The Most Depressing Republican Primary/Caucus Season Ever?

Some of you SAB readers may have noticed that I haven’t been spending a lot of time writing about Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and the rest of the contestants in the GOP reality television show nomination race. I chime in now and then, but for the most part I’m having a hard time caring.

This last week, for instance, was one in which President Obama officially asked Congress for a $1.2 trillion hike in the nation’s debt ceiling. This was the second stage of the debt deal negotiated by Republicans in Congress last year, and will sail through Congress with no problems because under the terms of that deal Congress must pass legislation in order to stop it.

It’s all but a given that the debt ceiling will be increased, yet the moment was marked with nary a mention from the GOP candidates who were all too busy griping about Mitt Romney’s time spent being a capitalist as CEO of Bain Capital, a line of criticism that no less a liberal than AFL-CIO union boss Richard Trumka found appealing.

The question I find myself pondering at this stage in the game is whether or not one of these candidates can rise from the ashes of this dismal contest of losers with enough fuel left in the tank to deny Obama a second term. It’s hard to imagine it, at this point, though Obama will have his own problems with the economy, Obamacare and three years of failed policy.

The question among conservatives is whether they should hold their collective noses and vote for Romney the Inevitable or stay at home and guarantee the nation four more years of Obama, complete with liberal triumphalism at what they’ll characterize as a redemption of his policies, as well as a mandate for more of the same. That’s not something I can stomach, and I’ll likely end up voting for Romney (or whichever one of the not-Romneys edge him out) as a vote against Obama.

But there’s a lesson here for conservatives. Romney started campaigning for this office shortly after leaving the Governor’s office in Massachusetts in 2006, and he’s not really stopped since. Just like Ron Paul, who made a relatively strong showing on the margins of the 2008 GOP nomination race and has been one of the central candidates in this cycle’s competition.

Paul would be taking Romney to the cleaners, I think, were it not for his big digression from the conservative base on foreign policy issues (among other types of baggage), but that’s territory that has already been well-trod.

Conservatives can’t just tune in to national politics every four years and expect to have an impact. In this modern era of political campaigns conservatives are going to have to play the game like Romney and Paul have. Which is going to be hard to do because conservatives, by nature, aren’t joiners. They aren’t campaigners. As someone with a fair amount of experience with trying to get conservatives to all march in the same direction I can tell you it’s like herding cats.

But until conservatives can learn to play the long game like Romney, and to a lesser extent Paul, has they’re going to lose.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • two_amber_lamps

    Hey look at me!  I’m Mitt Romney and my favorite color is….  bisque.

  • Pfeh

    Romney – the guy who couldn’t beat the guy who lost to Obama by a landslide.  He’s a great choice!  No, wait …

  • Roy_Bean

    I’m hoping for a deadlocked convention followed by a movement to draft Condoleezza Rice.

  • sbark

    Dont know what the problem is here…..we elected his clones in N.Dak in 2010

    we were gonna hold “their feet to the fire also”…….

    Oh well,  at least the GOP candidate will be vetted…….in contrast to this enigma wrapped in a mystery  we call Obama….

  • Flamejob5

    Just as with many of our Framers (along with several of our former conservative Presidents), sooner or later we’ll all find out Paul, like conservative Russel Kirk, was right about foreign policy. Except it will be too late by then. The fascist/socialist warfare/welfare state are bankrupting this nation – similar to what happened to the Soviet Union in 1992. Both parties are extremely corrupt in their bi-partisan agreement concerning our Corporatist monetary system used to protect non-capitalist “too big to fail” entities – entities which are being protected through our sons & daughters dying or being maimed in the military along with the middle-class being wiped-out subsidizing this so-called “conservative” foreign policy sold & masked as noble humanitarian efforts to the public.

    Concerning monetary policy & spending, it really doesn’t matter if it’s Romney or Obama in the oval office. I’m certain nothing is going to change regarding our military-backed Petrodollar – other than perhaps even further poverty and erosion of domestic civil liberties.

    What If They’re Lying To You?

  • borborygmi

    Obama will be defeated in spite of the competition.   When conservatives realize that the independents are the real power,  and the independents are centrist abhorring the fringe on the left and the right, and when conservatives realize the base, what ever that is, will alway be there so they don’t have pander but instead they should be puckering up to kiss the independents arse ( usually that means compromise) then perhaps they will matter.

    • sbark

      ….so  its really these “independents” along with the Liberals that are to blame for the economic morass we are in….

      Conservatives are what they are,  Liberals are what they are………but it these moderates that much more often than not get caught up in the emotional cowpie called Liberalism whenever they are shown a polar bear on a peice of ice,  a hungry child (with an ipad) in a lunch line,  a couple supposedly without healthcare who happen to make 80k/yr……ie they fall for all the Lies thrown out by the radical Left to furthers their ideology.

