US Navy Paying 622% Above Regular Rates To Fuel Fighter Jets With Chicken Fat


Regular fuel for the US Navy costs $3.60/gallon for the US Navy according to Reuters (that seems awfully low for aviation fuel, but maybe that’s a bulk rate). But one carrier group is getting fuel that costs 622% more, a whopping $26/gallon, for “green fule” made from things like algae and chicken fat.

They’ll be using it soon in operations for the first time.

(Reuters) – A U.S. Navy oiler slipped away from a fuel depot on the Puget Sound in Washington state one recent day, headed toward the central Pacific and into the storm over the Pentagon’s controversial green fuels initiative.

In its tanks, the USNS Henry J. Kaiser carried nearly 900,000 gallons of biofuel blended with petroleum to power the cruisers, destroyers and fighter jets of what the Navy has taken to calling the “Great Green Fleet,” the first carrier strike group to be powered largely by alternative fuels.

Conventionally powered ships and aircraft in the strike group will burn the blend in an operational setting for the first time this month during the 22-nation Rim of the Pacific exercise, the largest annual international maritime warfare maneuvers. The six-week exercise began on Friday.

The Pentagon hopes it can prove the Navy looks as impressive burning fuel squeezed from seeds, algae and chicken fat as it does using petroleum.

But the demonstration, years in the making, may be a Pyrrhic victory.

Some Republican lawmakers have seized on the fuel’s $26-a-gallon price, compared to $3.60 for conventional fuel. They paint the program as a waste of precious funds at a time when the U.S. government’s budget remains severely strained, the Pentagon is facing cuts and energy companies are finding big quantities of oil and gas in the United States.

The article reports that Obama’s Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus calls the “green fuel” “vital for the military’s energy security.”

Apparently Mr. Mabus hasn’t heard that there is an energy boom happening in this country right now, with entire oceans of reserves of oil and natural gas being opened up by new production techniques and favorable market conditions. “Peak oil,” or the idea that we’re going to run out of oil, is a notion that has been thrown on the scrap heap by the innovators in the fossil fuel energy industry.

Yet, the “peak oil” nonsense is still the driving force behind this expensive boondoggle.

Your tax dollars, hard at work.

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  • Patrick R. Pfeiffer

    Sounds like a Government program.  Why spend $3.60 per gallong when $26 will do?

    • Roy_Bean

      The US military has to be prepared to not take 2nd place in the next war.  If that means occasionally trying something unconventional to determine its suitability for operations then so be it.  The question is if this is a one time trial or an ongoing thing.  A few years ago there was a news story about flying a B-52 with soy based fuel.  If this is a test of the product it will answer 2 questions.  First, can we do it if it becomes necessary?  Second, and probably equally important, can China or Korea or some other misfit nation do it even if they don’t have access to crude oil? 

      • VocalYokel

         I am for selling China and North Korea all the algae and chicken fat they will buy at $26.00 @ gallon.

  • borborygmi

    Time to go buy some stock in whomever owns  Kentucky Fried or Popeyes..,  Here chicky chicky, chicky

    • two_amber_lamps

       Why not?  With fascist governmental intervention free market policies like this, fryer vat fat is probably worth more than the deep fried chicken going out the door. 

      Throw the chicken in the dumpster, just keep that biodiesel coming at $26 a gallon! 

      Stupid leftards…

  • two_amber_lamps

    Look!  It’s the USS Economy….!   We can afford $26 a gallon diesel/JP-8!  We can do anything!

    Glug, glug, glug…..   fail.

  • WOOF

    You can’t fuel your aircraft carrier in North Dakota.
    All the services know fuel is a vulnerabilities of large modern weapons systems.
    Gasoline running about $400 to $1000@gallon  in Afghanistan and Iraq broke this nation.
    Can you say deficit ?

    • Jimmypop

      “All the services know fuel is a vulnerabilities of large modern weapons systems.” no shit..thats why you can run am m-1 off ANYTHING (literally, its quite fascinating) you pour into it. but the point is this; you don’t pour $20 gas into something when you can pay $3 just to say you’re being green……

      • two_amber_lamps

        Unless you’re a retarded lib who thinks feeding a destroyer or an F-18 chicken-fat diesel/JP-8 is going to turn it into a fricken Prius.

    • two_amber_lamps


      You can’t fuel your aircraft carrier in North Dakota.

      Amazing…  Thank you for that bit of insight.

      Luckily there’s really no need to fuel an aircraft carrier in ND considering it’s landlocked.  

  • realitybasedbob

    But but but we can’t   gut    military spending.
    That would be  wrong.

    • two_amber_lamps

       Your comment, intelligent like a $300 government procured ball-peen hammer. 

    • Patrick R. Pfeiffer

      Classic any roles of the Federal Government actually ennumerated by the founders are the only ones liberals are excited to gut.

      • Gern Blanston

        except when they want to go green…

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

         Hows that liberal public road you are driving down Patrick?  Maybe you can tell us about the conservatives desire to cut spending on bridge infrastructure, Fire Fighters and the Police Force?

        • Gern Blanston

          Fedseral monies are supporting your local fire and police force?

          • two_amber_lamps

            Liberal ideals put this idiocy into place…

            Collect federal tax dollars so the $$ can be doled back to the states to maintain their highways. 

