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After 62% State Budget Increase, Jack Dalrymple Talks Budget “Sobriety”

After 62% State Budget Increase, Jack Dalrymple Talks Budget “Sobriety”

Sequestration was the term used for automatic budget cuts put in place by the Budget Control Act. That legislation required Congress to produce a budget, or face sequestration. Because Congress couldn’t budget, the sequestration cuts kicked in. Many claimed that they were draconian cuts (in truth, sequestration still allowed the federal budget to grow by


Forum Editorial: Lazy, Fact-Starved Blogger Should Stop Praising Our Reporting

Yesterday I wrote a post singling out for praise Fargo Forum reporter Kyle Potter’s article about state spending, pulling a few graphs out from his report to illustrate some points about state spending a lot of people are mislead about (by politicians, not Potter’s reporting). Like one-time spending, which is a nonsense talking point when


Could North Dakota Become A Zero Tax State?

Last night on Chris Berg’s 6:30 Point of View program on Valley News Live Governor Jack Dalrymple discussed the State of North Dakota’s finances opposite Bakken.com CEO Mike Marcil. Video here. Marcil, SAB readers will remember, was on Berg’s show last week talking about the billions in revenue North Dakota has socked away in its

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Why Is Education Spending Up 200% And Other Questions About North Dakota Spending

Over the weekend Forum Communications reporter Kyle Potter published an excellent article about spending growth in North Dakota. My only criticism is that it was published over a holiday weekend, and long after the legislative session where this budget was developed. This important topic deserves more attention. Anyway, the best part of Potter’s article were


Video: By 2015 North Dakota Could Fund Entire State Budget For Years Without Taxes

Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks In recent years there has been a push (with Rep. Blair Thoreson of Fargo leading the charge) toward making spending in the State of North Dakota more transparent. That has culminated in, among other things, the creation of an online database of state spending. Right now on

ND Reatail Marketers open

“Bringing Taxes Down Still Doesn’t Quite Compete With Not Having A Tax”

The North Dakota Chamber of Commerce is continuing their pesky billboard campaign in Minnesota, advertising North Dakota’s friendlier tax environment relative to the eastern state (to the chagrin of political leaders there). And North Dakota should stick it to Minnesota. As we can see from CNBC’s map of the most business-friendly states, both North Dakota