      …..these moderates go for 3 yrs and 300 days without thinking, and then weild the power to swing an election based on emotions or TV looks or some oratory power , a Frank Luntz group poll.

      Liberalism is the easiest thing a person can be…it requires no thinking,   being a moderate is the next, it asks a person to think for about 5 minutes in a poll booth….

      • borborygmi

        like it or not  you need the independents.  They pundits and candidates all talk about electability.  IF most of the country is Conservative why the talk about electability.  THey either have to lie to the base ( which is what) to get the nomination ,they try to out conservative each other to get the nomination or they have to lie to  the Independents to get their vote.  Someones being lied to. 
          Conservatives have to convince the voters that theirs is the only and true way, no compromise and if they don’t it is nothing more then an exercise in oratorical whining.  The trouble they face is the Conservatives bring along the wingnut asshat baggage painting themselves as nutters.  Example are found all over this board.   Good luck with 2/9 or 2 amber as your poster children

        • sbark

          I be proud to have those 2 good fellows in my foxhole anytime……vrs having to even think about depending on any Liberal I’ve met in a tight situation

    • C. Y.

      Romney will never defeat Obamao.

      Watch this “tip of the iceberg” video:

      • Roy_Bean

        Well, that makes Romney Care, gun control and now this.  He’s off my list. 

  • Gulrud

    ” the independents are centrist abhorring the fringe on the left and the right”

    Those who discriminate not between their azz and their elbow,  who mistake ‘rumblies in the tumbly’ for flatulence,  who paint the living room taupe because they’re told everyone who is anyone is doing so, …,  who file into box cars for a trip to be deloused with LP.

    Yeah, they’re real important to ‘winning’.

    • borborygmi

      Electibility Gul, Electibility.    There shouldn’t even be a question of electibility if the nation was as conservative as “the base” make it out to be.    The most conservative candidates are out. Why?   The voters don’t seem to be buying the unicorn farts and fairy dust the conservatives are trying to sell.

  • LastBestHope

    For those of US who understand the vital goal of having Obama removed from power, this GOP race is going very well. Our candidate (the one who we want to beat The One) seems likely to have the nomination locked up after Florida. That means the time to get over hurt feelings will be sufficent and the need for unity in the face of Obama’s 1 BILLION $ reelection war chest will be apparent to even the most “conservative” (whoever they are)

    Obama is the issue. If you don’t believe that, you’ve missed the last 3+ years and seemingly don’t care if the Democrats get another 4 years to destroy US.

    Vote GOP in 2012.

    • Dakotacyr

      That means give up your principles, and don’t vote conservative.  Let’s not stand on principle.

      • LastBestHope

        No…it means giving Obama 4 more years is not an option….unless you approve of the “Occupier-in-Chief”

      • mickey_moussaoui

        My #1 principle is to get Obama out.

  • ellinas1

    It is obvious that, Mr Port and his right wing lemmings, have not realized after two election cycles and an upcoming election, that their brand of conservatism is not mainstream but rather a bizarre collection of right wing conspiracy theorists, scaredy cat war mongers, religious nuts, the occasional mainstream conservative with brains, some undercover racists, and an assortment of right wing nuts.
    Time to circlejerk around Romney, or whoever the eventual nominee is.

    Last presidential election your claim was that the MSM foisted McCain upon you even though your favorite candidate Freddie Dalton Thompson, went down in flames.
    What will you say this time? Who are you going to blame?

    • Neiman

      It is false to suggest that the country does not lean conservative, it does by every reasonable measure, albeit time to time being fooled by some Democrat wearing conservative clothes.

      No, the problem here is what I have been complaining about for a long, long time: The GOP has failed to develop communication skills and political skills, to offer a clear, concise message and to be proactive. Like this silliness of giving Obama more power to restructure government, merging agencies to cut costs and be more efficient. He put them in a box, to say no is to appear to reject the costs savings and limited government that they have always promoted and Obama made it his message, making the GOP look foolish. They should have offered their own program first or if not, to at least be ready for this possibility and have a counter-attack ready to launch, rather than having no response at all. (a) His proposal will save very little money and reduce government workers by very small numbers, being ineffectual while looking conservative on the surface. (b) For Congress to have oversight and disagree with changes he makes unilaterally, they have to get past his veto of such opposition legislation and so he is a virtual dictator. (c) It ignores or successfully hides the budget breaking elephant in the room, being Medicare and Social Security. So he looks like he is cutting the budget, reducing federal employees and reducing the size of government while doing absolutely nothing in any of these things, he gets to ignore the Entitlements Programs and he puts the GOP on the defensive, looking flat footed and feckless.

      The country is conservative and does want what the GOP wants, limited government, reducing the budget deficit, the national debt and reigning in entitlements; but, they will get suckered again by Left Wing, Obamanite smoke and mirrors and for this I blame the GOP for allowing him to get away with it.

      • ellinas1

        How do you repackage and sell this message?

        wrote, in response to ellinas1:

        “screw madoff and his victims..that is the market
        doing what it does…..separathe stupid from their money.”

