Video Of EPA Chief Talking About Crucifying Businesses Taken Down By Liberal Group


The liberal group which posted that now-infamous video of an EPA official talking about “crucifying” those the agency regulates has now taken the video down from their YouTube channel and filed a complaint against Senator Jim Inhofe, whose staffers were the first ones to notice the video.

The YouTube channel where Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe’s office originally discovered the video of EPA official Al Armendariz speak about his “crucify them” enforcement philosophy has scrubbed the original video and lodged a complaint against Inhofe to YouTube.

The source and now YouTube complainant, David McFatridge of “Citizen Media for We The People,” is an environmentalist and, according to Inhofe’s office, has eliminated all content related to Armendariz’s speech from his YouTube channel.

The original video now turns of an error notice that reads: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by David McFatridge.”

McFatridge’s complaint comes despite the fact that his page reads, “Consider ALL video Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)”.

Why do people put video on YouTube if they don’t want other people to see it?

This sounds remarkably similar to what Democrats are doing here in North Dakota, filing copyright claims to get video of Heidi Heitkamp praising Barack Obama taken offline so that people wont’ see it.

I guess liberals/Democrats are afraid of the general public seeing and hearing what they really think.

Anyway, the original video is still available courtesy of the Media Research Center:

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  • Jay

    George Orwell would be appalled to know bis nightmare vision of the future is becoming our present. Doublethink and newspeak are the rules of the day for the Dems apparently.

    In his brilliant dystopian novel The Moin Maid, Edgar Rice Burroughs described leftists using the same coersive tactics Obama and the Dems are employing as “those who thought they thought.” Boy, was he ever right and prophetic from his vantage point in 1922.

    • $8194357

      Thats at least how long some of us folks been around who can see thru the B/S to the truth behind it…Critical Therory is “one of” the tools to attack the “truth” and “ridicule” the second swing of the devils hammer to weaken the “Alinsky” target of choice…

      Propaganda is an art form- and the “political correct” “supression of dissent” is a well used tactic for statist fascists..

      Good and thourough Documentary on the origin of political correctness.

      As it turns out it is a revision of the marxist concept of false consciousness and has very real similarities with policies made by the communists in the eastern bloc in order to silence dissent.

      To silence desent of the “statist mission statements”..Cultural terrorism was born….


    • $8194357

      From simple structure complex ideologies grow…

      From seeds of party line indoctrination comes the leftist hoards of brain dead cause mutants…

      Once “introduced into the main stream” the cancer grows and takes over the host…

      Communism or sharia…..It is what it is….A cancer to kill the free world…..

  • Jay

    Coercive, I mean. Sorry for the misspelling.

    • $8194357

      It is what it is J…

      Not whatever they choose to call it at the moment….

  • Guest

    Here we go again.  First Nodland, now these assclowns.  But it’s too late… this was on nationwide media yesterday and the cat’s out of the bag.

  • Awfulorv

    A liberal is akin to someone who has been fed a fish hook, which has worked it’s way to their brain.  The resulting pain they’ll experience, if they try to remove it, will be so great they  just leave it there, festering, and skewing their thinking process.  During the thirties George Bernard Shaw, a great writer, but a flaming, irrational, liberal, was invited to the USSR to observe the “Show” trials of dissidents, army officers, and those whom Stalin was “airbrushing” from his sight. Mr. Shaw, despite clear evidence that the trials were trumped up, as to be almost laughable, gave the whole proceedings his stamp of approval. While he was there he chose not to report on the systematic starvation of the peasants of the Ukraine. When these Liberals get something in their head, such as an unfortunate shooting of a black youth, by a white/Hispanic, they, conveniently, choose to ignore the hundreds of black on white incidents which happen each week in this country.  And, it would appear, Liberal men, and, most despicably, women, have, and are choosing to ignore incidents of Muslim women being killed in Honor Killings, now there’s an oxymoron, in this country. What a vile group of people they are, and as Shaw was, dishonest even unto themselves…

    • $8194357

      Developed in Soviet Russia…

      a form of hypnosis and subconcous indoctrinations..

