The Price Of An Obama Diplomatic Appointment Is About $550,000 In Campaign Contributions

US President Barack Obama smiles during

This from the self-described most transparent and ethical administration in history:

The researchers compared available information on donors’ direct political contributions and “bundling” — money raised on behalf of Mr. Obama by supporters — with data on the national income of host countries, their relative level of safety, and the robustness of their tourist industries.

Not surprisingly, the authors found that politically connected ambassadors, including former aides as well as donors, were statistically more likely to be posted to countries in the Caribbean, North America and Central America. But those whose political connections to Mr. Obama were measured in dollars, rather than administration service, had an increased chance of representing the United States in Western Europe, and a markedly smaller chance of serving in, say, Central Asia or sub-Saharan Africa. The study found that political ambassadors who had made campaign donations of $550,000, or bundled contributions of $750,000, had a 90 percent chance of being posted to a country in Western Europe. . . .

When isolating a country’s wealth over other factors, Luxembourg came in at the top of the chart, with a posting there valued at $3.1 million in direct contributions, while an appointment to Portugal was predicted to have a value of $602,686 in personal contributions. The model suggests that bundlers can get the same posts for less: Portugal was valued at about $341,160 in bundled contributions, Luxembourg at $1.8 million.

When factoring in a country’s tourist trade, however, France and Monaco top the list, with the level of personal contributions at $6.2 million and bundled contributions at $4.4 million. . . .

And what price is the Court of St. James’s — diplomatic-speak for Britain, the nation’s most prestigious post? “The price for the Court of St. James’s,” the authors find, “appears to lie between $650,000 and $2.3 million.”

“Nice work if you can buy it,” quips Jillian Kay Melchior.

Indeed, though it should be pointed out that while Obama seems to have perfected the art, the practice of appointing friends and political supporters to cushy government posts is hardly a new phenomena.

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  • Roy_Bean

    Does $550,000 cover not getting left to die in a terrorist attack or does that cost extra?

  • realitybasedbob

    the practice of appointing friends and political supporters to cushy government posts is hardly a new phenomena.

    _____made more than 100 such end-of-term appointments to a constellation of presidential boards and panels, such as the President’s Council on
    Physical Fitness and Sports and the U.S.-Russia Polar Bear Commission.
    Like other presidents, he often turned to close aides and top political
    supporters to fill the last-minute postings, many of which will outlast
    President _____’s current term.

    Nearly half of _____’s appointments after Election Day were filled by
    donors who gave a total of nearly $1.9 million to ________ since
    according to an analysis of the postings. At least 20 of the
    positions were filled by former _____ aides, plus others filled by old
    hands from the administrations of ___ ____, _____ _____and
    _____ __.__. _____.

    • two_amber_lamps

      see above

    • two_amber_lamps

      Tu Quoque again InsanityBasedBobby’sWorld? Is that the defense you present?

      The BDS is strong in this one… so why is Bamster making such grandiose claims when he intended to follow the status quo?

  • borborygmi
    • realitybasedbob

      Isn’t it wonderful how nutters feign outrage when they think they can gain political points, meanwhile, neglecting their party’s recent past?

      Bush bypasses Senate to appoint ‘Swift Boat’ donor

      WASHINGTON — When the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was poised to reject a controversial Republican fundraiser as ambassador to Belgium last week, the White House quietly withdrew the nomination.

      Withdrawn, but not for long. President Bush on Wednesday bypassed the Senate and used a recess appointment to name St. Louis businessman Sam Fox, 77, to the diplomatic post.

      Fox’s nomination had drawn fire because he donated $50,000 to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

      • Onslaught1066

        Speaking of the recent past, will you link us to the film/video that your lord Dumb-O will be blaming for the attack on our embassy in Turkey.

        • slackwarerobert

          No, this one will be blamed on the super bowl blackout. Can’t have little things like it happened first get in the way of the truth.

      • $16179444

        and yet when Bush did it, you slammed him….but your boy does it, he gets a pass.

      • Wayne

        Look in a mirror and repeat. You hypocritical lefties with your blatant double standards are truly sick. Everyone remembers your BDS and recognizes how you give a pass to Obama on everything you accused Bush of doing. Your credibility is zero.

        • borborygmi

          and I would say vice versa. Looks like each side is equally guilty or Ambassadorships have been used as pay back since the inception of gov’t . A reality you might at as well accept and live with.

      • slackwarerobert

        When did bush claim his administration would be open, transparent and the most ethical one in our history?

  • $8194357
    • LastBestHope

      Just finished reading the Si-Fi classic, “The Machine Stops”…a story for urban US.

      Rated TP (Thought Provoking)

  • ellinas1

    Mr, Port. Can you point to a similar post of yours criticizing Bush when he was president?

  • slackwarerobert

    And that is why I am happy when they get killed for a change instead of the poor suckers. Always preferable that the morons who make the bad choices die first.