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File photo of an aerial image showing a natural gas flare after sunset outside of Williston

North Dakota Sees Lowest Flaring Rate In More Than Two Years

North Dakota Sees Lowest Flaring Rate In More Than Two Years

Back in July I wrote that big reductions in the rate of flaring in North Dakota were on the way. We saw a big spike in flaring over the winter, and that was because the Hess gas processing plant in Tioga went offline for upgrades. Before the upgrades, that plant was processing 100 million cubic


Rep. Rick Becker: In Defense Of Eliminating The Income Tax

North Dakota is awash in money.  Due primarily to oil revenue, our state is enjoying great prosperity.  Our coffers are overflowing. In line with conservative thought, we have planned ahead and have funds for future needs. Those funds, however, are flush with money to the point that we have created (and possibly are still creating)

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Rep. Rick Holman: Oil Boom Brings Lasting Benefits For North Dakota

Forty North Dakota legislators spent two days touring the oil production area in Western North Dakota. As I looked up at the top of a drilling rig near Watford City on a beautiful summer morning, I could not help but think of the person who would be working 120 feet up in a January blizzard.

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David Flynn: What Really Drives the Price of Oil?

I have not looked at oil production time series for North Dakota in a while so I thought it time to take a look. Oil production, in fact most commodity production (and certainly extractive production) has an interesting cost structure. There are significant fixed cost elements to cover in order to generate profit. Notice in


David Flynn: North Dakota Continues Stellar Labor Market Growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released data on employment and unemployment from the Current Employment Statistics survey. North Dakota was number one in the country with a 4.4% increase in total nonfarm employment from year ago levels. That is 12 consecutive months where the year-over-year percent change was at or above 3%, and something

A crude oil train moves past the loading rack at the Eighty-Eight Oil LLC's transloading facility in Ft. Laramie

The Question Of Bakken Crude’s Volatility Must Be Settled

There is a sharp disagreement between the oil industry and the federal government over the volatility of Bakken crude oil. This matters because, while more than 99 percent of hazardous rail shipments arrive at their destinations without incident, there have been high-profile derailments in places like Quebec and Casselton, North Dakota, that have resulted in


9/11 Truther Starts Online Petition, Gets Headline In Bismarck Tribune For Some Reason

Sometimes it becomes painfully obvious how hard the North Dakota media works to produce negative stories about oil development in North Dakota, especially in election years. I don’t know if it’s bias, or just a desire to attract page views, but we get a steady diet of stories about spills and crime and housing shortages


Industry-Backed Study Concludes That Bakken Oil Isn’t More Dangerous To Ship

The North Dakota Petroleum Council has released their final study into the volatility of Bakken crude oil. With environmental activists in North Dakota and elsewhere referring to trains hauling Bakken crude as “bomb trains,” this is a pretty important issue. “This study provides the most thorough and comprehensive analysis of crude oil quality from a


Fracking May Protect America From Side Effects Of Middle Eastern Turmoil

“As of today it is at least theoretically possible to scenarize a world oil shock at least equal to the so-called ‘Arab oil embargo’ of 1973-74 in terms of oil export supply cuts from several key regions and producer states – Russia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and possibly the GCC Arab Gulf exporters,” reports oil