The Gang Of Six Plan Is A “Series Of Talking Points That Cannot Be Analyzed And Scored”

Earlier today the Senate killed the “cut, cap and balance” bill that was passed in the House. So now the wrestling match over the debt cap and the national budget has to move on to something else. But what, exactly?

The “gang of six” plan certainly seems to have won the most praise from Democrats, including President Obama himself, but is that really even a plan? According to a spokesman for “gang” member Dick Durbin what’s been released so far “is not a final agreement” but rather “a framework for what could become a plan.”

Senator Jeff Sessions agrees, noting that it’s little more than a bullet list of talking points.

The Democrat narrative on the debt debates is that Republicans are being uncompromising and unreasonable. But how do you compromise when the other side doesn’t even have a plan? When the other side puts nothing to paper from which you can even begin analysis and the formulation of a deal?

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  • Spartacus

    Obama the nitwit was just on TeeVee telling us he demands the Speaker of the house meet with him at 11 tomorrow, a definite separation of powers violation or ego-maniacal over assumption of power on the part of the boy that would be king. It sounds like initially he was reading his teleprompters but in the end he sounded like he was ad libing, either he or his speech writers are getting desperate. Keep up the pressure!

  • robert108

    Like some of the commenters here at SAB, obama is trying to bully us into letting him jack up taxes, while holding the economy hostage, in his imagination.  Boehner called obama’s bluff, and now he’s raging like Neiman and issuing threats and making demands.  He has lost, and he knows it.

    • Spartacus

      I’m okay with Neiman raging, he’s mostly harmless. 0bama, not so much! Bigger fish to fry.

      • Neiman

        Taking sides are we?

      • robert108

        Well, we all should be used to it by now, but his threats of violence and spewing of homosexual filth crosses the line.  I agree that Neiman isn’t to be taken seriously, as we need to focus on fighting the more threatening liberals.

  • Cherz1967

    I saw Conrad’s vote this morning.  Loser that he is.

  • zobia123

    nice blog

  • mikemc1970

    It’s nothing but a plan to make a plan.

  • Jamermorrow

    No way the government reduces spending. In fact I beleive they will keep increasing spending with or without a debt limit. The only thing that will control the debt is foreign lenders. The Federal Reserve will step in and print the money to finance the debt.

  • The Whistler

    So on my recent gang of six post I was chastised by a liberal for not being specific with their plan.  

    I don’t think that we should have to guess what they’re thinking.  

  • Cal Schaible

    The House Republicans should offer Obama a short term deal on the debt limit and continue to push Cut, Cap and Balance. Demint and Coburn have said they will try to get another vote on it in the Senate. A short term deal on the debt would hopfully give the Tea Party folk time to organize a big time rally in D.C. It definitely is time for another one of those!

    • The Whistler

      I say get some progress now and have this debate next September, right
      before the election.

      I think you’ll have to play it in the press because the Democrats won’t
      accept that in behind closed doors negotiations. I think they’ve painted
      themselves into a corner demagoging the issue.

      • Cal Schaible

        If we can get a major rally in D.C. in the next month or two – I think we have them on the ropes this year. With a huge majority of the folks supporting a balanced budget amendment it is going to be increasingly difficult for Senate Democrats to handle the scrutiny and the pressure. The folks know the Republicans have put up two major plans and the Dems have done nothing but demogogue the issue. Right now I say it is in the hands of the Tea Party. I would love to attend a D.C. rally for this cause! The Tea Party needs to keep the pressure on.