Union Hypocrite Michael Moore Urges Wisconsin Protesters To Keep Going

“Madison is only the beginning,” says Moore who was once boycotted by unions for not using union workers on one of his films (the one railing against capitalism, oddly enough).

I guess Moore likes unions as long as he doesn’t have to be on the hook for their ridiculous contracts.

(MADISON, Wis.) — Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore urged Wisconsin residents Saturday to fight Republican-backed efforts to strip most public workers of their collective bargaining rights, telling thousands of protesters that “Madison is only the beginning.”

The crowd roared in approval as Moore implored demonstrators to keep up their struggle against Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s legislation, comparing their fight to Egypt’s revolt. He also thanked the 14 state Democratic senators who fled Wisconsin to block a vote on the bill, saying they’ll go down in history books.

“We’re going to do this together. Don’t give up. Please don’t give up,” Moore told the protesters, who have held steady at the Capitol for nearly three weeks. Police have said a crowd of about 70,000 showed up on Feb. 19, and an even larger crowd rallied Feb. 26.

Moore said the wealthy have overreached, first taking the working class’ money and then taking their souls by shutting them up at the bargaining table. The crowd yelled “thank you” before Moore began to speak, and he responded: “All of America thanks you, Wisconsin.”

On a related note, anyone else tired of the unionists insulting the Egyptian protesters by comparing their plight to the tantrum being thrown by pampered union workers here in America? The Egyptians have been living under the cruel boot of tyranny.

The union workers are being asked to actually contribute a bit to the health and pension benefits.

Making that comparison is a bit like Moore comparing his latest diet to the struggles of starving Africans.

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  • Dakotacyr

    Why can’t you take yes for an answer? The unions have long agreed to the concessions.m no one is buying what Walker is selling. His numbers are tanking. 8 R senators are being recalled. Hundreds of thousands of dollarsnhave been raised for the recall.

    This is all about political payback and the public doesn’t like it at all. Every poll including Rasmussen shows it.

    No one believes that this is about the health care or pension, but about people being in a union, period. Once again, nice try!

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

      I’m sure the unions are absolutely dumping millions in political money in attacking Walker and trying to recall these Republicans, but why can’t you understand that Walker and his fellow Republicans campaigned on doing this and are now fulfilling those promises?

      The only poll that really matters is the one at the ballot box, and that’s the one that put Walker in charge.

      It’d be nice if you liberals had a little respect for the democratic process.

      • Jeff Scott

        Where are you from, Rob? Clearly not Wisconsin, or you would know that the issue of Collective Bargaining was not mentioned a single time by any Republican running for office in 2010. NOT ONCE. Look for it Rob, its not there. Walker came into transition asking that the legislature not pass the union contracts recently negotiated by the Doyle administration so that his administration would have the option of negotiating with the unions. Walker HID the fact that he was about to annihilate state workers negotiating rights altogether.

        • robert108

          You are in denial of the fact that, with the special privilege of collective bargaining, the greedy unions can just continue to loot the taxpayers, no matter what superficial “concessions” they may agree to right now. Walker campaigned on fiscal responsibility, and restoring equality to benefit and pension negotiations, along with breaking the circle of union campaign contributions to legislators who will write them a blank check in return.
          You can’t have fiscal responsibility with the status quo.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K3U2TXLTGRQETMCCGQS33XWAUM Jim

            Destroying our public education system will destroy this country! We are slipping into a third world status. Unions are watch over by the Dept of Labor and their reporting requirements are very strict!
            Corporations have no souls just the bottom line. NO CORPORATE TAX OHIO.

          • Bat One

            Its nice having the weekends off, isn’t it? Be sure not to miss the school bus in the morning.

        • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob
        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4RKUEHF3NG2Z32RT4B5A3Y7HUE Kenny

          Actually, you seem to be in denial. While he has expanded the scope of what he originally said he’d do, he did speak of all of this before being elected.


          While this site is pretty harsh on Walker, they do point out that he did make promises of this time, in much more limited scope, on the campaign trail.

          • Jeff Scott

            Thanks for sending the article, Kenny. I like PolitiFact and visit that site often. I had to chuckle at your post (someone else from this site sent this link to me also attempting to make the same point as you) because right below the heading “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he campaigned on his budget repair plan, including curtailing collective bargaining” is the little PolitiFact truth-o-meter and it says, wait for it…FALSE.

