Video: Democrat Apologizes For “Nazi” Tweet


Rep. Jessica Haak apologized on the floor of the state House today for referring to House Majority Leader Al Carlson as a “Nazi” yesterday on Twitter (a story I broke here).

Here’s the video. Carlson also spoke. “I understand that was hard to do,” he said. “We can’t let personalities get in the way of policy.”

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  • FrackinNoDak

    Blah, blah, blah. I’m guessing she didn’t write that.

  • Lianne

    She will be remembered! Like I said in another post, I believe that apology to be less than heart-felt or sincere. She is young, so I suppose she doesn’t have the strength to apologize without trying to include the errors of others. It would do her well to have to write an in-depth report on the real Nazi’s.

    • Rob

      I hate it when people do that in apologies. They go down some laundry list showing how we’re all perfect.

      You did something wrong, own up to it. Don’t drag other people into it.

  • FrackinNoDak

    Blah, blah, blah. I’m guessing she didn’t write that. That was a half-hearted apology at best.

  • FrackinNoDak

    Carlson’s line about needing to “remember the best interests of our citizens when we vote” is laughable. The legislators seldom do that.

  • ZwilD1

    At least she said it. I’ll give her credit for that. I would have prefered the term Nazi be struck down when ever we hear it. People are forgeting what was done and who did it.

    • Roy_Bean

      400,000 American service members died in the war that defeated the nazis. Hundreds of thousands more carried physical and emotional scars to their graves. We owe it to them to know who hitler was and how he came to power and to speak up, loud and clear, when we see someone is trying to do the same. Her error was using the accusation when it didn’t apply. No one should ever apologize for using the term when it is true.

  • Kevin Flanagan

    Is she still blocking Rob on Twitter?

    • Rob

      Yeah, I don’t think that will change any time soon.

      She’s a “progressive thinker,” according to her account, but sure doesn’t have an open mind to what other people might think.

      • two_amber_lamps

        Does that mean she “thinks” about a toilet while crapping her pants?

      • Goon

        @Jesshaak @joetews Don’t get into a twitter debate with him. I had to block him.

        Seems kind of childish that she would block you.

        • Rob


          Oh well.

  • RCND

    I would like to believe she wrote that, but somehow I’m thinking it was provided to her by the minority leadership after close vetting.

  • WOOF

    To Tweet or not to Tweet ?
    That is the question that remains unanswered.

    • Rob

      No, it’s answered. Social media is not off limits and there are no plans to change it.

  • somebodysomewhere

    At least she stood up and read an apology. It was lengthy. I don’t think that was easy for her, and because of that, I would hope she learned a lesson (others could also learn from her lesson). I don’t know her from Adam, so I cannot judge the sincerity.

  • Eric Wittliff

    So It is a house rule or not?

    • Rob

      It is not, not had it ever been, nor will it be, a House rule.

      • Eric Wittliff

        Not to over look Haak’s over reaction, but if Carlson did say this to her he was acting unjustly.

        • Rob

          He was overreacting, to be sure, but to be fair she was saying some pretty nasty things.

    • whowon

      I followed her for awhile on twitter, would have been nice if she wasn’t posting personal tweets while she was supposedly working too. What she bought her nephew for his Birthday, etc, a child who should not be there if she has such a poor level of concentration and work ethic.

      • Drain52

        See, that’s my objection to this whole tweeting-social-media thing. It just reminds me of passing notes in class (30 yrs ago, when that’s what we did, pass notes in class.) If this were 30 yrs ago, when there were no cell phones with texting and tweets, etc, what would you think of a legislator who couldn’t sit through a single 2- hr session and *just * pay * attention* to the business at hand? What do you think of someone who thinks the latest little gossipy tidbits from her bffs is more important than the business we’re paying her $60K to do?

        Jeesh, it’s like she’s a 5th grader (read in high-pitched girly voice:) “Do you think Johnny likes me? Mary said she heard Johnny told Timmy that I’m cute. Do you think that means he likes me? Tell Susie that Molly said she really likes her shoes. Ooooh! Did you see that?! The teacher just burped! OMG! OMG! The teacher burped!”

        • truther


  • Vugg

    gosh, she sounded soooo sincere. libs must be so proud of the way they conduct themselves. but when they see their Messiah do it and get away with it, i guess they feel entitled (imagine that-lib feeling entitled to something) to do it too.

  • ec99

    No surprise. This is what passes for reasoned discussion all over. She’s just emulating what she’s heard.

  • April Kontz Johnson

    Guess I thought an apology was owning our stuff and making amends-period. Heard too much “we” and blah blah blah. But will give her credit for doing it.

  • jimmypop

    and still nothing about al just making up rules? come on people….

    • Rob

      Al didn’t make up any rules. He said something intemperate. There is not a rule against social media, nor is there going to be.

  • headward

    Did the Forum pick this one up? If republican said that it would have been front page and replayed on MSNBC.

  • TexasJew

    I believe she was just auditioning to become another moron on MSNBC

  • Guest

    Who cares? Rob hates reporting nonsense, well that is unless he is reporting in the nonsense and helping blow it way out of proportion. Gotta provide those sound bites for the low information voters eh?

    • two_amber_lamps

      Hey look, we found a sound bite that you can wrap your low-information grape around…

      Ever figure out why you impersonate 5-year old girls on MN area hockey blogs? Care to share?

    • Goon

      Pot, Kettle, Black… Low Information Voter alert…

  • big al

    funny thing when socialists can’t argue the issues, they begin name calling, how adult.

  • bruce hingst

    she lacks the intelligence to write that……I wonder if she really knows what the nazi’s did…a little lesson in history would do this braindead liberal some good

  • Goon

    Wouldn’t it be easier just to tweet sorry?