Top Obama Intelligence Official Wasn’t Aware Of London Terror Plot

The news of a thwarted terror attack in London, that was possibly aimed at the United States, broke going on two days ago. When the news was roughly a day old, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was asked about the arrests in London…and he didn’t know about them.


From ABC News:

“First of all, London,” Sawyer said. “How serious is it? Any implication that it was coming here? … Director [of National Intelligence] Clapper?”

“London?” James Clapper said, before Brennan entered the conversation explaining the arrests.

Later in the interview, Sawyer returned to the subject.

“I was a little surprised you didn’t know about London,” Sawyer told Clapper.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t,” he replied.

Well, that should inspire a warm, safe feeling for Americans heading into the holidays.

If this guy isn’t even reading the publicly-available news about terror plots, is he paying attention to all the intelligence he has access to as part of his job?

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  • Goon

    When the he should be relieved of his position.

  • Robnpat

    this guy is exactly why every law abiding american citizen should have the right to bear arms if they cannot protect us the respnsibility is up to us obviously

  • Mountainmouth

    Big surprise – yet another glittering jewel of colossal ignorance and incompetence. If he is a tax cheat maybe he can get promoted (or Pardoned if necessary)by Barry O

  • flamemeister

    Not really his fault. If only they had used the expression “man-caused disaster” he would have been right on top of it. Terrorism? What the hell is that?

  • jimmypop

    i was probably on that one day off that gal talked about.,,,,,,

  • SigFan

    Well he was probably too busy hunting down right-wing radical Tea Party types. You know how violent they are. Or maybe net-surfing the porn sites before the FCC turns them off. /sarc

    Incompetent is not a strong enough word to describe these dweebs. If I said what I was actually thinking I would have to wash my own mouth out with soap.

  • Greg Meboe

    Having worked in a big company, it does not alarm me that the chief would not be immediately aware of such news. The head has a different role: to build and maintain an efficient organization.
    I get what ABC is implying, and it’s childish.
    Plus, that video sucked. It was chopped up and mixed like a salad. The heavy-editing technique that was so effective in the early Palin interviews is insulting to all.

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    Pathetic…this guy should be fired.