            PolitiFact, as is their usual MO, is exhaustive in their research, and, quote “nowhere in our search did we find any such detailed discussion of collective bargaining changes as sweeping as Walker proposed.”

            Fact is, it doesn’t matter one bit what he says he said, or you say he said. The budget repair bill was introduced on a Friday and scheduled for vote less than seven days later in an attempt to ram the bill through without debate.

            Why are you so intent on giving the shaft to your neighbors? Do you need to suck the life out of other peoples’ families in order to feel better about yourself? We are talking about the well-being of people who work just as hard as anyone in this great nation in order to take home lower middle class wages. These are not millionaires and they will never be millionaires. Hell, they won’t ever make it into the top 10% of income earners making over $100,000/yr even if you include benefits.

            Unplug the conduit feeding corporate pablum into your brain and talk to the people who plow your roads and patrol the streets. We’re all in this together.

      • Bat One

        There is nothing so un-democratic as a liberal Democrat.

      • Dakotacyr

        Rob, provide me one piece of evidence that Walker ran on getting rid of collective bargaining. I’ll be waiting, because he never said one word about it.

        • di_da_is_alpha

          Nobody is getting rid of collective bargaining. Many union employees are exempt from the bill and those effected by it will be able to collectively bargain their salaries See? ……

          /// “Under the proposal, most local and state employees would no longer be able to negotiate with their employers on such issues as benefits and work conditions. Bargaining on wages still would be allowed, but any increases would be capped based on the Consumer Price Index. Police officers, firefighters and state troopers would be exempt from the union changes;” ///


          The reason for ending collective bargaining for benefits is that it’s the benefit packages that are causing the financial crises in many states, and without the reforms, the unions will just wait until politicians sympathetic to them get elected and reinstate all the previous benefits.

          • http://randysroundtable.blogspot.com/ Randy G

            Truth won’t change their spin, a hack is hack.

          • Dakotacyr

            That is simply not true. Walker is getting rid of collective bargaining TOTALLY for higher education, childncare and healthcare workers.

            At least know what you talking about before you comment.

          • Bat One

            Once again, for the cognitively challenged – No documentation, no credibility!

          • Dakotacyr

            Read the bill.

          • di_da_is_alpha

            Once again, read this …………..

            /// “Under the proposal, most local and state employees would no longer be able to negotiate with their employers on such issues as benefits and work conditions. Bargaining on wages still would be allowed, but any increases would be capped based on the Consumer Price Index. Police officers, firefighters and state troopers would be exempt from the union changes;” ///

            The “higher education, childncare and healthcare workers” will still be allowed to collectively bargain for their wages, so when you say “Walker is getting rid of collective bargaining TOTALLY,” you are either ignorant, or a liar. Since I provided a link (which by the way, is a left wing source) which states that fact pretty clearly, I must assume that you’re a liar.

          • Dakotacyr

            From Wisconsin Senate Bill 5: “Under current law, University of Wisconsin (UW) System employees,
            employees of the UW Hospitals and Clinics Authority, and certain home care and
            child care providers have the right to collectively bargain over wages, hours, and
            conditions of employment. This bill eliminates the rights of these employees to
            collectively bargain.”

            So I guess you are lying!

          • di_da_is_alpha

            You’re an idiot. And that’s not a guess.

            Reread what I posted and think, if you’re capable of thinking, that is. SOME union members will lose SOME of their collective bargaining privileges. And it’s those privileges that have been used by fat-cat union bosses to bankrupt the states.

          • Dakotacyr

            I quoted directly the bill. You are lying. State employees and teachers will do barely have any bargaining rights but higher education and childcare and healthcare workers totally lose their bargaining rights,

            Go read the bill, it’s SB5 if you are capable of reading a legislative bill which I seriously doubt based on your postings.

          • robert108

            Collective bargaining is not a “right”, so you lie. It is a special privilege granted only to some union members, and unavailable to the vast majority of Americans. It’s time to level the playing field and break the circle of corruption between union campaign contributions and the Dem politicians who help them rob the taxpayers.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4RKUEHF3NG2Z32RT4B5A3Y7HUE Kenny

            I doubt that highly. There is no link, and the wording above does not sound like a law.