        The above is not what America believes.

        • Neiman

          I know you are stupid, we all know that to be the truth; but, please tell me that you are so incredibly stupid that you believe that when a particular person here or there might say contrary to the expressed political views of their party, defines that party or movement. If so, I will show you some incredibly extreme, antiAmerica views of those say they are liberals like “God damn America,” Rev, Wright, Obama’s pastor or his Weather Underground pal that advocates the violent overthrow of the United States.

          Is that your Standard Comrade?

          • realitybasedbob

            Neiman 35 minutes ago in reply to robert108

            I am not interested in smacking anyone down, only engaging in civil, rational debates for my own better understanding and perhaps on occasion benefit someone else. I would rather encourage others in the right direction, not smack anyone down.

          • ellinas1

            When sbark wrote that, not one of you cons said anything, and or opposed him saying: “”screw madoff and his victims..that is the market doing what it does…..separathe stupid from their money.”
            Having no one stand in opposition to what this extremist is saying leads one to believe that y’all believe the same.
            Another reason to believe that that is what the republican party believes, is the fact that influential establishment republicans, TEA partiers and assorted nuts have been parading on FOX and are defending the above principle.

          • Neiman

            These are lies! There is not a word of truth in your reply. It is all anger and hate.

          • ellinas1

            Lies? Is that right?


            I guess you missed all the FOX news anchors, commentators and guests speaking in defense  of vulture capitalism, and the freedom of the market to do what the market does best, without any rules hampering the activities of the markets and the activities of the profit takers.

          • Neiman

            I do not agree with sbark, but I think though badly expressed, he was saying he is far more worried about Obama than a Madoff.

            The rest, absent quotes remain lies.

          • ellinas1

            ” that is the market doing what it does…..separate the stupid from their money.”

          • realitybasedbob

            Isn’t that what Neiman’s Christ would do?

          • ellinas1

            Yep. He separates the “stupid” from their money.
            To wit: Pat Robertson, Billy Graham and his son, Jim Baker, Joyce Meyer, Juanita Buynum, Benny Hinn, Eddie Long, Harold Camping and all the rest of the fallen brothers and sisters, that are not lost but are saved no matter what they do.

          • realitybasedbob

            Grifters, all.

          • Neiman

            Why must you lie, is that Christian? You are not a Christian I know, but surely you know that your lies are not of His Spirit.

            My Jesus is the Jesus of the Bible, wherein I have relied only on his words and any other Jesus is a liar and a deceiver.

            As to those names  mentioned, I actually have never supported any of them, for differing reasons; but, if they made a sincere confession of Christ as their only Savior and Lord, something you refuse to do, and by their ministries souls have been brought to Christ, their faults and even sins not withstanding, I trust that if their confession was genuine,  His blood is sufficient for them and while they may lose most rewards in Heaven, they cannot lose their Salvation.

            On the other hand, as you refuse to confess Christ and by your words and actions oppose His Word, actually leading souls to damnation, I fear I cannot be thus generous to you.

            By the way, I find it fascinating that Gay Bob who has confessed he is not a Christian, being outside of Christ and a child of hell by definition, loves to use God’s Word falsely and pretends, even being an enemy of Christ that, he knows who the real Jesus is, don’t you find that the least bit false?

          • ellinas1

            Forgive me for not recording “FOX and Friends”, Hannity, O’Reilly, and the plethora of morning, afternoon, evening and night shows on FOX, for you.
            How irresponsible of me. I should have known that you would want links and quotes.

          • Neiman

            Grow up!

            I don’t care about links, just as close as possible what was said by whom.

          • ellinas1

            I don’t know their names.They were defending Mitt Romney and vulture capitalism.
            One of them if I remember correctly was a bloody bloke called Stuart Varney.

          • Neiman

            I have sbark’s words and I do not agree with him, although I think it may have been, looking at his full comments, just poorly expressed.

            As to the others, especially Varney, I have  never heard anything like that from them.

            There is a definite possibility Ellinas that, considering your bias against FOX and the GOP you heard what you wanted to hear, as you interpreted their words, but not necessarily what they actually said or meant.

          • ellinas1

             Dearest Neiman. I know what I heard on FOX.
            And I know what sbark said and meant because I questioned him and he confirmed.
            Also on the same thread others agreed with him.

          • Neiman

            If you are telling the truth and your perceptions are accurate, then it is not conservative thought and while the person can still be a conservative, in one or more areas they are not in harmony with  low  taxes, limited government, states rights conservatism, and in my conservative thought it should include family,moral values.

      • realitybasedbob

        Old Pal, it is false to suggest our country leans con.
        Some might say, you lie.

      • borborygmi

        Not as far right as you think. 

        • Neiman

          What part of the word “lean” did you not understand?