            Not only is is wasteful, it centralizes authority.  The state now subservient to the federal government to receive money for it’s day to day operation. How can the state maintain the highways unless they receive their stipend from the federal government? And what happens when a state steps out of line? The fed now has a stick with which to beat the states into lockstep…

            Federal funding also has seeped it’s way into law enforcement budgets, not necessarily for the day to day operations, but for additional equipment, special operations teams (ie SWAT), etc.  Departments then become dependent on that funding since no one wants to cut programs.  Therefore they’re “addicted” to federal funding.

            Education?  Disaster Relief?  Ag Funding? 

            I haven’t even TOUCHED entitlement spending.

            These are the ways the statist has infiltrated the state and local governments.  They’ve invalidated the 10th Amendment through incremental encroachments into what should be state and local affairs.

            And if you don’t do what the big fed says, they take your money away.  Sort of how a crack dealer manipulates their addicts….

    • Onslaught1066

       Weren’t you liberals the ones with your panties in a knot over spending cuts made to Humvee armor?

      Can’t you pussies ever make up your minds?

      BTW, boob, it’s Dumb-Os military now, let’s see your list of cuts to be made between now and ELECTION day.

      • realitybasedbob

        That whooshing sound just over your Winged Dick Head, that was the joke.

        Nutters crack me up.

        • Onslaught1066

           So you are too much the pussy to suggest where gutting the Obumbbler military could be made.

          Perhaps you should retire to your mothers basement and converse with your fellow rodents.

    • tony_o2

      You don’t gut military spending, you cut the waste and get more for less.

      • FNLED

         What Party cut’s the most waste fraud and abuse?

  • Harold

    Liberals would tell you look at all those green jobs the Navy is creating by using this fuel.

  • mikemc1970

    Progressive logic = why pay retail when you you can pay a 622% markup. It’s way past time for a good old fashion purge.

    • FNLED

       Is it logical to be tied to MultiNationals that have ZERO loyallty to this Country for   fuel and oil when the military can be independent of that whole rigged market?

      You appear neither  Logical  or Rational.

      • mikemc1970

        If the envirosocialists would quit making up lies about hydraulic fracturing we could provide all the necessary fuel ourselves.

        You appear to be another Hannitized sockpuppet.

  • Spartacus

    Ironically, Michelle’s favorite song happens to be Chicken Fat.However, Michelle feels the song doesn’t apply to her due to her having “well toned arms”

  • RCND

    “Regular fuel for the US Navy costs $3.60/gallon for the US Navy according to Reuters (that seems awfully low for aviation fuel, but maybe that’s a bulk rate).”

    That’s because the military also doesn’t pay fuel taxes

    • Bat One

      The fuel for both Navy vessels and fighter jets is essentially diesel oil.  Retail prices in the Atlanta area have been running between $3.60 and $3.80. Ag diesel, the same formulation with a different dye, is about $.45 less.

      • RCND

        It also helps that they don’t pay the taxes, which are a big part of why any petroleum product is high

  • billtb

    So why wouldn’t using Canadian oil sands be a mater of security? And hey why drill when you can pay cronies $26 a gallon.

  • Bat One

    When you think about it – you  liberals are excused – its telling that politically correct “green” fuel at $26 per gallon is never mentioned when the talk is of budget cuts at the Defense Department,  But reductions in the size of the country’s actual combat ready fighting force, the number and capability of combat aircraft, and the number of combat and support ships in the fleet, those non- politically correct categories of defense expenditures are all on the liberals’ chopping block.   Says a lot about the fvcked up and amateurish approach to national defense of the Obama regime and their little lemmings.

  • SigFan

    Okay, I’ll sell them chicken fat for $20.00/gallon.  It’ll save the country a bunch of money and I’ll be rich.  A little greasy – but rich.

  • Dude21

    Since when did anyone on the right give a sh$t about waste in military spending?

    • awfulorv

       The food our military bases throw away each day could,and would, feed all of our homeless.

  • Dude21
    • Rob

      Nobody is saying that’s ok.  I don’t think waste in military spending is ok.  In fact, I’ve been quite critical of Republicans for being overly sensitive about spending restraints on defense spending.

      • FNLED

         Good on Ya.
        Can you find out for us who prosecuted the most Medicare and Medicaid fraud and got the most money back for the Taxpayers in the history of the Country?


    • RCND

      Too much of that is what it is… waste. Some of the $17k for an oilpan spending however is how black program spending is kept on the down low.

  • awfulorv

    Speaking of yachts, John Kerry is, at this moment, embroiled in a huge kerflubble at the Sault Ste Marie locks in Northern Michigan. On their way to Two Harbors, Minnesota, to afford themselves of the least expensive docking fees in America, he, and the relish queen, are refusing to pay the lock fees at the facility.  Their yacht has been shunted aside, next to a scow filled with, quite gamey, three week old cod, and another containing two hundred lame Greyhounds destined for Chinese eateries in Duluth, as well as one thousand former Wisconsin state workers, bound for the oil fields of Dakota. Shouting into a microphone, and apparently emboldened by the Supreme Court’s decision on stolen valor last week, he was heard to say “This is one hell of a way to treat the only man ever awarded three Medal of Honor medals, while serving in Viet Nam”.

    • FNLED

      Won’t hold my breath.

  • Snarkie Sparkie

    622% above the norm?  That sounds better than most of the shit the military buys.  Defense contractors are the worst.  Duct tape is marked up 1000%