Video: ND Democrat Says Tax Cuts Might Make The Economy Too Friendly For Business


Yesterday was a very interesting day in the North Dakota House. They were in floor session for something like seven hours, and considered a lot of very controversial bills. I thought I’d highlight a couple of the sillier comments that jumped out at me from all that talking.

First, here’s Rep. Corey Mock, arguing against a half-billion dollars in income tax cuts (the House ultimately passed them) saying that he’s not sure how much friendlier North Dakota’s economy can get.

You see, if we get too friendly, we might run out of people to hire.

At the end of the video you see Rep. Blair Thoreson point out the obvious. North Dakota’s economy is strong now, but our tax code could use some improvement. We’re ranked just 28th by the Tax Foundation in terms of tax-friendly economies. Our neighbors to the south, South Dakota, are ranked #1. Our neighbors to the west, Wyoming and Montana, are ranked 4th and 8th respectively.

But heaven forbid we reduce tax burdens when the state government is awash in cash. I mean, we wouldn’t want more people to move here and start businesses and families and stuff, would we?

Second, here’s Rep. Eliot Glassheim arguing against HB1183 (prohibiting state enforcement of federal gun control laws, it also passed the House), and saying that “if this passes I’m not saying the pledge anymore.”

“No more ‘one nation under God’,” he said, also noting that passing HB1183 would be the “first step toward civil war.”

No word yet on whether or not Rep. Glassheim will be saying the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of tomorrow’s floor session.

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  • WOOF

    one nation under God’

    • guest

      That would be obama’s god, Allah. Are you a follower too?

  • Hal801

    Corey Mock has never held a legitimate job in his life, he is totally unqualified to hold the position that he occupies.

    • OldConserv2011

      But neither did Kent Conrad or Byron Dorgan. And look at how well they turned out. Small town North Dakota boys who have their palatial mansions featured in magazines. Corey Mock could very well end up taking the occasional trip back to North Dakota, putting on a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans, leaning on a tractor while telling a star struck Fargo Forum reporter that he’s “fighting for us”.

      • Hal801

        I doubt Mock could ever be a Conrad or Dorgan, he can barely put two sentences together or develop a coherent thought to make his point. It’s troubling that someone like him is voting on our behalf, thank God he is firmly in the minority.

        • OldConserv2011

          Fair point. But I bet some said the same thing about Earl Pomeroy.

          • Mike Peterson

            Let whoever competes against Corey in his next campaign venture remember what he said on this day…

          • ryguy198130

            Well I remember what Heitkamp kept on saying before the election and you Nodaks still voted for her. How did that happen? You nodaks sure don’t make any sense. You were all doing so well and the oil industry is going well but it isn’t going to last because she is an ultra-liberal in conservative clothing. You may be a right minded conservative state but you all sure don’t know who you are voting for. Doesn’t make any sense at all.

      • Goon

        Kent country wide mortgage and Lord Byron would have a much harder time staying in office today with social media… They were both frauds. Heidi is going to have a very hard time as well.

    • camsaure

      Curry Muck is an idiot, thus very qualified to lead the dem party. Almost daily he demonstrates the absurdity of the progressive/liberal/rino way of thinking.
      Glassheim is a “carpet bagger” from I believe, New York. I always got a kick out of him when he was on the Grand Forks city council. He was always railing against and leading harrasment of some auto wrecking yards West of town. This all the while his own backyard in Grand Forks was a total pigstye.

      • Lianne

        you know, I enjoy listening to Glassheim from time to time. I don’t agree with what he says, but his ‘easy going, at times self deprecating style brings a smile to my face. But not this time. I guess as one gets tired from the grind after 35 days, the mask is too heavy to wear.

        • Rob

          I like Glassheim too. He’s a personable guy, and very funny. But his histrionics on this bill were off-putting to be sure.

          • Goon

            Elliot Glassheim is a gasbag.

      • ryguy1981

        How do these people get voted into your state? If they say it is so Conservative then why are these morons getting in there?

        • camsaure

          The state is full of RINOs whom are not conservative at all. Muck and most of his ilk are from Grand Forks and Fargo which both have colleges, plus a lot of uninformed voters. Those two towns are also county seats, so the slackers move their for easier acess to freebies.

  • Hal801

    Was the Glassheim speech after lunch? He seemed quite disheveled and incoherent.

  • Roy_Bean

    You have to understand where Cory is coming from. People with jobs and businesses tend to vote Republican, unemployed welfare recipients tend to vote democrat. He’s just trying to save himself a few voters.

    • reggy

      I’m going to assume you can cite where you got this information from, and it isn’t just you talking out your ass.

  • mikemc1970

    A more business friendly economy!?! Why there would be all kinds of free enterprise going on without a chance for blood sucking bureaucrats to jam their pudgy little fingers in to the pie as deeply as they’d like. The horror.

  • Drain52

    I give everyone 5 stars for not bursting out in laughter at these comments. I know I couldn’t have sat through that with a straight face.

  • Thresherman

    Some people are prone to think that more and more government is a good thing and never stop to observe how bad government is at accomplishing anything it sets out to do. Such people tend to think that all commerce is merely a result of government and government is entitled to its share of the cut which it can dispose of in any way it sees fit. Trying to tell someone who holds such a view that commerce is independent of government and that government should exist to provide certain services but not be all things to all people is akin to describing a rainbow to a blind man.

  • Kevin Flanagan

    The whole place is a costly joke.

  • $8194357

    The history of the big three means of finance and
    government in the last 300 years….

  • Goon

    Where do they get these economic illiterate buffoons?

  • JoeMN

    Higher demand for labor means increased competition, which leads to higher wages, and less dependency on government largess.
    Of course (in Democrat circles) this is what minimum wage laws are for .
    Hey, he could always move to Minnesota where poverty pimps are in demand.