          The polls all seem to suggest, as they have for decades, a right “leaning”, fairly conservative country, but with blue dog Democrats, moderate Democrats and RINO’s, there is a mushy nature to the middle. Mostly “tilting” towards the conservative side, but they can be swayed when conservatives “appear” too extreme because of their poor communication and political skills.

          Strangely, I think Mitt’s conservative talk and less extreme conservative record will win that mushy middle this time around.

          • borborygmi

            Well no crap.   Unless there is a dramatic improvement of the economy Obama can’t win.

  • realitybasedbob

    If by depressing you mean: your extreme right wing take no prisoners, don’t retreat – reload, only our interpretation of what we think our founding fathers meant is right and everyone else is not only wrong but they’re not real Americans, screw the poor, corporations are people and people without jobs because their employer sent their jobs to China are lazy moochers, view of politics is not catching fire with the public, then yes, this could be very depressing for you.

    • ellinas1

      So far the extreme right has been repudiated.
      Evidence of that, is the so far rejection of “conservatives” like Michelle “God told me to run” Bachman, Rick “the undertaker” Perry, and from all appearances Rick “the religious nut” Santorum.

      • realitybasedbob

        Amen, brother, amen.

        • ellinas1

           This is the truth that hurts their (nutters) feelings, which they refuse to admit. What ‘em keep blaming others for their rejection.

      • Neiman

        So, you a pretended Christian think that Santorum is a religious nut? For what, be specific and let us test it by the Bible? Being against abortion, homosexual marriage or contraception? If the in the Scriptures God is against these things, why would Rick be a religious nut for agreeing with God?

        What is wrong with Bachman saying she felt God told her to run? Did she say  He promised her that she would win? No! God can encourage His children (you don’t qualify) to do many things for their spiritual education and growth, without His desire they achieve the goal they have in their own minds, but the one He has designed for their lives. So, why do you condemn her for believing God wanted her to run, what is wrong with that?

        As an example, all you Leftists, Libertarians and Atheists made fun of Tebow for honoring God, by publicly thanking Him for the talents and strength God gave him to compete and for each time he excels at his sport. I know you hate Christians, like all liberals, but Tebow never said God promised he or the Broncos would win or God would keep him from failing, but that He would be with Tebow whether he won or lost, that God would honor Tebow for honoring Him, something you would never do, as your hatred of Christ is so advanced.

        What is the extreme right in your leftist, socialist, antichrist mind? Be specific.

        Note: Please tell you sister Gay Bob that God is not mocked, Gay Bob confessed he is not a Christian and then for him to use the word “amen” in a religious sense, Gay Bob being outside of Christ and salvation, is blasphemous.

        • realitybasedbob

          Still haven’t found enough manhood left in you to address me directly, Old Pal?

        • Rick Olson

          Amen, Neiman!! Couldn’t have said it better, myself.

          (From a fellow Born-Again Christian).

          • Neiman

            I notice Ellinas has no reply.

          • ellinas1

             Ellinas replied to you after he took care of some business.

        • ellinas1

          a) Santorum is a religious nut, not because of what you enumerated, but because he holds extreme views on religious grounds.

          b) What’s wrong with me saying that God didn’t tell Bachman to run for president?  She say’s He did, I say He didn’t. At the end it’s a case of she said, he said. The Almighty Judge will render His judgement on this, and I am confident He will rule in my favor.

          c) I have never spoken of Tebow one way or another.
              I don’t care about who he is and what he does.

          d) The extreme right wing holds views like this: “”screw madoff and his victims..that is the market doing what it does…..separathe stupid from their money.”
          The above is one of the many things that are wrong with the extreme right wing.

          Note: I am telling you, that we reject you and your Christianity, the same way you reject us and our Christianity. You are not the arbiter of what is Christian and what is not.
          We pray that God will sort it out at the end.

          • Neiman

            No, I am not the arbiter or your judge, God is; and His Word  testifies against you and if you are wrong, it means the difference between Heaven and hell for you. He is not playing umpire with each of us getting points, it is black and white, either you are Born Again and part of the Body of Christ or it is hell.

            You refuse to confess Jesus as your only Savior and Lord, that alone puts you in the lost column as He said, not me, but Jesus said:

            “Everyone therefore who shall confess Me before men (all men), I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever shall deny Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 10:32,33).

            Discipleship is not a secret to be kept. Belief in, loyalty and absolute submission to Jesus as Lord implies using our lives as dynamic confessions of our faith in Him. Jesus simply and bluntly said that the consequences of denying Him will be that He will deny us. He will not lie to the Father on our behalf. He will deny that we are His disciples on the day of judgment if, in deed, we are not, even though we may have pretended to be when it had been convenient to do so.

            Santorum holds extremist views? Yet you refuse to name them, because the chances are that Holy Scripture testifies against you and in support of him. You have testified against his faith, prove it by scripture if He is wrong.