            Here is the actual law:


            Under current law, municipal employees have the right to collectively bargain
            over wages, hours, and conditions of employment under the Municipal Employment
            Relations Act (MERA), and state employees have the right to collectively bargain
            over wages, hours, and conditions of employment under the State Employment
            Labor Relations Act (SELRA). This bill changes MERA and SELRA with respect to
            all employees except employees who are certain protective occupation participants
            under the Wisconsin Retirement System or under a county or city retirement system
            (public safety employees). This bill limits the right to collectively bargain for all
            employees who are not public safety employees (general employees) to the subject of
            base wages. In addition, unless a referendum authorizes a greater increase, any
            general employee who is part of a collective bargaining unit is limited to bargaining
            over a percentage of total base wages increase that is no greater than the percentage
            change in the consumer price index. This bill also prohibits municipal employers
            from collectively bargaining with municipal general employees in matters that are
            not permitted under MERA.

            So, in other words, you DIDN’T directly quote from the bill. You just reposted a summary that you like and lied through your teeth to claim it was the bill.

            What a dishonest schmuck.

          • Dakotacyr

            What you quoted is correct. However, what I wrote is also correct and I am glad you posted the link, thank you.

            Now if you go to page 2 of the bill under the legislative analysis, please read the 4th paragraph. The bill does get rid of collective bargaining in its entirety for higher education, childcare and healthcare workers.

            Reading the bill is not either of your strong suits. You found the section that supported what you were saying and didn’t ‘t bother actually going any further.

            Try reading.

          • di_da_is_alpha

            So, you “quoted directly the bill”?

            And you say that “State employees and teachers will do barely have any bargaining rights”?

            And you question my skill at comprehending the written word? Like I said, you’re an idiot. And that’s a fact, jack(ass).

          • Dakotacyr

            Please reread page two of the bill under the legislative analysis, 4th paragraph.

            I guess you’re the ass now!

          • di_da_is_alpha
          • Dakotacyr

            Gee, dummy, Kenny posted the link to the bill and I thanked him. It is really easy to put your cursor on his link, click on it and voila the bill magically appears.

            Then use your your mouse and scroll down to the legislative analysis which is in the bill. On page 2, read slowly the 4th paragraph. Wow! It says collective bargaining rights are eliminated for higher education, childcare and healthcare employees.

            Truly dumb is all I can say about your comprehension skills.

          • di_da_is_alpha

            I wasn’t responding to Kenny now was I?

            Ok, so a few UW employees lost their collective bargaining privileges. Good. I wish they’d do away with all collective bargaining privileges for all the union bums. Too many pigs already at the trough. : )

          • Dakotacyr

            Ah… So I proved you wrong and that’s your best comeback? Really??? You are a liar and I proved you a liar.

            Time to move on to a topic you might want to know something about, doncha think, dida? I think I’ll use your words: “jackass, stupid jackass”. describes you perfectly!

          • di_da_is_alpha

            You marxist jackasses say that ALL public employees are losing ALL their collective bargaining RIGHTS. I missed one tiny little instance where a few employees at UW will lose (supposedly) all their collective bargaining privileges. If you call me a liar, you’re 10 times the liar, jackass. Many public employees aren’t going to be effected by this, and the ones that are will keep some of their collective bargaining privileges. And they are PRIVILEGES, not rights. So, suck it, jackass.

            And I can’t wait till all the public unions are GONE, and the private ones are cut down to size. Unions have a time and a purpose, but once they become entities in and of themselves, they become self serving and use the worker as a pawn. At that point they need to be destroyed. : )

        • robert108

          It’s part of fiscal responsibility to remove the special privilege from the govt employee unions, which interrupts the circle of corruption where union money elects politicians who will give them the special handouts.

          • Dakotacyr

            Only corporations are corrupt and will be allowed to continue their circle of corruption where corporate money elects politicians who will give them special handouts.

          • http://randysroundtable.blogspot.com/ Randy G

            Only corporations are corrupt? WTF is your real name special ED?

          • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

            Right. No corruption ever in the unions.

        • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob


          There it is. They talked about removing health care and pension issues from the collective bargaining process. Walker campaign officials were quoted directly about it.

          Ironically enough, in the very paper that now claims they didn’t campaign on it.

          • Dakotacyr

            He did not run on getting rid of collective bargaining. Period. He never issued a statement because you know what would have happened.

            He never said he was going to take away elective bargaining for higher education employees, or child care workers or healthcare workers. Never.

          • Bat One

            WTF is “elective bargaining”???

            Is that like selling a Senate seat to the highest bidder? Oops, my bad! That was Illinois Democrats, not Wisconsin Democrats.

