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Credit Where It’s Due: Dickinson Press Stands Up For The Public’s Right To Know

Credit Where It’s Due: Dickinson Press Stands Up For The Public’s Right To Know

I often get accused of being too negative, of only writing about what’s wrong and not what’s right, so let me take a few moments of your time to applaud some people who are doing the right thing. Earlier this week there was a shooting in the City of Belfield involving a law enforcement officer.


Open Records Exemption Requested By NDUS So Broad It Could Include Anything

A few weeks ago the North Dakota University System inspired eye-rolls when they announced their intention to seek an exemption from open records law for university president evaluations. It was so on-the-nose for a group of people who are widely seen as little more than rubber stamps for whatever certain university presidents anyway that it


Democrats Seem To Have Nearly $100,000 In Campaign Finance Errors In Reports

North Dakota Democrats have almost completely outsourced their campaign donation mechanism to a left-wing, Massachussets-based organization called ActBlue. In fact, when you donate to one of the Democrat candidates for office here in North Dakota you really aren’t making a direct contribution to that campaign. You’re actually making a contribution to the Act Blue committee


University System Complains That Open Records Requests Are “Politically Motivated”

“Open records law is certainly designed to ensure transparent government,” Chancellor Larry Skogen told a recent meeting of the State Board of Higher Education. “We all agree on the need for that, but what has happened is these laws are being used for some politically motivated individuals. Now our communications have become a fishing pond


North Dakota Needs More And Better Campaign Finance Reporting Requirements

We’re into the final weeks of the election cycle, and and not surprisingly there’s a lot of scrutiny on the candidates and measures on the ballot. Part of that scrutiny is looking at where the candidates and measure committees are getting their money. Unfortunately, thanks to North Dakota’s loose reporting requirements, it’s hard to get

ND Oil Spill

North Dakota Department Of Health “Environmental Incident” Database Goes Live Online

Shortly after a massive oil spill from a Tesoro pipeline near Tioga hit the news, raising questions about transparency in the way oil companies and the state government reports spills to the public, the Department of Health announced that they would be creating an online database of all such spills. Today that website launched. You

Lone legislator says friendly political culture keeps others from calling out governor

By Kathryn Watson | Watchdog.org, Virginia Bureau PETERSEN: so far the only state lawmaker calling for Gov. Bob McDonnell to come clean or quit over gift disclosures. ALEXANDRIA—State Sen. Chap Petersen ignited a firestorm over the Fourth of July holiday by urging Gov. Bob McDonnell in a letter to come clean over his gift-filled relationship


North Dakota Needs An Office Of Transparency

From one perspective, North Dakota’s open records laws couldn’t be much better. They are broadly written, and apply to almost everything. The public’s right to know is firmly embedded in our state’s laws. But from another perspective, our open records laws aren’t good enough. There are a myriad of ways to sandbag good-faith requests, and

500 days and $1 billion later, zero accountability in PA universities

By Gary Joseph Wilson | PA Independent HARRISBURG — Jerry Sandusky was indicted for molesting children more than 500 days ago. Since then the Pennsylvania General Assembly has voted to contribute $1.06 billion dollars in largely non-publicly accountable taxpayer money to state-related universities, including Penn State, where Sandusky was the longtime assistant coach for the football