Video: Heidi Heitkamp Repeats “Lie Of The Year” On Al Gore’s Television Network


Heidi Heitkamp went on the Al Gore-owned network Current TV (which just replaced lefty blowhard Keith Olbermann with Heitkamp supporter and hooker lover Eliot Spitzer) to speak with former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm about the Republican “war on women” etc., etc.

Pretty much the sort of stuff that Heitkamp will talk with on far-left television networks that nobody watches, but won’t talk about here in North Dakota.

One interesting claim, though, was that the the Paul Ryan budget destroys Medicare. “The Ryan budget… clearly is ending Medicare as we know it,” Heitkamp said.

This is an interesting claim for Heitkamp to make, given that PolitiFact named it the “Lie of the Year” in 2011. As Rep. Ron Wyden, the Democrat (yes, a Democrat) who co-authored the Paul Ryan budget points out:

Wyden-Ryan doesn’t eliminate the traditional Medicare plan, instead it guarantees that seniors who want to enroll in Medicare’s traditional fee for service plan will always have that option.

Those of us who care about the Medicare Guarantee shouldn’t discourage Republicans from working in a bipartisan way to preserve the program in the future.

Medicare is America’s biggest entitlement problem. It needs reform. Sadly, people like Heitkamp would rather be a part of the problem, using “Mediscare” tactics to put fear into senior voters, than be part of the solution.

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  • Broadway Joe

    It is awful when Republicans use the same words about destroying medicare against the Dems…Outrage..Outrage…Dems hate seniors…no Republicans hate seniors…or is it Seniors hate the SIOUX…

  • Broadway Joe

    Ends  medicare as we know it…..Yes it does the Ryan plan will keep it solvent

  • cylde

    To tell a lie, you must be aware of the truth, what you see may be just gross ignorance.

  • Bat One

    If Heitkamp was really the moderate she publicly claims to be, she wouldn’t be appearing on AlGore’s network in the first place!

    • Guest

      Great point.

  • Gpolitical

    Interesting, how the republicans are blamed for a war on women when you cant go to in occupy wall street camp Without having to locate the rape free zone. I’ve never seen 1 of those at a tea party events.

  • Kevin Flanagan

    Does Heitkamp’s old man provide medical care for free?

  • tomorrowclear

    Another Heitkamp story! She concerns you guys more and more by the minute! You confirm with every other story you post about her!

    • Rob

      Or, alternatively, shes low.hanging fruit.

      Shes running a surprisingly tone deaf campaign.

  • tomorrowclear

    By the way, this might answer the age-old question: Could a turnip be elected in North Dakota, so long as it’s a Republican turnip? I guess we’ll see. 

  • Zipity

    Hey Heidi, you moron. Doing NOTHING to reform Medicare will end Medicare as we know it. The only thing she wants to do to “reform” Medicare is endlessly increase the spending on it, while we quickly go bankrupt. What a dope…..

  • DavidAdler

    Well, Ryan-Wyden, as well as any reform that does anything, would “end Medicare as we know it” by definition. So did the ACA by cutting provider payments and reducing the overpayments to private MA plans — that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. My guess is that less than 1% of the politicians yelling about Ryan-Wyden actually understand what it is. If you’re for lowering overpayments to MA plans when the public option can offer the same care less, you should similarly support eliminating what amounts to overpayments for the public, traditional Medicare plan when private plans can offer the same care for less.

  • realitybasedbob

    Even the Total DOOOOOSH Paul Ryan plan’s co-author, Henry Aaron, now says the plan stinks.

    Now what, nutters?