TSA Gropes Donald Rumsfeld

Apparently, not even the former Secretary of Defense is safe from the rubber-gloved hands of the TSA:

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  • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

    I can see where specially endowed dudes might not mind being groped as a sort of male-dominance power-trip.

    • SigFan

      Imagine their surprised look when a John Holmes sized gent gets the junk grab.  Too funny.

      • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

        There is a Long Dong Silver story I found particularly amusing.  Long Dong got a motel night clerk into his bed.  She started fooling around and suddenly exclaimed, “What is that you have in your shorts!!!”  Long Dong explained.  The girl ran shrieking from the room.

        • SigFan

          I suspect that most women not in the industry would react similarly.

  • Neiman

    I see absolutely no humor in this violation of our Constitutional rights or the apathy of Americans that submit to these unlawful, warrantless searches without probable cause. I am also appalled that the TSA is allowed so little use of common sense as to molest a child, a 90+ year old woman in a wheelchair or grope a well known Secretary of Defense and irritated that twit Rumsfeld is smiling.

    Of course, I have always disliked people that smile all the time, I think it is positive proof of idiocy.

  • sanity

    Well, while the title of the post makes it seem he doesn’t enjoy it – it does seem as if he has a smile on his face as he goes through the pat down?

    Too bad they didn’t have the TSA around at the entrance when Sandy Berger stole documents stuffed down his pants…..least then TSA would be useful….but they probably would have missed that too, just like a stun gun that got missed as well…….maybe they need to higher the cleaning crew that found the stun gun that the TSA didn’t….


    • Bat One

      TSA gropers would have missed the documents Berger stole, the same as they missed that stun gun that was found on a Jet Blue plane two days ago.

  • awfulorv

    What the hell is Rumsfeld doing in that line, I thought Halliburton provided free jets to everyone of the Republican power brokers, forever?  You can bet your sweet Patooi that crazy bitch Pelosi would never stand in that line.

    • Guest

      Oh look, the racist douchebag is back.  Keep it up homie — a little more commenting from you and the public will be able to see right into the dark, evil earts of the young generation of con dbags.

      • Guest


  • awfulorv

    Meanwhile, at the Palos Verde Nuclear plant down here in Arizona, a pesky illegal immigrant has been working inside the plant for some time now.  Seems they find out he’s illegal, deport him, he comes back, they hire him back, they discover him again, send him back, he comes back, and get’s his job back.   What was all that crap about “holding these people hostage” again? All the while the TSA bullies are playing with six year old girls private parts. And our vaunted FBI is investigating English reporters.

    • Guest

      Did you get that bullshit story off stormfront, racist douche clown?