            You cannot prove Bachman did not, in the still small voice in her heart, hear from God, but you have judged her as being a religious nut for daring to say she did, same with Cain. You are daring to say God did not speak to them, while you are by words and actions outside the faith entirely.

            1. You refuse to confess Jesus as your only Savior and Lord.
            2. You vote for and support a political party that murders innocent children in the womb, making you a conscious accessory to every one of those over 50 million murders.
            3. Despite God condemning homosexuality as a sin, you insist it is innate, thus calling God a liar and opposing His Word.
            4. You embrace non-Christians as brothers and treat Christians as your enemies.

            All of this and more convicts you and I point it out only to warn you of impending Judgment and if you do not repent and accept Jesus as your Savior and absolute Lord of your life you are lost.

          • ellinas1

            You forgot that Santorum lost his last run for the senate because he was made mincemeat for his views?

            You cannot prove that God told Bachman a damn thing. But you have judged her a worthy Christian because she said she did. You are daring to say God spoke to them, all the while there is absolutely no evidence to support such claim.

            You fail to understand that during the times that the Bible covers, people did not have an understanding of  the human condition the way we do today.
            The writers of the scriptures did not understand mental illness, did not understand how hormones work etc. etc.

          • Neiman

            If Santorum lost an election for his Christian views, if those expressed views are based on the Bible and I have yet to hear any that are not, then it is the world, a world that God has already judged, rejecting Jesus in Him, as they may do again in this election. Notice that evangelical Christians, having the Spirit of Christ, seem to see a fellow Christian in him, while those outside of Christ are less favorable. Doesn’t that tell you anything at all?

             As we get closer to Christ’s return, hatred for Christ and Christians is only growing more virulent and your Democrat Party is leading the way, as they are thoroughly antichrist. No, I did not say the GOP is the party of God, just not as demonstrably hateful of Him as your party.

            Very good, you tried to turn it around on me, you failed, but that is what liberals do. You are the one attacking Bachman for some horrible crime of saying God told her to run; and I simply said, you cannot prove that He did not speak by that still small voice in her heart to encourage her on that path. Notice, I never said one way or the other that she is a worthy Christian, that is a false charge. Absent such proof that He did not, aren’t you falsely judging her, condemning her for daring to say she turned the decision over to the Lord, submitting to His Lordship and saying she felt God spoke to her in encouraging her to run. You made that a major flaw in her character, not her political issues or record, but that she dared to believe God encouraged her to run. Absent clear evidence that she is not a Christian, why would that upset you?

            Your said that, “You fail to understand that during the times that the Bible covers,
            people did not have an understanding of  the human condition the way we
            do today. The writers of the scriptures did not understand mental illness, did not understand how hormones work etc. etc.”

            By this you not only prove absolutely that you are no Christian, you are in matter of absolute fact an atheist. Yes, I said an atheist!

            > II Timothy 3:16: “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,” Paul who wrote this epistle was obviously referring to the entirety of
            the Old Testament as being inspired.  The word “inspired” is literally
            “God-breathed.”  This is an interesting phrase, since it implies that
            the Scriptures are from the mouth of God.  Likewise, Peter says in 2 Pet. 1:21, “for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.”
            Notice that Peter is stating that prophecy is not the product of human
            will.  Instead, prophecy occurs by those moved by the Holy Spirit.

            > Would God go to the trouble of inspiring His Will and Way to be committed to writing and not make sure that as to the original documents it was transcribed and copied by the guidance of the same Holy Spirit? Is He an absentee Father, a neglectful God that would leave us in confusion? What kind of God do you believe  in?

            > So while men might have been limited in knowledge, was God? If He was/is, by definition then He cannot be God at all. Psalm 147:4,5 “He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.
            Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite.”
              He creates all things and yet according to you He knows not about the hormonal condition of the humans He created?

            > Oh, I know He was unable to control His Scribes and Prophets, nor those responsible for copying the original texts, right? Well that throws the idea of Him being omnipotent in the johnny crapper, and thus He could create all things but these humans were too powerful for Him. Does that sound like an Almighty God?

            > I know your reference to ignorance of the scribes and prophets is to open the possibility they did not understand things like homosexuality and it being innate. Well God was not ignorant, In 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, Paul mentioned that the Corinthian church had
            people who were formerly homosexuals.  Paul wrote that they were washed,
            sanctified, and justified by God.  God condemned homosexuality, along with all sexual immorality and other sins in both Testaments. So, neither was He ignorant nor were His scribes and prophets.

            If God was unable or unwilling to control every word in Scripture, His written Testaments, then He cannot be God at all, it is all a lie and you are worm food. It is that basic, that critical. If God Who says He is not the Author of confusion, allows errors in His Word, He is a child abuser, yet One Who creates man that He might have objects worthy of His Love would never lead them into confusion, would He?

            You are confused, you think you believe in God and yet you deny His Power and His Word. You think you believe in Christ, but deny Him before men, as you pervert His Words, which He inspired, about things like homosexuality. You are as Flamemeister put it, a practical atheist, despite your saying you believe in God and are a Christian, by your every word and action you deny them both.

