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Tessa Sandstrom: Myths Vs. Facts About Bakken Crude And Oil By Rail

Tessa Sandstrom: Myths Vs. Facts About Bakken Crude And Oil By Rail

The transportation of crude oil by rail has been a top issue the last few months. In discussing this topic, one of the speculations was that Bakken crude may (please note: may) have been more volatile than other light sweet crudes, and therefore more dangerous to haul than many other hazardous materials that traverse the nation’s


In North Dakota, Flaring Is Higher Under Obama’s Jurisdiction Than The State’s

Flaring is a hot-button issue in North Dakota. The oil boom here produces a lot of natural gas as a by-product, and because the boom, well, boomed so quickly the infrastructure to capture the gas hasn’t kept up. So a lot of it – far too much – is burned off. It’s become a political

File photo of an aerial image showing a natural gas flare after sunset outside of Williston

North Dakota Industrial Commission Approves Oil Production Limits To Punish Excessive Flaring

Flaring is a problem in North Dakota, there’s no question. The oil fields here are just that – oil fields – but a lot of gas gets produced as a by-product of drilling, and there hasn’t been the sort of infrastructure in place to capture the gas. Thus, the state of North Dakota has seen

Oil Well Pumps

North Dakota Oil Patch Saw Biggest Decline In Age In The Nation, And That Has An Impact On Crime

Before North Dakota was making headlines as the epicenter of a boom in domestic shale oil production, and one of the few persistent bright spots in our national economy, ours was a state with an aging workforce and few opportunities for younger citizens. It wasn’t low unemployment or explosive economic growth that was dominating state


Dear Liberals: Western North Dakota Is Not Your Personal Playground

With oil and gas development booming in western North Dakota there are concerns about the impact of that activity on the land around it, and it’s more than just the environment. There is history, culture and scenery worth protecting in the western part of the state. That being said, when you hear some people talk


Darlymple: North Dakota Pipeline Capacity Will Cross One Million Barrels Per Day

Governor Jack Dalrymple is hosting a pipeline summit today, and there’s some good news for those concerned about oil shipments crowding the nation’s roads and rails. According to a press release sent out by Dalrymple’s office, by the end of 2014 “the state’s capacity to ship crude oil to market by pipeline is expected to