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Rod St. Aubyn: What Is The Future Of The Legal Profession?

Rod St. Aubyn: What Is The Future Of The Legal Profession?

I was so pleased to see that Governor Dalrymple is awarding the Roughrider Award to ND Supreme Court Chief Justice Gerald VandeWalle.  It is an award that Chief Justice VandeWalle deserves.  He is such a humble public servant and someone that lawyers can and do look up to and use as a true role model.


Another Company Cuts Back Spending, Drilling In North Dakota Due To Oil Prices

More ugly news for a state that has an aggressive spending budget built on oil tax revenues, despite what Governor Jack Dalrymple has claimed. Two days ago Oasis Petroleum announced that they were cutting back their drilling operations in the Bakken region from 16 planned rigs to 6 and that they’d be cutting their 2015 capital


Report: North Dakota Tax Revenues Down 46 Percent In Third Quarter UPDATE: Not So Much

Update: Turns out the Rockefeller Institute report had some major flaws. See an update here. “We expect revenues to remain strong in the next budgeting period,” Governor Jack Dalrymple said in his recent budget address to a joint session of the Legislature. “We expect revenues to continue to exceed on-going expenditures.” Uh… Declines in oil


Jack Dalrymple Needs To Get A Clue: The University System Isn’t Doing Well

In a meeting with the Fargo Forum editorial board, Governor Jack Dalrymple was asked about the request by the North Dakota University System to exempt evaluations of university presidents from open records requests. Rather unbelievably, given what it says about their leadership (or lack thereof), members of the State Board of Higher Education say they won’t


Sometimes The Messenger Deserves To Be “Shot”

“It’s foolish to blame messenger.” That was the headline to a Fargo Forum editorial from over the weekend which fired back at critics of a recent New York Times article about the State of North Dakota’s handling of the oil boom. “Like dust in a prairie wind, criticism of New York Times articles on North


North Dakota’s Income Tax Collections Soar Even As Rates Are Cut Nearly In Half

During his budget address to the Legislature last week Governor Jack Dalrymlpe, by way of trying to bolster a measly proposal for just $125 million in personal/corporate income tax relief, pointed out that if lawmaker institute his proposed cuts the income tax rates will be nearly 50 percent lower than before 2009. Collective, that’s not

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State Taking Over Social Services? That’s Not Tax Relief

During his budget address earlier this week Governor Jack Dalrymple proposed a state take over of local social service spending. This isn’t a new idea. The Legislature actually authorized the counties taking over social services back in the 1980’s when the state was broke. Last session the state House defeated the bill –  HB1233 – on


John Dorso: Legislative Session Will Hinge On Oil Prices

I haven’t had an opportunity to review the entire Governors budget message just delivered to the organizational session of the 64th legislative session.  Based on a quick overview I would like to make a few comments.   Governors and the Office of Management and Budget have always had a difficult time putting together a budget that