            If God is real then obey and submit to Him in ALL things, giving Him the absolute supremacy in your life, making Him absolutely preeminent in ALL things, Alpha to Omega, Beginning to End, First to Last; if Baal is god, the god of this world and the one you follow by your words and actions, then serve him and go to hell. You cannot serve God and His Christ and Baal, you must decide which and get off the fence. If God, then His Word must be the absolute rule of your life, even when it seems inconvenient or opposes your emotions. Get off the fence Ellinas: Abortion, homosexuality, a refusal to confess Jesus and many more things are not of Christ, choose – is it God or Baal you serve?

          • ellinas1

            Are you saying that the people of the Biblical times understood the human condition as we do today?
            Did they know about the circulatory system?

          • Neiman

            It doesn’t matter what these frail, finite men understood; because God knew/knows it all, He created us, He inspired their every word. He is the manufacturer and He would not allow them, for instance, to pen anything negative about homosexuality if it was not His Specific and perfect Will and was what He wanted taught. From both Testaments He condemns homosexuality, He never commends it and even through Paul speaks of Him delivering those that once practiced those things (homosexuality), but were born again in Christ and delivered.

            So, like all sinners they must be made to know that homosexual conduct is hated by God, that it must be repented, which not only involves agreeing with Him that it is sin, but having a desire to escape the power of homosexual lust. Then having a true confession of Faith in Christ, whereupon they have a new spirit/life, His Spirit; and they can rely upon Him for complete rescue from the demon spirits of homosexual lust.

          • ellinas1

             We are on a different wave length.
            I am talking circulatory system, you’re talking homosexuals.
            Good night.

  • Jimmypop

    “The Most Depressing Republican Primary/Caucus Season Ever?”not if youre a paul supporter… people actually have to listen to him now. at least he has a chance to get some of his ideas are getting out there now. whereas before, the mcsames and old money gop’ers were able to all but get him kicked out of the debates.we MUST reduce ALL spending….not cuts in growth. we MUST close portions of government. we MUST take back many of the executive orders. there is NO need for a military base in Spain or italy. none of the mcsmaes will do ANY of this. the people never heard anyone talk about this before.i just hope whoever wins does 10% of what paul would do….no, i know they wont, but a boy can hope cant he?

    • ellinas1

       I like Dr. Paul and John Huntsman.

  • Rick Olson

    If Mitt Romney wins in South Carolina, it’ll be all over but the shouting.  The weaker candidates will start dropping out.  Leaving Romney, and probably Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul left in it.  The Romney train is picking up steam.

  • Sp

    GOP can’t win now?  Wow, you f*cking suck.

    I don’t blame you for not wanting to win now.  It’s a shit-sandwich with many half-lives to go.

    Pretend you aren’t trying.  If these are the wankers you will throw at us, you aren’t liable to succeed soon.

    Is Gingrich out?  Did I miss something?  Some of you are thinking about running a Mormon freak?  Bad move.

  • Rick Olson

    I guess the question that begs to be asked is this.  Can the so-called “Religious Right” support a Mormon candidate for President?  Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman are very forthright and open about their choice of religion. 

    As a born again Christian, I would vote for Mitt Romney for President, although with a bit of trepidation.  Our country has had a Roman Catholic president (Kennedy) in the past.  Romney would be the first president who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons). 

    My worry would be this.  Could Romney let his religious beliefs get in the way of him being President?  Could it be possible that Romney, as a good practicing Mormon, would take his cues from his Church’s heirarchy in Salt Lake City? 

    As you know, the Mormon Church is the dominant religion in Utah — as a result, anything and everything of any significance that happens in Utah only does so with the Mormon Church’s blessings.  Nearly every elected and appointed official in Utah is an adherent of the Mormon Church.  This is why life in Utah is described by some as being something of a theocracy, at least in the shadows if not directly so.

    I would like to think that Romney would not let his Church’s leadership (Mormons refer to their church’s organization as “the Church,”) push his buttons and dictate how he will perform his duties as President of the United States, if the people choose to elect him in November. 

    Of course, anyone would be better than President Obama.

    • realitybasedbob

      Hey Rick, here’s Neiman view of a Romeny voter:

      For you, probably not, as your faith, as is all too common to us all, is subservient to your personal comfort.
      If we vote for a man that we know serves a false god and all such false gods are of Satan’s devising, we must accept the consequences of our folly. So, you set aside his allegiance to a false idol that we might survive as a nation. What if he was a Hitler and he had not shown his violent tendencies or racial hatred yet? Most Germans did not vote for that devil, they voted for Germany to survive. Whereupon a Nuremberg judge asked, “survive as what?” No, survival or even prosperity and peace are not enough for me to vote for a man that serves a false god.
      You may do so without endangering your salvation, but your vote might be far worse for America than had you decided not to vote for evil at all.
      15 minutes ago     in reply to HG

      Does his view match yours?

