Tex Hall: We Know Who Our Friends Are


FARGO, N.D. – Rancher and Three Affiliated Tribes Chairman Tex Hall is rarely seen without his trademark cowboy hat, boots and pie-plate sized belt buckle.
On Friday, Hall also donned a centuries-old breast plate once used to deflect arrows from enemy tribes.
“I only wear it on special occasions – and this was special,” said Hall, following his address to delegates at the state Democratic convention in Fargo.
Hall pledged his support to North Dakota Democrats, especially Sen. Kent Conrad and Rep. Earl Pomeroy, who are running for re-election.
He posed for pictures with them on stage at the Fargo Civic Center, to a roar of approval from delegates.
“We know who our friends are and we know who our friends aren’t,” Hall said, citing a positive relationship with the state’s all Democratic congressional delegation.
“Their door has always been open,” Hall said. “That means a lot to know we have that relationship with our congressional leadership.
“They are willing to listen to issues that affect Indian country,” he said.

Meanwhile communities on reservations like the one overseen by Mr. Hall are crippled by drugs, alcohol abuse and unemployment rates which reach the mid 60’s. All of which is brought on by the Indian welfare state created by pandering, big-government, nanny-state liberals like Kent Conrad, Byron Dorgan and Earl Pomeroy.
Giving American Indians endless entitlements and tax breaks has done nothing but provide that culture with an excuse not to better themselves and advance with the rest of American society. It is true that Americans Indians have not always gotten a fair shake from the American government, but politicians, both on state and federal levels, have been throwing tax dollars at Indian reservations for generations. When are we going to admit that this endless stream of “the government will take care of you” baloney isn’t working? When are we going to admit that all of the entitlements and “programs” have done nothing but enable a culture of sloth, crime and rampant substance abuse?
That somebody like Tex Hall, supposedly a leader for some of North Dakota’s Indians, would stand in front of a cheering audience of liberals and proclaim his thanks for this pandering is nothing short of disgusting. It is almost like watching a drug addict thank his dealer for getting him addicted to smack.

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  • Tdc

    My,my. What ignorance. I came upon this post while searching for another, and even though it is 4 yrs old, I can’t let it go unreplied to, even if nothing else, for the next person who stumbles upon it. Tax breaks? Do you have even the slightest idea of the court battles tribes all over the country have foiught for years now trying to exercise their right to implement their own taxes on their own lands?, only to have to fight state governements who erroneously think they have jurisdiction on tribal lands? I know people like you think whatever Indians get is some kind of charity or something the federal gov’t gives out of the goodness of their “heart” but you are so misinformed, it is almost unbelievable. I suggest you do some serious research before you open your mouth about things you have no knowledge of.