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Obama Wants To Punish Corporations For Behaving Rationally

Obama Wants To Punish Corporations For Behaving Rationally

President Obama says he wants to act on so-called “inversion deals” that have American corporations moving their domiciles to overseas tax havens through the acquisition of a foreign company. Nine inversion deals have been agreed to this year by companies ranging from banana distributor Chiquita Brands International Inc to drugmaker AbbVie Inc and more are


Mike Marcil: Should North Dakota Be Following South Dakota’s Lead?

At a high level North and South Dakota appear to be two states that look nearly identical. Both were admitted to the union on November 2nd 1889. Both share a similar immigration history with the majority of current residents tracing their ancestry back to German and Norwegian roots. Both have comparable GDP, household incomes and


From 2012 To 2013 North Dakota Had The Largest Increase In Government Tax Collections In The Nation

Check out this map… ND had largest increase in state government tax collections from 2012-2013 at 27.8% pic.twitter.com/90fmD9GE5k — ND Counties (@ndcounties) June 9, 2014 Above is an interesting map posted to Twitter today by the North Dakota Association of Counties. It shows the rate of change in state government tax collections from 2012 to


Why North Dakota Is A Top Destination For Minnesotans Fleeing Higher Taxes

Andy Peterson, the President of the Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce, had a letter to the editor over the weekend highlighting the differences in income tax rates between North Dakota and Minnesota. The differences are pretty stark: A family of four in Minnesota making $100,000 per year, itemization not considered, pays $4,409 in state


Oil/Gas Tax Revenues Now 50 Percent Of North Dakota’s Collections

Here are some eyebrow-raising numbers: According to recently released numbers from the North Dakota Tax Department, over half of all revenues in calendar  year 2013 came from oil and gas tax revenues. The state collected over $1.34 billion from the gas production tax and over $1.55 billion from the oil extraction tax. Together, those two taxes alone


Should We Tax The Childless?

Reihan Salam, writing for Slate, thinks we should: So now, as a childless professional in my mid-30s, I often reflect on the sacrifices working parents make to better the lives of their children. And I have come to the reluctant conclusion that I ought to pay much higher taxes so that working parents can pay