      • Rick Olson

        While I see your point, and it is well taken, how would you respond to someone like Franklin Graham?  Graham is the son of the world-reknowned Evangelist, Dr. Billy Graham.  In a recent interview, Franklin Graham also said he would vote for Mitt Romney for President. 

        It’s possible that we born again Christians, us evangelical Christians just might have to plug our noses come the election in November and vote for the lesser of two evils.

        • realitybasedbob

          Sure, if you don’t mind abandoning everything you stand for and everything you fight against,  I guess that could happen.

          • Rick Olson

            Well, as the old saying goes, in the words of the late Yogi Berra: “It ain’t over till it’s over.”  So, perhaps, Newt Gingrich will give Romney enough of a run for his money and wind up snagging the GOP nomination. 

            Trust me, I am not one hundred percent sold on Mitt Romney, either.  I was just throwing out this subject for some discussion.

          • realitybasedbob

            Why don’t you guys support Santorum?
            He is the closest thing to a conservative up there.

        • Neiman

          First, please know that Gay Bob stands for nothing but the devil, he is his son.

          Next, while I have very strong convictions against Romney, his serving a false god and his weakness on family/moral values issues, even HG and I disagreeing, I know that Salvation is by Grace alone, by faith alone in Christ alone and we must go with the light we have, knowing that Christ has covered all our sins and we Christians are absolutely safe in Christ Jesus. I said and this is the bottom line:

          You may do so without endangering your salvation, but your vote might be
          far worse for America than had you decided not to vote for evil at all.

          No matter, you will remain a Christian brother.

          • Rick Olson

            Well, I want to think that I would do the right thing.  Not voting at all I believe would not be the right thing to do.  I think we know that neither Rick Perry nor Rick Santorum stand much of a chance.  It seems to me that it’s already pretty much down to Mitt Romney being the front runner and potentially Newt Gingrich.  I fully agree that we are not to be the judge.  Let’s leave the judging in the capable hands of God.  Well, if it’s of any matter, I voted in favor of allowing Sunday shopping in North Dakota when it was on the ballot in 1991.  I didn’t lose my salvation over that, either.  I figured it was inevidable, so there was no point in delaying the obvious any further.

          • Neiman

            A. We must fulfill what is necessary for Salvation, which only comes by faith. Thereafter, we shall not be perfect, but secure in our Salvation that should the Lord come through physical death or the Rapture, we will go with Him.
            B. We must walk faithfully with the light of the Spirit we have, which over time will become brighter and more illuminating as to Divine Truth for our lives. As you will recall, Paul said that we are to observe every day as unto the Lord and not get entangled with observing Sabbaths, but he allowed that if those doing so were doing so by faith it was good and we were to leave them with the light they had, knowing they were part of the Body of Christ. So, I think it is the light of the Spirit we have, lived by faith.
            C. For me, I know Romney serves a false God and while he speaks about moral, family values issues today, he has not always upheld them in office.  So, for me there is no question, I cannot vote for him and certainly will not vote for Obama, as he is thoroughly evil.
            D. As to working or shopping on the Lord’s Day, sometimes it is necessary and to get worked up about it would be to walk away from Grace and get entangled in legalism. What is important, is living every day in devotion to the Lord, giving Him absolute supremacy, preeminent in all things.

    • Sp

      Huge worries.  There are also huge worries about someone who believes honestly in so much weird flim-flam being president, being in charge of important decisions, etc.

    • Roy_Bean

      Do you seriously think anybody cares if Mitt Romney is a Mormon?  North Dakota is a somewhat religiously conservative state and for 35 years we had a U.S. Senator who was a member of the Reformed Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I never once heard it mentioned as any kind of an issue.  I’m not crazy about Romney Care or his stand on the 2nd Amendment, but I really don’t care if, or if so where he goes to church on Saturday or Sunday or what ever day he sees fit. 

      • realitybasedbob

        Mr. Bean, this is what you’re up against:

        Neiman: For me, I know Romney serves a false God…So, for me there is no question, I cannot vote for him …

        We wont know until after a few of the Southern states weigh in with their primaries, but there is quite a bit of chatter concerning this fellow’s cult membership.

  • Slree

    What I don’t get is Ron Paul’s -take all the troops home and let the rest of the world self destruct- foreign policy which he claims will help us.  It absolutely guarantees what, maybe $50/ gal gasoline within a couple months if it is even available.  So how is that going to be good for our economic situation where we depend so much on reasonable priced energy?  And how is that result any different from BO’s domestic policies which have every intention of lowering everyone’s standard of living to bicycles and rice soup – except his of course.  You think we have chaos potential now.  I think we would have a police state under Paul just as soon as under Obama due to the chaos either one’s policies would produce.  Obama’s intended, Paul’s perhaps unintended. Then again, not sure how anyone is going to avoid such given the hole that our “elite leaders” have been digging for us for so long. 