      • Dakotacyr

        And how much money is the RGA, AFP throwing in?

  • Jeff Scott

    US and multinationals doing business in the US achieved ALL-TIME record high profits in the first quarter of 2011 including manufacturers based in Wisconsin. Yet, wages are stagnant eleven years running, unemployment has yet to rebound and banks are telling homeowners to take a flying leap regarding major losses in home values after committing major fraud (see Inside Job) and then getting bailed out with tax payer money. Bush gave millionaires and billionaires major tax refunds which were paid for by the Chinese in the guise of ‘this will allow companies to create more jobs’. WHERE’S THE JOBS? Republicans are driving this country off a cliff and Scott Walker has just put the pedal to the metal.

    • Bat One

      More witless, leftwing prattle. In case you’ve been living under a rock, George W. Bush hasn’t been President for over two years. Barack Obama is The One whose reckless spending has pumped up the national debt while creating virtually no private sector, wealth-creating jobs. Presumably you helped elect the sanctimonious, autocratic socialist with no record of any accomplishment, and now you’re looking for someone else to blame for his ineptitude and your own foolishness. I don’t think so.

      Here’s an idea though: get yourself a book on basic economics and read it. Carefully. I’d recommend Milton Friedman’s Free To Choose. Then at least you’ll know what you’re talking about.

  • Neiman

    I predicted this would turn out badly for the GOP. The Democrats would join hands, singing “we shall overcome” as they hold up placards declaring these GOP lawmakers against children, teachers, police officers, firemen and on and on with crocodile tears in their lying eyes. This playing victim is their game and they will get more and more people to join them, including Hollywood celebrities and Walker and the GOP will back down and the public unions will drown us all in paying their exorbitant salaries and obscene benefit packages and we will be worse off than when we started.

    The GOP is right, but dammit they do not know how to play this public relations game at all and the lying Democrats are experts at turning the truth upside down. I hope Walker will not faint, but he will!

    • Vlad Taltos

      It will turn out badly for the GOP because they are wrong. The unions have agreed to everything Walker originally proposed. However, he wants to be rid of collective bargaining.

      I think the police and firefighters should strike. Make it a Republican dream, the real wild west.

      • robert108

        The circle of corruption with unions donating to the campaigns of politicians who will give them handouts needs to be broken. Very few Americans have the privilege of collective bargaining, since this isn’t a collectivist country.

        • robert108

          That needs to be stopped as well. One crime does not justify another. owebama has increased crony capitalism in this country since his election. Everyone should be competing and negotiating on an equal basis, with no special privileges.
          BTW, most businesses have to contribute to politicians or get screwed; look what happened to Microsoft when Clinton went after them.
          It’s also true that corporations donate to both Parties, while unions donate only to the Democrat Party.
          Keep trying to distract; it’s entertaining.

          • Dakotacyr

            Liar, unions have given to republicans.

          • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

            The top ten unions in the country donate almost exclusively to Democrats. So it’s technically true that unions give to Republicans every once in a while, but come on. About 95% of union contributions go to Democrats.


            National Education Association. Membership: 3.2 million; assets: $216 million. The NEA, representing most of the nation’s teachers, has 31 headquarters officers and employees who earn more than $200,000 in pay and benefits. The president, Dennis Van Roekel, received $397,721 in salary and benefits. Of the $3.7 million NEA spent on political activities in the last election cycle, 98% went to Democratic candidates. The NEA has 98,000 members in Wisconsin.

            • Service Employees International Union. Membership: 1.8 million; assets: $187 million. The SEIU, whose membership has increased in recent years, has been organizing hospital, home care and nursing home workers, along with local and state government employees, janitors and security officers. The union has nine headquarters officers and employees who earn more than $200,000. The former president, Andy Stern, was paid $306,388 in salary and benefits from the union in 2009. Stern resigned in 2010 and was replaced by Mary Kay Henry, formerly the executive vice president. Over the past two years, SEIU gave almost $2 million to Democratic candidates and $8,500 to Republicans. It has 18,000 members in Wisconsin.

            • United Food & Commercial Workers. Membership: 1.3 million; assets: $157 million. The UFCW, whose members work in meatpacking, food processing and retail grocery stores, has 17 headquarters officers and employees who earn more than $200,000. The president, Joseph T. Hansen, received $360,737 in compensation in 2009. Of the $1.9 million the union donated to political candidates over the past two years, 99% of it went to Democrats.

