Video: New KFYR Anchor’s First On-Air Words: “F**king Sh*t”


Tonight was KFYR anchor A.J. Clemente’s first broadcast. Per his posts on Twitter, he was a little nervous:

And per his performance on air, he was definitely a little nervous, dropping the f-bomb just as he came on air:

Afterwards, he seemed to have at least a bit of a sense of humor about it:

Better luck next time, AJ! But the big question is, will the FCC excuse it as they did David Ortiz’s profanity earlier this weekend? Or was AJ’s not ok because it wasn’t “from the heart.”

Update: According to KFYR’s Facebook page, AJ has been suspended:


Seems like a big overreaction to me. And just so we’re clear, Monica Hannan will suspend a cub reporter for a bit of nervous profanity, but she’s just fine with her station spiking higher ed stories when former Chancellor Bill Goetz asked.

They’re total professionals down there at KFYR.

Update: More from AJ:

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  • Betty

    I seriously shot pop out my nose!!! Lol
    Maybe not real appropriate but still made me laugh!

    • Rob

      We all make mistakes. I dropped the F-bomb on radio one time. I was guest hosting and in the middle of a hot segment. Lots of calls, etc. I got an email from somebody – good source who emailed in a lot – and I was reading the email in which he used the f-word.

      So I read the f-word. On air. Oof.

      It happens.

      Hopefully AJ can get a laugh out of it and move on with his career.

  • RCND

    Well, at least he has no where to go but up now

    • sbark

      but it could be like hitting a home run at your 1st Major League at bat…….:)

  • April Kontz Johnson

    I feel bad for him. It appears he was looking at his notes and something was wrong. We all make mistakes. Definitely forgivable and I hope his bosses don’t make too much about it.

  • Randy G

    The way Monica Hannan gave her on air apology(she looked like they just woke her up) you would have thought he called Obama a derogatory name.

    • April Kontz Johnson

      Randy-do you have a link to the on air apology? I didn’t see it and can’t find it online.

      • Randy G

        There is a transcript on the KFYR website.

  • April Kontz Johnson

    He’s been suspended? That’s going too far. Have him apologize on air and get on with things. He made a mistake. We all do.

    • camsaure

      Yeah, it would still be better then listening to “gap tooth Joel”.

  • grandma

    Ok it is not the end of the world, he apologized,Monica apologized,television reality shows and sit-com imply the same thing I am sure it won’t happen again, if it does then maybe do something but with everything going on in the world today let it go.I hope that it is over with now and tomorrow will be better

  • devilschild

    I want to hear Guest try to do the news without calling someone a name. Now that would entertaining.

    • two_amber_lamps

      Remove obscene language from Gusty’s vocabulary and he couldn’t even form a complete sentence…

    • Guest

      I’d want to see you make a post that wasn’t patently hypocritical. Posters like two amber lamps post nothing but insult, but where is you’re condemnation then?

      Nowhere. Typical hypocritical conservative.

      • guest

        I would like to see some of that moderation coming from the moderators. The only thing they moderate is the truth. They weed it out every chance they get.

  • RCND

    Remember folks… this is the same station that punishes reporters when they actually dig into stories, and the same one that allowed themselves to be intimidated by a former Chancellor. Yet they are getting tough on a new anchor who accidentally said a few bad words. Who are the real F-ups here…?

    • Tim Heise

      Yep. This is the same station that I do not watch.

    • SusanBeehler

      Remember most of the folks are supposedly “conservative” on this blog with “potty” mouth writing. Free market at work, and a right to work state. Most places you work you have a probationary period, you don’t make the “grade”; you are cut. For me it was not just the words, but the tone of the anger/frustration and lack of professionalism. Of course this tone and the words have become common place in our society, but is it the image a business wants to let slide? especially since it appears this is his first time anchoring.

  • Randy

    He will be always known around here as the f-bomb guy.

    • RCND

      He should wear the title proudly too

      • camsaure

        Especially if the word “Obama” comes right after the “F” bomb.

  • schreib

    Yeah, he looks really nervous. Give the guy a chance all he needs to do is say he is sorry.

  • DixCitizenKane

    Couldn’t happen to a better station. Monica is a power monger… and this is what she gets for hiring D-list anchors.

  • somebodysomewhere

    I’m appalled! Obviously, after his education and training, he is not ready to be a professional. Having been suspended may be the lesson he needed to learn. That’s assuming he learned something from it.

  • RCND

    If you do Facebook, there is already a Save AJ page up in you want to friend it:

  • Roy_Bean

    Dick Cheney told Senator Leahy to “go F### Yourself”, which I thought was good advice. Joe Biden said Obama Care was “a big F###in deal”. Someday people will look back on this and say “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”.

    • soo


  • kevindf
  • guest

    If it was Fox News he would have received a promotion for using the word “gay”.

    • mousaoui

      ….for using the word “gay” in a derogatory way, that is.

