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Oil/Gas Tax Revenues Now 50 Percent Of North Dakota’s Collections

Oil/Gas Tax Revenues Now 50 Percent Of North Dakota’s Collections

Here are some eyebrow-raising numbers: According to recently released numbers from the North Dakota Tax Department, over half of all revenues in calendar  year 2013 came from oil and gas tax revenues. The state collected over $1.34 billion from the gas production tax and over $1.55 billion from the oil extraction tax. Together, those two taxes alone


North Dakota Oil, Fracking Documentaries Long On Politics And Short On Facts

Earlier this week I wrote about a documentary about the oil boom in North Dakota that was being screened by a George Soros-backed left-wing group in Washington DC. A former North Dakotan and SAB reader who lives in DC went to the event and provided the insights below. – I biked over to the Center


Soros-Backed Documentaries Criticizing North Dakota Oil Boom Screened In Washington DC

A Washington DC-area friend and reader sent along the email invite below to a screening of “A Boom With No Boundaries” and “Backyard,” both documentaries critical of the North Dakota oil boom (the first one) and hydraulic fracturing in general (the second one). The group sponsoring the event is the Center for American Progress, a

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Joe Miller Column: North Dakota Opportunists Seek To Divide Oil, Agriculture

North Dakota is blessed with great fortune and opportunity.  Our state, like our nation was founded on a vision of hope, but not without out hard work.  North Dakotans know well the virtues of hard work and steadfast determination that  yield results such as those that we can benefit from today. The last several years have been


David Flynn Column: Higher Energy Prices Good For North Dakota, Bad For The Economy

The shale oil expansion began in North Dakota, and the expansion of oil output in the U.S. has been nothing short of revolutionary. However, I think it is time to recognize that the fanciful notion of “energy independence” is less and less likely to happen, if it ever really had a chance. We are surely


Dickinson Press: How Come North Dakota Democrats Don’t Have Any Candidates In The Oil Patch?

Earlier this week I noticed something interesting. While updating my tracking spreadsheet for legislative races in the state, I noticed that not only do North Dakota Democrats have very, very few candidates for the legislature (as of today they’re letting nearly 2/3′s of the 72 legislative races go unchallenged), but they don’t have any candidates

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Opposition To Key North Dakota Oil Pipeline Growing In Minnesota

Here’s a fun fact: About 14 percent of America’s domestic oil supply flows through pipelines in Minnesota, mostly to Superior, Wisconsin. But even as pipelines are seen as a safer alternative to rail, which has been much in the headlines lately due to a number of explosive and even deadly derailments, opposition to pipelines in


2014 Strategy: North Dakota Democrats Want To Drive Wedge Between Agriculture And Oil

Last week North Dakota Democrats got what may be their most serious candidate on the 2014 ballot. Ryan Taylor – a former state Senator from Towner from 2003 to 2011, serving as Minority Leader in the 2011 session – announced his candidacy for Commissioner of Agriculture. He had said in late 2013 that he wouldn’t