    • Flamejob5

      “The greatest disaster that could befall America, Kirk understood, was “preventive” war; that would take the wraps off power, and encourage the “Progressive usurpers,” who are primarily interested in becoming hegemonic, both abroad and at home. In 1989, a decade and a half before the present debacle in Iraq began, he wrote: “A ‘preventive’ war, whether or not it might be successful in the field—and that is a question much in doubt—would be morally ruinous to us. There are circumstances under which it is not only more honorable to lose than to win, but quite truly less harmful, in the ultimate providence of God.”

      ~ Russell Kirk

      A Foreign Policy For Americans

      • realitybasedbob

        You mean the like bush Doctrine?

  • Slree

    PS. I have not entirely given up, though I agree with Port that it is a dismal primary.  And I will vote GOP even if I have to hold my nose.  I heard it said the other day that someone heard that Mitt said he would only be a one term pres because he would change things so drastically back to a constitutional republic that those who are dependent on the system would hate him.  Not sure that is encouraging either, if all we do is swing from left to right by executive order I do not see that as stabilizing and unifying the country.  And who knows if what someone heard someone say that someone heard someone say is even true.

    • Sp

      What you heard about the reasons for Mitt only doing one term if he gets elected are horseshit.  Mitt’s tenure would likely be indistinguishable from Obama’s and Bush’s.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Did the democrats lock Biden in a sanitarium somewhere? Where is that goofy gaffmeister?

    • ellinas1

      Since you’re a friend I’ll tell you where he is.
      He is on a secret mission.
      We sent him to Antarctica to study the mating habits of the emperor penguins.

      • mickey_moussaoui

        Why do Democrats hate penguins?

        • ellinas1

          It’s not that we hate penguins, we just wanted to hide old Joe until the democratic convention.
          Confidential info on the issue says that as soon as old Joe set foot in Antarctica the emperor penguins started migrating north to undisclosed locations. 

  • mickey_moussaoui

    All this belly aching over Romney is pathetic. He’s not the problem. Whiny libertarian/republicans are the problem. Do you really want 4 more of the douchebag phoney and his angry cunny?

    • realitybasedbob

      So you’re not votin no Romney ticket, is that right Mr. mouse?

      • mickey_moussaoui


        Explain how you came to that conclusion because I can’t figure out how a disturbed mind like yours works. My contempt for Obama has been pretty clear for the past three years. My primary goal has always been to see him out of office regardless of the candidate who runs against him. Nothing on my part has changed. So what the F are you trying to insinuate?

  • Neiman

    Drudge is reporting Huntzman drops out, endorses Romney

  • Flamejob5

    SC Tea Party Republican State Senator Tom Davis, one of the most sought-after endorsements in the state, and who just endorsed Paul today, states that the core of the issues we face today stem from the bi-partisan ruling class.

    Davis Endorses Paul

    Great video.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    It’s pretty obvious to anyone who isn’t willfully stuck on stupid that we certainly do need “change” away from what we have now. After three years of this nonsense you can’t continue blaming the previous party. Either you take responsibility and lead or get the hell out of the way so someone else can. Both parties have worked together in the past when the leadership was open and flexible. When the leadership is petty and stubborn then the other branches react appropriately. That’s the nature of the game. Good leaders get cooperation and bad leaders don’t. Obama wants command and control style leadership. That crap died decades ago.Chicago style politics is disfunctional and doesn’t belong on the national stage.

  • Rick Olson

    ABC News is confirming that Jon Huntsman will drop out of the race on Monday and will endorse Mitt Romney, saying he doesn’t want to stand in Romney’s way.

    • Flamejob5

      I can’t imagine Huntsman would ever dream of standing in the way of another candidate.

      Huntsman Staff Hit-peice

  • Slree

    So the RHINOs are grouping.  Huntsman is a Mormon so this is expected.  He was in it to garner support for Mitt.  This was inevitable and planned I am sure.

  • LastBestHope

    Obama is the enemy of free people and the champion of Big Brother government. Vote GOP in 2012 or join the Occupy America mob.

    Obama is the issue.

  • SigFan

    While I’m not all that enthusiastic for any of the remaining contenders, I am very enthusiastic about getting Obama out of the WH before he can inflict further damage on the country.  2012 has to be the year of OGD – Obama’s Going Down!

  • melissapaulik

    If Romney the Inevitable is indeed inevitable, I predict he will win because Conservatives, although not activists, are voters. We won’t stay home because too many of us remember McCain’s loss by a rather slim margin – and, like him or not, we acknoweledge that he would be have been infinitely better than Obama.

    We also won’t vote third party because too many of us remember how Perot suckered us in and how that helped get Clinton elected.

    While we may not like our remaining choices, I think you’ll be surprised at how quickly our mood picks up and we pull together to get Obama out.