refused to undergo a body pat, they would also be kicked off the plane.

      But Rand Paul thinks he is bigger than the laws.

      • Adam

        I don’t think he’s saying he’s bigger than the law. Rather, that no one should have to be subjected to an unreasonable search. Security agents need to have the ability to use their heads rather than mindlessly follow protocol. He’s a U.S. Senator for God’s sake; he’s not going to blow up a plane.

        • Matthew

          He’s a U.S. Senator for God’s sake; he’s not going to blow up a plane

          You think he is above the law too.  There was an anomaly on his initial screening.  To get on the plane there is further screening. 

          If he wasn’t a Senator would you complain?  If he was more swarthy would you complain?

          There is nothing unreasonable about this search and there is no detention.  He does not have a right to get on the plane.

          • Adam

            He’s not above the law because he’s a Senator, but people should be able to recognize that as a Senator he doesn’t pose a security risk. Just like they should be able to recognize that my grandmother doesn’t pose a risk. Our system should be more like El Al. They talk to every passenger and make a risk assessment based on their answers, behavior, and where they’ve been. As others have said, the airlines should be in charge of security because it gives them a huge incentive to be successful.

            How the Israelis do airport security

      • Reverendyo

        Personal liberty is a scary idea and freedom is not for the non producers.  Fortunately, America was founded on Liberty, property and life as it’s core principles.  Rand Paul is just speaking his mind and God Bless him for it.  

    • Davoarid

      “Why am I thinking a person, who was clearly a Muslim walked right on the same plane Rand was traveling on……..with barely a 2nd glance at him/her………”

      Because the world is a very confusing place.As a defense mechanism against that confusion, you’ve settled on the apathetic shortcut known as Cognitive Splitting: You are dividing the world into White vs Black (Good vs Evil, Right vs Left) because you are full of unfocused rage.

  • two_amber_lamps

    Since TSA does little if any actual profiling they are reduced to random sampling/selection.  They are allowed little discretion since any real deductive reasoning or body language reading would probably be grounds for a law suit.  Therefore TSA is about as useful as are ushers at a movie theatre who are told by a computer to randomly pick out passengers for further groping.  No real science involved except statistics… which is why they have not caught a single terrorist but have lots of nail files and water bottles to show for themselves….

    But Big Sis says the system works?  Take that for what it’s worth… lol!

  • WOOF

    Americans demanded safety after 9/11. This iis what they got.
    You want to fly, you and your luggage, ( yes, they open your bags) , are subject to search.
    You can tell your story walking, but the TSA does stop people on the road also.
    They’re everywhere.

    “With state, local, and regional partners, the TSA oversees security for highways, railroads, buses, mass transit systems, pipelines, ports.” WIKI

    • Jamermorrow

      Passed by Bush and promoted by Conservatives. Amazing what limited government types will put up with in the name of security.

      • two_amber_lamps

        Bush?  Limited gov’t?  Who put that idea in your head?  Republican and CONSERVATIVE are two different things entirely. 

        • ellinas1

          Yet conservatives consistently and without fail vote republican.
          What a dingleberry you are.

  • Dakotacyr

    Why does a senator think he has the right to be treated differently than the rest of the flying public.  Get over it or drive!

    • Jamermorrow

      I believe he thinks that none of the public should be treated this way.

    • JMJ

      Spoken like a total buffoon. He doesn’t think he’s any better than anyone else – this happens everyday with the illegal TSA goons. He’s just a public figure. Shut the TSA down. Period. Airlines can defend themselves…

    • Brent

      Well, I think he clearly does not, but the US Constitution clearly does.  Why don’t you read what it says about detaining members of Congress?

    • schreib

      When they start patting down the president, first lady and their 2 girls, then I’ll shut up.

  • Davoarid

    We should put the TSA at malls and libraries. Ooh, and state fairs! And sporting events!

    This could be fun.

  • LastBestHope

    TSA is drunk with power. It was Nancy Pelosi who insisted TSA be a public sector union.
    Reform these wanna be Gestapo types before it’s too late

    • Camsaure

      That is probably why that creature, Nancy insisted on having her own private plane at the serfs…oops I mean taxpayers expense.

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    Not knowing all the facts didn’t stop him from this blunt and one sided statement: “Nobodies thinking about who could attack us or who would attack us, it’s just this mindlessness”

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    Just wondering, if he doesn’t know all the facts, how the Senator could condemn a TSA agent acting in the line of duty just because he has been kept from proceeding, or delayed?

    But Paul does a little of the crying victim thing himself:

    “Nobodies thinking about who could attack us or who would attack us, it’s just this mindlessness” – Rand Paul

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    I’ll grant that the TSA agents may not have been entirely by the book, but to jump to the conclusion that the TSA was being motivated by mindlessness and dis concern for process is entirely unfair.

  • ellinas1

     If conservatives, republicans, right wingers, and the assorted right
    wing nuts  feel so strongly about the TSA and it’s groping, instead of
    constantly bitching about the issue, the should introduce legislation
    that either abolishes the TSA or forces the agency to limit it’s scans
    and searches to Arabs and Arab looking individuals.
    I support such an effort.

    • Chris

      “I support such an effort.”

      Then write your congressman, I did.

      • ellinas1

        I called his office this morning.

    • garsl
      • ellinas1

        Just one legislator, out of how many?
        I see no concerted effort to overturn this.
        I would love to see broad support from the republicans/conservatives in congress and the Senate.

    • schreib

      No, it has nothing to do with race or ethnicity.  What they need to do is called “behavior profile”   Big difference.   This nonsense at the ss TSA has got to stop.

      • ellinas1

        Sure it does.When was the last time an Icelander, Portuguese, Dane, Austrian, Greek,………..or North Dakotan highjacked and or blew up a plane full of people?

  • Captornado

    TSA will continue to serve zero purpose other then attempting to provide a false sense of security until the point where we forget about political correctness and embrace profiling as Israel does when it comes to airline security.

  • I H8 GOPers

    Grandstanding. Little Paul didn’t even tell them he was a senator.