The Biggest Threat To Medicare As We Know It Is Medicare As We Know It


“Based on the data from the Trustees’s Report and the CBO, the cost per capita of Medicare is expected to roughly double between now and 2040 and so is the number of enrollees,” writes Vernoique de Rugy. “Between 1975 and 2011, the number of Medicare enrollees doubled to 48 million, and the real cost per enrollee quintupled. By 2040, the Trustees calculate, the program will consume almost 6 percent of GDP, the cost will be nearly $21,000 for one beneficiary, and Medicare will cover about 88 million people.”

Here’s the chart:

Anyone who tells you that Medicare isn’t in trouble, that there isn’t a crisis, is lying to you. Or they don’t know how to do math.

So what can we do to fix this? There’s Paul Ryan’s plan which gives seniors the option of managing their own share of Medicare dollars, making their own health care and cost decisions.

Or there’s the Democrat plan, which amounts to something along the lines of “if you want to change Medicare you hate old people.”

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  • robert108

    Accurate, but untrue. The biggest threat to Medicare in any form is obamacaretax. If we don’t repeal it, it will replace all medical care in this country, eventually, in the same way that liberals have replaced our schools with indoctrination centers for liberalism and environmentalism.

  • kevindf

    I hope I die before I need medical care.

    • mickey_moussaoui

      be carefull what you wish for

    • WOOF

      Get a do not resusitate bracelet.

      • kevindf

        That’s just a target for Obama’s death panels (squads) to shoot at.

  • igx

    DEADLY COMBINATION: the Left thinking that genuine GDP comes from magic pixie dust and their massive ignorance and denial of actuarial science. #doom

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Is that $21,000 cost “per year” or “per person”?
    At $21,000 per person it doesn’t sound so bad. Hell, we pay $50 grand per year to house one prisoner

  • SigFan

    Medicare, like all the Great Society and New Deal schemes may have started out with good intentions, but the reality is that the architects of the plans never did the math honestly and based their assumptions on bogus lowball estimates of the true costs. Making sure that senior citizens have access to affordable and practical for their needs healthcare and insurance is a good thing to do. But the seniors themselves should be able to shop for the best deal and tailor the plans to their specific requirements, not be shoveled into a one size fits all substandard program dictated by nameless and faceless bureaucrats in DC. Ryan’s plan, though not perfect, takes a giant step in that direction and is exactly what we need to do to get on the path to fiscal sanity.

  • jamermorrow

    Ryan, just gave a huge speech on how he won’t cut from medicare. Ryan talked about how great it was to have his mom on medicare. Imagine that his mom likes free healthcare. I don’t see either party tackling this issue. When we can no longer borrow money and we have crisis than we will change medicare.