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Interesting: States That Increased Local Spending Have Not Reduced Property Taxes

Interesting: States That Increased Local Spending Have Not Reduced Property Taxes

Since before the 2007 Legislative session, North Dakota has been embroiled in a statewide debate about property taxes. Judging by the amount of criticism from the public about property taxes, and the fact that the state’s politicians seek to address it again and again with various schemes, I don’t think there’s any question that a


Ryan Taylor, Dem Candidate For Ag Commisison, Files Complaint Over Industrial Commission Meeting Minutes

Ryan Taylor, the endorsed Democrat candidate for Agriculture Commission, has filed an open meetings complaint with the North Dakota Attorney General over North Dakota Industrial Commission meeting minutes requested by Ellen Chaffee, his running mate when he ran for governor in 2012. This is from his announcement on the North Dakota Democrat website: The request

Rick Berg, Tracy Berg

Is Rick Berg Running For Something Again?

The short answer to the headline question is no, he’s not. I’m certain that’s what Rick would say if you asked him, and certainly that’s what the sign outside of the hospitality room he ran at the recent NDGOP convention here in Minot said. If Rick Berg was running for anything in 2014 we’d have


If You Want People To Come To North Dakota, Eliminate The Income Tax

North Dakota has a labor shortage problem. On one hand, we can tout the state’s rock-bottom low unemployment rate – just 2.6 percent in January according to the latest numbers – as evidence of a booming economy. On the other hand, another report from North Dakota Job Service indicates that there is less than one


Governor Jack Dalrymple Picked The Wrong Day To Unveil Health Record Sharing Network

What sort of day is the wrong day to announce a new statewide network for sharing health records? Maybe the day one of the largest branches of state government, the North Dakota University System, announced to the media that hackers had access to a server storing hundreds of thousands of private student records – including


Industrial Commission Nixes Public Comment For Oil Drilling On Private Land, Embraces Flaring Reduction Plan

Citing concerns over private property rights, and whether or not the North Dakota Industrial Commission even has the authority to do such a thing. Governor Jack Dalrymple yesterday proposed an amendment to “extraordinary places” regulations that removes private lands from consideration. Many in North Dakota, particularly those in the west, felt that allowing public comment


Lawsuit To Remove North Dakota Governor Doesn’t Get Any Less Silly After Reading

Yesterday I wrote about a lawsuit filed by erstwhile gubernatorial candidate Paul Sorum demanding that over 309,000 ballots cast for Republican Jack Dalrymple and Democrat Ryan Taylor – representing 97 percent of all ballots – be tossed out because the Certificate of Endorsement form for those candidates wasn’t filled out correctly. Today I’ve obtained the


Can A Lawsuit Make A Man Who Got Less Than 2% Of The Vote Governor Of North Dakota?

In the 2012 election, Governor Jack Dalrymple and Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley received 200,526 votes representing 63.1 percent of all ballots cast. Paul Sorum, gubernatorial candidate who lost the NDGOP endorsement to Dalrymple then ran on the general election ballot as an independent, got 5,356 votes or 1.69 percent of all ballots cast. Now, 477

US Sen. John Hoeven, R-ND, speaks to rep

From The Left: North Dakota Republicans Fulfill Democrat Policy Goals

As a fairly politically active Democrat in ND, it has been interesting watching all of the hand-wringing by many North Dakota Republicans regarding the exceptionally high rate of increased spending by ND’s state government. At the same time that some in the Party are pulling out their hair about this spending, they’re pointing fingers at


North Dakota Democrats To Make Official Request For Special Legislative Session

According to Bismarck Tribune reporter Nick Smith, North Dakota Democrats plan on asking for a special session to address western North Dakota spending needs. #NorthDakota Democratic-NPL Party Caucus to formally request the Gov. call a special Legislature session to address oil patch needs #NDPol — Nick Smith (@NSmithReports) February 24, 2014 Obviously part of the Democrats’