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Is Rick Berg Running For Something Again?

Is Rick Berg Running For Something Again?

The short answer to the headline question is no, he’s not. I’m certain that’s what Rick would say if you asked him, and certainly that’s what the sign outside of the hospitality room he ran at the recent NDGOP convention here in Minot said. If Rick Berg was running for anything in 2014 we’d have


Sen John Hoeven: Unleash The Energy Industry To Help Address Unemployment Problem (Video)

North Dakota Senator John Hoeven announced today legislation that would approve the Keystone XL pipeline and also allow the export of natural gas. Currently, with a few exceptions, it is illegal to export unrefined oil and natural gas. With American markets inundated with natural gas, producers want more access to international markets. Specifically, Senator Hoeven’s


Who Knew North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp Was A Southern Democrat?

There’s a lot of gnashing of teeth on the left today after the Senate shot down President Obama’s nomination of Debo Adegbile to a civil rights post in the Department of Justice. Adegbile was a controversial choice – a man who once was legal counsel to jailed cop killer and far-left icon Mumia Abu-Jamal – and I


EPA Administrator In North Dakota: “I Will Get Sued No Matter What I Do”

EPA Administration Gina McCarthy visited North Dakota today – she was invited by Senator Heidi Heitkamp – and things got a little testy between her and Senator John Hoeven today. Dickinson Press reporter Bryan Horwath recorded the exchange on Twitter. Testy exchange between Sen. John Hoeven and EPA admin Gina McCarthy. It just got real.


Senator Heidi Heitkamp Donated Shutdown Salary To “Beer For Boobs” Charity

I’ve written at length (and even discussed on television) my efforts to find out whether or not Senator Heidi Heitkamp donated her salary during the government shutdown last year, and where she donated it. But Senator Heitkamp and her staff have not responded to my requests for information, mostly because I think Heitkamp likes to

US Sen. John Hoeven, R-ND, speaks to rep

From The Left: North Dakota Republicans Fulfill Democrat Policy Goals

As a fairly politically active Democrat in ND, it has been interesting watching all of the hand-wringing by many North Dakota Republicans regarding the exceptionally high rate of increased spending by ND’s state government. At the same time that some in the Party are pulling out their hair about this spending, they’re pointing fingers at


Hoeven: Nebraska Ruling May Not Delay Keystone Pipeline For Long

News broke earlier today that a judge in Nebraska has thrown out that state’s approval of the Keystone XL pipeline project, finding that the legislature had illegally delegated authority over the project to Governor Dave Heineman instead of the state’s Public Service Commission: Lancaster County Judge Stephanie Stacy issued a ruling that invalidated Nebraska Gov.


Heitkamp Votes For Debt Ceiling Hike, Hoeven And Cramer Vote No

Yesterday the US House passed a debt ceiling hike that, for the first time since 2009, had no other spending or policy concessions included in it. Today the Senate followed suite. In the House, Rep. Kevin Cramer voted against the hike saying he couldn’t approve of one without conditions attached. “I could not in good


After Campaigning Against Him, Senator Heidi Heitkamp Votes With Obama 97% Of The Time

Some of you might remember campaign ads like the one above from 2012 in which Heidi Heitkamp, currently serving as one of North Dakota’s two Senators, promised to “stand up” to President Barack Obama. Heitkamp has worked hard to cultivate that image. Shortly after being elected Heitkamp was described as a “defiant Democrat” not afraid