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Kevin Cramer: “Arbitrary Emission Standard” Puts American Power Supply At Risk (Video)

Kevin Cramer: “Arbitrary Emission Standard” Puts American Power Supply At Risk (Video)

Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com “I don’t think many people know how close we came,” Rep. Kevin Cramer said on Fox News Business yesterday, referring to last year’s “polar vortex” and its potential for causing power shortages. Cramer had an op/ed in the Wall Street Journal recently called, “Where Will You Be When the Lights Go


When Environmentalists Obstruct Solutions To Environmental Problems

Very often I get the feeling that environmental groups care far less about the environment than they do about advancing certain political agendas. Case in point, the battle over NORM (or naturally occurring radioactive material) which is a byproduct of oil development in North Dakota. Jay Almlie, Senior Research Manager at the University of North Dakota’s


Hey Kevin Cramer, The Lights Are Already Going Out In Minnesota

North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer has an op/ed in the Wall Street Journal today headlined, “Where Will You Be When the Lights Go Out?” “The North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC), a regulatory authority that monitors the U.S. and Canadian power systems, released a study on Nov. 12 concluding that the long-term reliability of the U.S.


Order For Oil Conditioning Was Likely Too Much Micromanagement For Industry’s Taste

Back in November, as the North Dakota Industrial Commission was considering new regulations for conditioning crude oil before shipment, I interviewed North Dakota Petroleum Council Vice President Kari Cutting (audio at the link). In addition to representing the industry, Cutting is a chemist with a long history of working with oil, and I asked her what


Exaggerating Complaints About Saltwater Spills

When citizens complain about the way they’re governed it’s always important to pay attention. But also worth paying attention to is the scope of the protests. Is dissatisfaction widespread, or isolated to a few people with an agenda? This is important context, yet in a recent story about a group of landowners upset about saltwater


Sometimes The Messenger Deserves To Be “Shot”

“It’s foolish to blame messenger.” That was the headline to a Fargo Forum editorial from over the weekend which fired back at critics of a recent New York Times article about the State of North Dakota’s handling of the oil boom. “Like dust in a prairie wind, criticism of New York Times articles on North


John Dorso: Legislative Session Will Hinge On Oil Prices

I haven’t had an opportunity to review the entire Governors budget message just delivered to the organizational session of the 64th legislative session.  Based on a quick overview I would like to make a few comments.   Governors and the Office of Management and Budget have always had a difficult time putting together a budget that