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North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple

Lawmakers Cut $1 Billion So Far From Dalrymple’s Executive Budget

Lawmakers Cut $1 Billion So Far From Dalrymple’s Executive Budget

The first half of the 2015 legislative session is over. The House and Senate chambers have each addressed every single bill put before them by their members, rejecting some and passing most. Lawmakers are now on a break until Wednesday next week. When they come back, what they’ll have to grapple with is a $178


When A 3 Percent Pay Raise For Public Employees Somehow Becomes A Pay Cut

I had some business/family stuff to attend to yesterday so I mostly missed the floor sessions in the legislature, but I had to comment on this because it’s pretty absurd. The Senate Appropriations Committee has, prudently, begun to pare down spending bills because the state is facing billions of dollars worth of revenue uncertainties thanks

After Hours - Episode 1 - YouTube

After Hours With Senator Joe Miller: Governor Must Lead On Higher Education

During the legislative session I will be interviewing lawmakers for a series of posts here on SAB. In my inaugural interview, I sat down to discuss several issues with Senator Joe Miller (R-Park River) on Friday, February 6. During our conversation Senator Miller well spoken on farming legislation, but as the drama continues in Higher Education, Miller was


Controversial Common Core Bill Will Get Amendments On The House Floor

Last week the House Education Committee heard testimony on HB1461, which was introduced by Rep. Jim Kasper to address North Dakota’s adoption of the Common Core standards. Lawmakers listened to more than five hours of public testimony on the bill before giving it a 9-4 “do not pass” recommendation. But the version of the bill


New York Times Hit Piece On North Dakota Oil Boom Was Just Democrat Talking Points

Remember last year when the New York Times published a lengthy series of articles casting North Dakota’s Republican-dominated state government as inept and corrupt in terms of handling the oil boom? I pointed out in November that the Times reporter met with former Democrat Lt. Governor candidate Ellen Chaffee, something the times took exception to in an


Poll: 61% Of North Dakotans Approve Of Legislature, Dems As Unpopular As Tea Party

I have more polling data available today courtesy of DFM Research taking a look at how North Dakotans see their political leaders and institutions. You can read the full report, complete with all the cross-tabs and other info, below but here’s a summary of the findings: The only real surprise I saw here was the


Dalrymple Higher Ed Board Nominee Embarrassed Himself In Front Of Senate Committee

Last week Kevin Melicher, one of Governor Jack Dalrymple’s nominees to fill four vacancies on the State Board of Higher Education, got a hearing before a state Senate committee. It didn’t go well. “As many as 20 senators sat in in his hearing where he embarrassed himself by not having basic knowledge he could have


Governor, Attorney General Play Hot Potato With Obamacare Lawsuit

Yesterday I reported that North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem had joined the state to an amicus brief filing siding with the Obama administration in the King vs. Burwell case, widely seen as the last opportunity to overturn Obamacare in the courts. That raised some eyebrows since most North Dakotans are pretty squarely on the record


North Dakota Roughrider Award Winner Louise Erdrich Trashes Oil Boom

The Theodore Roosevelt Roughrider Award “recognizes present or former North Dakotans who have been influenced by this state in achieving national recognition in their fields of endeavor, thereby reflecting credit and honor upon North Dakota and its citizens,” according to the state website. Those honored with the award are selected by the Governor with concurrence

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It’s Time For North Dakota’s Oil Tax Reformers To Say “I Told You So”

Earlier today North Dakota lawmakers announced a revenue projection that is much more pessimistic than the one Governor Jack Dalrymple used for his budget address in December. It’s being widely reported that the projection would reduce state revenues by more than $4 billion, but there aren’t a lot of details about where that hammer is