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ND House Votes Down Bill Requiring That Trains Have At Least Two Crew Members

ND House Votes Down Bill Requiring That Trains Have At Least Two Crew Members

Rail safety is in the headlines and on the minds of the state’s policymakers, but would state legislation mandating at least two crew members on all trains be good policy? That’s what was debated on the House floor today. HB1357 would have required that all freight trains have at least two crew members, something punishable

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Lynn Helms: State Regulators Working To Make Oil By Rail Shipments Safe

A recent train derailment in West Virginia has generated some inquiries for the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources regarding the safety of transporting Bakken crude oil by rail. On Dec. 9, the Industrial Commission unanimously approved an order that requires all oil producers in North Dakota to install and use oil-conditioning equipment to significantly


It’s Time To Stop Taking The Dakota Resource Council Seriously

The Dakota Resource Council is a well-funded environmental activism group that claims to represent North Dakotans, particularly North Dakota landowners. I’ve never been convinced. According to the group’s financial disclosures, they get a pittance from membership dues and fundraising activities. Most of their money comes from other sources like grants. In fact, in past years


TransCanada Betting Big On An Oil Turnaround

Plunging oil prices have made North Dakotans nervous about the future of the oil boom. But you know who isn’t nervous? TransCanada, the folks behind the uber-controversial Keystone XL pipeline the approval for which Congress just sent to President Barack Obama for his likely veto. It seems the Canadian-based company would like to build another


So Fracking Racist

Apparently, according to a “health justice organizer” who spoke at a rally against hydraulic fracturing in Colorado, domestic oil development is racist because it targets “communities of color.” This may come as a surprise to North Dakota, one of the nation’s leaders in shale oil development, where the population is about 90 percent white according to


House Kills Democrat Bill Mandating Audit Of Oil And Gas Regulators

HB1259 was legislation backed by Democrats and environmental activists mandating a performance audit of the state’s Oil and Gas Division and Health Department, the two agencies of the state most involved in overseeing oil and gas development in the state. I support the audit – I actually wrote a column supporting it back in January


Democrat Superminority Makes Political Hay Over Surge Funding

If there is one silver lining for North Dakota’s superminority Democrats, it’s that they don’t really have to take responsibility for anything that happens in state government. They’re free to play whatever political games they please, knowing full well that whatever the outcome they can point their fingers at the Republican majority. Case in point,


Kevin Cramer: Time To Finish What Reagan Started And Lift The Oil Export Ban

Eight days after being inaugurated as the 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan signed an executive order eliminating price controls on crude oil and petroleum products implemented to increase domestic production and reduce energy demand. “For more than nine years, restrictive price controls have held U.S. oil production below its potential, artificially boosted