      Indoctrination, when re-enforced properly leads to “brain washing”….

      perfected with “physical pain technuiques” applied in numerous gulags…

      • Awfulorv

        Hitler was an SOB, but Stalin was far worse as a killer.  And Mao, the bastard , left them all in the dust. That is another, very important, reason to send Hanni’s favorite packing. That will be the two, or three million, Taiwanese the Chicoms will execute, besides those lost in the war of invasion, when Obama takes his eye off, or through abject cowardice, allows the mainland to invade Taiwan. Or did you think that Tiger had changed their stripes?  There’s a lot of praying going on in Taiwan these days.

        • Awfulorv

          And one more thing, dear reader,  if I, leading an all for one, one for all, communist country, had told 800 million of my people to stay down on the farm, while allowing another 400 million of them to become rich in the city, I would, not sleep soundly and would, at the least, limit the number of pitchforks, and torches, available to the farmers.

          • $8194357

            Bill Ayers wrote “Prairie Fires” a book about communist Russia and Cuba taking over America with 10’s of millions of “Americans” dieing in the “camps”….
            He believes it enough to blow folks up over it…
            The Ayers family enablers to a duel citizen poser to get into the White House…
            Slow and over time the commies said, as do the muslim brotherhood, to destroy from within our Constitutional Republic…

        • $8194357

          The “ideogies” of the left come from hell when the sugar coating is removed, IMO..

      • Awfulorv

        Reading these Liberal diatribes is quite like listening to an all night session of blather, courtesy of  deluded, know it all, frat boys next door, then,  being thrown up on, by one of them,  as you leave for work.

    • Ross

      …the number of people who are aware of these facts about Shaw is shamefully low.  Why? Because Arts and Humanities faculty is of the same mindset, and gloss over Shaw’s weakmindedness, if it’s ever discussed at all.

  • sbark

    The Lawsuits by the enviro radical over the handful of dead ducks in the oilfield holding ponds was a example of that tactic………

    they were trying to intimidate and make an example out of a handful of oil Companies……

  • borborygmi

    it is like the proverbial fart in church.   It will be remembered.  

  • Geoff


    What was the complaint filed against inhoff? What did he do wrong other than point Americans toward the truth?

  • Guest

    Bring out the Barbies!

    • Guest

      No kidding.  If they keep this up, that poor sweet girl is never gonna be able to play with her dolls.  Daddy’s gonna have to keep hogging them, ha-ha.

  • $8194357

    Fear has been a great motivator used by the leftist statist fascists every since satan taught it to em…

    • Roy_Bean

      At least now we know what our sorry excuse of a U.S Attorney was up to with the ducks that died in the oil pits.  This could be considered abuse of the justice system. 

  • Spartacus

    Pansie asses

  • VocalYokel

    It is interesting that they use ‘copyright infringement’ as an excuse, since I hear many Leftards decrying the use of copyright laws as people trying to make money by repeating the words of or enhancing the creations of others.

    Their theory is that there are no original thoughts / ideas.

    In their communal world, all stories, philosophy, inventions, and progress come about by people piggybacking on the epiphanies and erudition of previous generations, and thus no one can lay exclusive claim to them.

  • exsanguine

    phuck. i hate leftists. what a waste of oxygen.

    • Ross

      …and real estate….

  • Unadorned Truth

    Don’t you see? One of the main goals of those who want to destroy our Nation is to drive us apart; get us to hate each other so we will no longer listen to each other. We need to get together and Unify under the Constitution (possibly amend it to institute term limits to reduce corruption in Congress), re-instate the Rule of Law, rid ourselves of the horrifying and rampant corruption in everything from elections to the Supreme Court, ban political parties entirely, and get back to our Nation as it was founded: a Land of Freedom, with Liberty and Justice for ALL.

    • realitybasedbob

      Real Americans know them as republicans.