      • David Hall

        Hehe. thats right they all misogynists and homophobes over there!

  • matthew_bosch

    Man…feel for the guy.

    • Drain52

      Why? Because he carried over his sewer talk from his private life onto TV?

  • Say It

    If you would not say it to your mother, you should not say it on TV.
    Be polite.

  • RCND

    It’s hard to see why KFYR is making such a big deal out of this. They first need to become an actual news organization before they can get all hot and bothered about a little slip like this. Their broadcasts are not news… they are a 30 minute community billboard where viewers come away knowing more about the latest craft shows and events held at the Civic Center than real issues of the day. KXMB isn’t much better

    • joeb

      They make a big deal of it because there is no such thing as bad publicity in the infotainment biz. If it gets the public to watch, good or bad, it’s a winner.

  • Drain52

    I haven’t the slightest sympathy for this guy. Since when do we accept the foulest words as being nothing? There are choice words I shamefully use when I’m under a car in duress trying to fix something. But the problem with this news anchor and so many other people is that they run their potty mouths routinely and everywhere, so it’s no surprise that they swear like longshoremen even in public.

    As long as we think it’s funny (“ooh, he said a naughty!”) or wink at foul language because we’re just so sophisticated, we will continue to debase our conversation and ourselves.

    • somebodysomewhere

      ” But the problem with this news anchor and so many other people is that they run their potty mouths routinely and everywhere, so it’s no surprise that they swear like longshoremen even in public.”

      Exactly! Allowing foul language to run out of your mouth at any given time is not cool, and it’s not classy – it is distinctly shameful. And shame on all of you who shrug and say “so what?”.

  • sbark

    Going national…….made Glenn Becks The Blaze blog……..he gonna get his 15 of fame.

    add in the Daily caller blog……..

  • sbark

    Meanwhile on a major leftists primetime news show…………, CNN premiered a new show at 9PM called Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown that despite airing so early in the evening featured numerous audible uncensored S-words and A-words, a number of censored F-words, and a God damn (

    Read more:

  • JoeMN

    However it’s well within the rights of KFYR to suspend him.

    If you hired a salesman to sell cars to grandmothers, you would likely want one who can lay off the profanity button.
    Free speech does not free one from the consequences of that speech
    It likely even states this in his contract.

    • Rob

      Oh, KFYR absolutely has the right to suspend and even fire him. It’s their brand. They have the right to protect it. “Free Speech” isn’t an issue here.

      But it’s my opinion that they should give the kid another chance.

      • JoeMN

        But it’s my opinion that they should give the kid another chance


        And I will concede here that your opinion should carry more weight than mine, because we have unplugged network tv from this household long ago.
        Our reasoning at the time (and still is) on account of that profanity they call liberalism.

  • Game

    First off, if he messes up like this, the station has every right to suspend him, fire him or do anything they want.

    However, whoever hired somebody to do a live broadcast who both swears, and then says. “I am from the east coast….and….you….know…I am used to it” should be fired. I am sorry, but you don’t get to say “he looks nervous”. He is supposed to be a paid professional. His job is to speak coherently all the time.

    Game over for this guy. Epic failure.

    • Rob

      I don’t think anyone is saying the station doesn’t have a right to suspend him.

      And let’s remember that the North Dakota television market is ground zero for noobs. It’s hard to become a professional before you have much on-air experience.

      • Game

        I think that is a bit of a cop out. I think we can use the “small state” excuse to much and it can become an excuse for accepting low performance. I get that not everybody is a great public speaker, however, if you are not fully confident in your abilities, don’t get a job doing live TV.

        • Rob

          Yeah, but it was his first gig.

          Doesn’t he deserve another shot? Or should his career be over because he had a bad first day?

          • Game

            I know he has now been fired, and I am not sure I would have done that. I am a big fan of forgiveness in the work place.

            However, it was a really, really bad first day.

          • 308T

            Rob, I’m glad he got fired simply because he’s a snobby east coast liberal A-hole, we don’t need people like that in ND. Knew that right when I heard his dumbass “east coast” comment. Yes he’s a Libiot because I have a friend at KFYR who verified my claim.

          • Guest

            You seem insecure and afraid.

          • 308T

            Well your dead wrong, so GFY.

  • 308T

    What a condescending “east coast” prick! Go back east with the rest of the Libiots!

  • goawayAJ

    This wasn’t because he was nervous; he was pissed that a ND news station was the only place that would hire him. His comment was directly related to the story he was about to report on. He should not have taken the job in North Dakota if he didn’t want to leave the East Coast. He can pack his bags. This wasn’t an error that in anyway deserves a second chance.

  • Rick Olson

    For any news organization, credibility is absolutely crucial. KFYR, just like any television station, must have credibillity with its viewers. Unfortunately, if I were the news director, I would have fired him too. Will he be damaged goods because of this one slip-up that cost him his job? I suppose it depends upon who you ask, and in which market he eventually winds up in.