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David Flynn: North Dakota Falls Off Booming Income Pace

David Flynn: North Dakota Falls Off Booming Income Pace

You can tell it is an election year. There are all kinds of polls being done (my household answered more than a few) about all types of issues. I heard some discussion (and if I can remember where I will post any available link) about how is North Dakota doing, as in an attitudinal survey.


Federal Government Stands In The Way Of Reducing Flaring In North Dakota

In the debate surrounding energy development in North Dakota, the state government is often accused of being too lax in its regulation. Ironically, though, when it comes to flaring what is standing in the way of compliance with the state’s tough new flaring regulations – which allow for limits on oil production if gas flaring


Remember When People Said North Dakota Didn’t Need To Cut Oil Taxes?

Remember back in April when people were talking seriously about needing to slow down North Dakota’s oil boom? Remember when they said that we didn’t need to cut and simply North Dakota’s third-highest-in-the-nation oil extraction/production taxes? About that. Department of Mineral Resources Director Lynn Helms says the state may need to adjust some of its

North Dakota Oil Boom

Can You Imagine How Bad Things In America Would Be Without Fracking?

Oil industry innovations like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have opened up entire universes of new energy reserves in the United States. Shale oil and shale gas, previously not reachable, are flowing to market. “The shale revolution has quickly and completely remade America’s energy landscape, leaving us in a much stronger position, both economically and


Have Canadians Found A Way Around America’s Interminable Keystone Delays?

A new pipeline proposed in Canada would take Alberta oil to an eastern seaport where it could be loaded on supertankers and transported to refineries along the Gulf Coast. In this period of national gloom comes an idea — a crazy-sounding notion, or maybe, actually, an epiphany. How about an all-Canadian route to liberate that


Minnesota Sandbags Sandpiper Pipeline, Must Be Pro Train Derailment

According to an Associated Press report this evening, Canadian-based Enbridge has decided to delay a pipeline project of vital importance to North Dakota’s booming economy. The Sandpiper line will, when built, carry up to 225,000 barrels per day of Bakken crude oil from Tioga, North Dakota, through Minnesota to Superior, Wisconsin. That’s just a bit

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Legislators: Let’s Increase Western Share Of Oil Revenues To 60 Percent

Western Republican Legislators and Candidates last week released a very detailed and comprehensive $800M “surge” plan to address oil producing and non-oil producing counties immediate needs. This was step one of a two part plan to address the states infrastructure needs. The surge plan is meant to quickly and efficiently get money out to all


On Television: Oil Tax Revenues Belong To All Of North Dakota

We discussed oil tax revenues and funding for oil patch needs on Chris Berg’s show on Valley News Live last night (video above). During the discussion Berg asked me about an oft-made argument about oil tax revenues, which is the idea that because they’re produced in western counties they belong in western counties. This is

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North Dakota Oil Counties Pay Property Tax Rate 30% Lower Than Non-Oil Counties

Earlier today I vented a bit about local leaders in western North Dakota who, even after legislators announced some $800 million in “surge” funding to meet needs, seem to think that no amount of money will ever be enough to address oil impacts. What frustrates me about this debate is that we spend a lot