            • International Brotherhood of Teamsters: Membership: 1.3 million; assets: $175 million. The Teamsters, whose origins date to the horse- and mule-team drivers of the late 1800s, represent truck drivers and a wide array of blue-collar and government workers. Eight headquarters officers and employees received more than $200,000 in 2009. The president, James P. Hoffa, was compensated $364,869. Over the past two years, the Teamsters have donated $2.3 million to Democratic candidates and $46,500 to Republicans.

            • American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees. Membership: 1.5 million; assets: $78 million. AFSCME, one of the fastest growing unions in the United States, was founded in Wisconsin almost 80 years ago. At union headquarters in Washington, 10 officers and employees receive more than $200,000 a year. McEntee was paid $479,328 in salary and benefits in 2009. Over the past two years, AFSCME has donated $2.3 million to Democratic candidates and $78,500 to Republicans.

            • Laborers’ International Union of North America. Membership: 633,000; assets: $134 million. The Laborers represent mostly construction workers in 500 locals in the U.S. The headquarters in Washington has 17 officers and employees who earn more than $200,000 a year, including 10 who earn more than $300,000. Terence O’Sullivan, union president since 2000, received $618,000 in salary and benefits in 2009. Of the $1.7 million donated to political candidates over the past two years, 95% went to Democrats.

            • American Federation of Teachers. Membership: 887,000; assets: $115 million. AFT is the smaller of the two teacher unions and also represents school support staff, higher education faculty and staff, health care professionals and state and municipal employees. At AFT’s headquarters in Washington, nine officers and employees earn more than $200,000 a year. Randi Weingarten, who was elected president in 2008, received $428,284 in salary and benefits. Of the $2.4 million donated to political candidates in the past two years, the union gave all but $10,000 to Democrats.

            • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Membership: 685,000; assets: $482 million. IBEW represents electricians, linemen and other public utility employees, along with some computer, telecommunications and broadcasting workers. Sixteen of the IBEW’s officers and employees in Washington earned more than $200,000 in 2009. Edwin D. Hill, the union president since 2001, received $375,767 in pay and benefits. Hill and other top officials received salary increases averaging at least 4% each in the past several years, even as membership declined by 5%.

            • International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. Membership: 613,000; assets: $147 million. IAM, which grew out of a secret meeting of 19 machinists in a Georgia rail yard in 1888, represents machinists and aerospace workers in more than 200 industries. At the union’s Maryland headquarters near Washington, 34 officers and employees earn over $200,000 in salary and benefits. Robert Buffenbarger, who became president in 1997, received $284,975. Over the past two years, the IAM donated $1.98 million to Democratic candidates and $34,000 to Republicans.

            • United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America. Membership: 538,000; assets: $1.2 billion. The UAW, founded in 1935 by automobile plant workers, currently represents workers at General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, along with workers in the aerospace and agriculture industries. None of the officers or employees at the UAW headquarters in Detroit earns more than $200,000 a year. Over the past two years, the UAW donated more than $1.6 million to political candidates, and all but $3,000 went to Democrats.

          • Dakotacyr

            Those candidates support workers on their issues. Sounds like houbara waging class warfare here Rob!

          • Dakotacyr

            Rob, that’s the national level, do you have the numbers for the state level? And to be clear, r198 said unions only give to Rs.

          • robert108

            You lie; I said they give only to Dems; it’s the circle of corruption made possible by the special privilege(not a right) of collective bargaining.

          • robert108

            95% to Dems. But keep on lying.

      • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

        Oh yeah. That’ll endear the unions to the taxpayers whi, you know, elected Walker to do exactly what he’s doing.

      • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

        The unions have agreed to everything Walker originally proposed. However, he wants to be rid of collective bargaining.

        He originally proposed ending collective bargaining. He campaigned on it, he won the election, and now he’s doing it.

        • Dakotacyr

          So far, no proof, Rob. You can continue ton post lies, but that is what you are doing is lying.

    • sbark

      The mistake Walker and Wisc GOP are making–is allowing this to drag on and on. The day the Flea-baggers left the state he should have issued the 24 hr warning.

      The decisions should have been made and over and done with 10 days ago. To even appear to negotiate with these socieltal parasites gives the allusion of weakness.

      The American taxpayor has been giving in and compromising with the Left wing for 80 years, the start of FDR Liberal World.

      and now……..every major problem we are facing can be traced to Liberalism’s 100% record of failure in anything they touch.

