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“Surge” Funding Bill For Oil Impacts Bloats To $1.1 Billion

“Surge” Funding Bill For Oil Impacts Bloats To $1.1 Billion

At the beginning of the legislative session there were two competing approaches to sending a quick dose of cash to western North Dakota to address oil impacts. The first was SB2103, the “surge” bill, proposed by a group of western North Dakota lawmakers. It represented $845 million in funding, with $300 million going to oil


Not So Much A Rollback Of Oil Regulations But A Change In Process

“Measure would void new North Dakota flaring, oil rules,” screams a headline from the Associated Press about Rep. Keith Kempenich’s bill to change the process by which oil regulations are passed by the the Industrial Commission. That headline set up a scolding and typically intemperate editorial from the Fargo Forum which, as usual, seems to have only


Should The Legislature Spike A Few More Higher Ed Board Appointments?

Last week State Board of Higher Education President Kirsten Diederich resigned rather than face a tough hearing before state Senators less than pleased with the university system’s performance. Diederich had been appointed to another term on the board by Dalrymple and needed it confirmed by the Senate. Today comes this headline in the Grand Forks Herald


It’s Western Lawmakers Vs. Governor Dalrymple On Western Funding

Now that they’ve rushed through the really important legislation, lawmakers today are addressing funding for western North Dakota. Both Governor Jack Dalrymple and a group of western lawmakers have proposed funding to address oil impacts and infrastructure to be hurried through the legislature so planning for the summer construction season can begin. The western lawmakers,

Marketplace Fairness Act

Cheesed Off Heidi Heitkamp Is Definitely Running For Governor In 2016

I think we have our answer about whether or not Senator Heidi Heitkamp is running for Governor in 2016 as has been widely rumored. In an interview with her allies on the Fargo Forum editorial board, Heitkamp refused to rule out running in 2016 and got off this shot at Rep. Roscoe Streyle for backing legislation


“Don’t tell me we aren’t spending any money”

One of the most useful publications from Legislative Council is their Budget and Fiscal Trends documents which presents the state’s spending and revenues in a series of fairly easy to understand graphs. Click here read the most recent iteration of this report (along with past reports) which is currently being distributed to lawmakers today. In


Video: Dalrymple State Of The State Speech Seemed Written For A Different North Dakota

The video above is of Governor Jack Dalrymple’s 2015 State of the State address (jump forward to about the 25 minute mark if you want to skip a lot of gavel-pounding and pompous ceremony). Like all of these sort of events, it was heavy on self-congratulatory politics, but what struck me about the speech was


North Dakota Dem: Empowering The People Is “Politics At Its Absolute Worst”

The rest of the state media has picked up on a story I broke about legislation, sponsored by Rep. Roscoe Streyle of Minot, which would change the way the state fills Senate vacancies. Currently the Governor appoints a replacement. Streyle’s legislation would require an immediate special election. This is clearly aimed at Senator Heidi Heitkamp