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North Dakota’s Tax Revenues Did Not Actually Decline 46 Percent In The Third Quarter

North Dakota’s Tax Revenues Did Not Actually Decline 46 Percent In The Third Quarter

Yesterday evening I wrote about a report from the Rockefeller Institute of Government, picked up by Reuters, which described North Dakota’s tax revenues as declining 46.7 percent in the third quarter of 2014 compared to the previous year. I was skeptical because the state’s monthly reports concerning general fund revenues have shown steady growth. The


North Dakota’s Income Tax Collections Soar Even As Rates Are Cut Nearly In Half

During his budget address to the Legislature last week Governor Jack Dalrymlpe, by way of trying to bolster a measly proposal for just $125 million in personal/corporate income tax relief, pointed out that if lawmaker institute his proposed cuts the income tax rates will be nearly 50 percent lower than before 2009. Collective, that’s not

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State Taking Over Social Services? That’s Not Tax Relief

During his budget address earlier this week Governor Jack Dalrymple proposed a state take over of local social service spending. This isn’t a new idea. The Legislature actually authorized the counties taking over social services back in the 1980’s when the state was broke. Last session the state House defeated the bill –  HB1233 – on


Dalrymple Proposes 12.7 Percent Increase In On-Going Spending

Governor Jack Dalrymple delivered his biennial budget address this morning. You can watch the whole thing above (minus about a minute when my stream glitched for some reason), and read the prepared remarks here. Below are some of the highlights. “The budget plan is ambitious,” Dalrymple said. “We must always be cautious of overexpansion, a


Bette Grande: Legislature May Get A Lesson In Economics From The Oil Markets

As the Governor and Legislature meet to prepare for the next legislative session they do so with rising uncertainty.  Budgets and new spending will be debated, but how reliable is the budget forecast for the next biennium? Oil prices have dropped significantly in the last several months and where prices go from here is anyone’s


Should Western North Dakota Communities Get More Oil Tax Dollars?

Lawmakers are in Bismarck this week for their organizational session, and a part of their organizing is finalizing bill drafts for consideration in the regular session next year. Tomorrow Governor Jack Dalrymple will give his budget address, laying out the executive branch’s model for funding the state government. After that, you can expect lawmakers to


Rauschenberger: Seeking Treatment Was “One Of The Best Decisions I Ever Made”

North Dakota Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger pulled off a rare feat in the modern era of American politics. Earlier this year he confessed to me that he was struggling with alcohol addiction. He then left the campaign trail for a month to seek treatment before coming back and soundly defeating his opponent, Democrat Jason Astrup,