      • Neiman

        Well said – especially about allowing it to go on so long, giving the enemy – yes the enemy of economic health, time to form their street regiments and gather their loony friends to microphones. I cannot argue against that time factor, but that too is because the GOP does not know how to play the game very well, they want to be seen as fair and the Left sees that as weakness and they cry a river of tears that sadly the public have long permitted to influence them versus the facts.

        FDR was seen so long as the god of the Depression and WW-II, but we now see so clearly that the little emperor had no clothes, he was a socialist tried and true and we suffer today for his many follies.

        As to Vlad I say this, for too long we have allowed the unions to threaten the taxpayers and provide for government workers a better standard of living than their employers the taxpayers. They have annually increased the number government workers that were forced to belong to their unions and that because they bought and sold Democrat politicians like cheap suits that gave in to the unions for their votes, money and thuggery.

      • LastBestHope

        You can’t expect these “Great Society” children to accept the needed discipline to become adults overnight. Walker and the GOP are wisely using an “economic methadone” detox strategy to end this Dem inflicted culture of dependency.

        Of course there is resistance. Most of the addicts (union folk) have come to need their Big Government fix…. and all of the wealthy pushers (Moore, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Boxer et.al) hate the idea of losing their paying customers.

        Walker is showing US the way and might be just the man for a 2012 political renaissance.

        • sbark

          Depends on how true the stories of up to 4 GOP in the congress are about wavering and switching sides…

          If the Left can persuade them to flop…….he looses

          Already Unions are quickly extending deals w/ local school boards to extend their “deals”, and then you have hundreds of teachers taking early retirement to lock in the “deal” they presently have…..

          Quick decisive actions would’ve cut all that crap off at the knees.

  • sbark

    How can it even be called collective bargaining when the person negotiating wants the money to flow thru the union as much as the union does…………the true term is called money Laundering,

    I can see the Left trying to keep the Govt Public Unions in the same light as private unions—when in fact the Public Union suck the life out of private unions/ private business.

    Public Union Quote: What gives you the right to your own money? Or Michael Moore’s quote essentally of any accumulated wealth is a national resource….

    Can Communism be any more clearly pictured than Public Unions stance on taxpayors money?

  • mickey_moussaoui

    LOL at Randy G reply to Dakotacyr : “WTF is your real name, special ED?” …priceless.

    Dakotacyr unintentionally sums up what is wrong with our public school system and the public unions all in one.

    Any Pension fund that has $ 80 BILLION dollars doesn’t need another penny of my tax money! BTW, Dakotacyr, go back to the public school where you attended and ask for a refund. They cheated you.

    Michael Moore is right about one thing, this event has woken a sleeping giant. The only problen is he has the context wrong. The general public is sick and tired of this Democrat /Union bull shit.

    • Dakotacyr

      Obviously, you can’t read the polls. Look up a few. The public clearly supports the public employee unions and the teachers.

      • LastBestHope

        If the polls you mention actually reflected what the voters think about the leftie tantrum in Wisc, don’t you think Obama would be there right now soaking up sunshine from this “winner”? Fact is The One jumped in with a “union busting” comment at the very start, got some sage political advice from his handlers, and has basically STFU up ever since re: Madison.

        The voters in Wisconsin and all across America said what they meant to say last Nov. 2nd. But just as the Dems in the House reelected Pelosi as their leader (kinda like giving the Capt. of the Titanic a new contract eh?)…the self absorbed liberals are in deep denial about how their “message” is being received.

  • fredlave

    Since the Supreme Count ruled out banning corporate and, by extension, union political contributions, the only way to get a level playing field is to limit what public employee unions can bargain for. Union contributions to (mostly) Democratic candidates who, once elected, negotiate with those unions for wages and benefits has led to near bankruptcy in several states. The current union strategy is to force those states to close their budgetary shortfalls by raising taxes. Any effect that would have on businesses and jobs is meaningless to public sector unions since their pay and benefits are secure (as long as the Dems can raise taxes).

  • mickey_moussaoui


    The pols are slanted. (NYT pol, lol oh sure) It’s already been debunked. They deliberately selected families with a union member and rejected the opinions of those without. How you set the margins determines the output of the data. Never mind, I can wait for the results…I’m not worrried

    I’ll stick with Walker and the MAJORITY that elected him. Your pink slip is in the mail

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    Rob, try reading a book instead of eating more Twinkies! The unions have already agreed to cuts in salary and benefits.