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Rod St. Aubyn: Obamacare Is Turning Up The Heat On Americans

Rod St. Aubyn: Obamacare Is Turning Up The Heat On Americans

As I was reviewing recently introduced legislation, I was reminded of conversations that I previously had with two deceased State Senators with whom I had the pleasure of serving. Sen. Jens Tennefos often wore a lapel pin with a frog character. I asked him why he was wearing the “frog pin”. He stated that if

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Bills Filed For Industrial Commission Makeup, Student Loan Forgiveness, Obamacare Exchange

Bills are still being filed down at the legislature in Bismarck. I’ve been trying to highlight some of the legislation that has jumped out at me as interesting here on SAB. Here’s the latest list: SCR4009 – Study membership makeup of the North Dakota Industrial Commission This resolution, introduced by Senator Bill Bowman (R-Bowman), would


James Kerian: It’s Not The Voters’ Opinions That Matter, It’s How Much They Care

Most people disagree with you. If you care about anything in politics (it doesn’t matter where you are on the ideological spectrum) most people disagree with you.  You might be tempted to believe that’s wrong because you have an opinion poll that says most people believe elective abortion should be illegal or most people want


Largest North Dakota Insurer Fined $60,000 For Obamacare-Related Infractions

North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Adam Hamm’s office sent out a press release this morning announcing a fine for Noridian, the parent company of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, in the amount of $60,000 for a series of infractions. You can read the full press release here. The consent order is below. The first


Democrat Senator: We Made A Mistake With Obamacare

With Democrats finding themselves in the minority in Congress after an election day shellacking earlier this month, suddenly that whole Obamacare thing isn’t looking like such a great idea. Schumer says Democrats “blew the opportunity the American people gave them” in the 2008 elections, a Democratic landslide, by focusing on healthcare reform instead of legislation

Heitkamp & Gruber

James Kerian: Heidi Heitkamp Is One Of Jonathan Gruber’s “Stupid Voters”

Jonathan Gruber, MIT health economist and “architect” of Obamacare, has been causing his fellow Democrats a lot of heartburn over the last week.  The problem, for Democrats, is that videos have emerged of Gruber in various public forums discussing what everyone involved in creating Obamacare knew when they were developing it and ramming it through congress.


Rod St. Aubyn: Obamacare Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

So much has happened since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, more commonly called Obamacare.  In fact it could be said that Obamacare is “the gift that keeps on giving.”  If you go back in history you will remember that this act never would have occurred without promises from the Obama administration and Senate


North Dakota Insurance Commissioner: Why Not Give States The Choice To Opt Out Of Obamacare?

With Republicans set to have majorities in Congress next year (once we get through what is sure to be an interesting lame-duck session of the current Congress), the question of repealing Obamacare is on the table. Except, that’s not likely to happen. President Barack Obama is sure to veto any bill repealing his signature legislation,


Dem House Candidate George Sinner Dodges Obamacare Question

The Bismarck Tribune has a profile up about state Senator George Sinner, who is the Demcorats’ challenger to Reppublican House incumbent Kevin Cramer. One of the questions Sinner is asked is about Obamacare. Now, unlike past electon cycles, Obamacare is not some nebulous policy. It has been passed by Congress, signed by President Barack Obama,


LegitSlater: Thanks Obamacare! WalMart Drops Health Care for Part Timers Due to ACA

It’s hard to believe things could get worse for President Obama and his “signature” health care legislation tragically called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Yet, ever since it’s inception, Obamacare (ACA’s more common name) has succeeded only in disappointing those it sought to help most, and embarrass it’s namesake through a continuous cycle of failures and