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Darlymple: North Dakota Pipeline Capacity Will Cross One Million Barrels Per Day

Darlymple: North Dakota Pipeline Capacity Will Cross One Million Barrels Per Day

Governor Jack Dalrymple is hosting a pipeline summit today, and there’s some good news for those concerned about oil shipments crowding the nation’s roads and rails. According to a press release sent out by Dalrymple’s office, by the end of 2014 “the state’s capacity to ship crude oil to market by pipeline is expected to


Will The Senate Approve SBHE President’s Re-Appointment?

According to a press release just sent out by Governor Jack Dalrymple’s office, he’s re-appointing State Board of Higher Education President Kirsten Diederich to a second four-year term and also appointing Kevin Melicher to his first term. The Diederich choice is interesting as some legislators have made noises about not approving Diederich if she is


Gov Jack Dalrymple’s Budget Guidelines Calls For “Hold Even” Budgets, Observers Get A Good Chuckle

Today Governor Jack Dalrymple issued his budgeting guidelines for the 2015-2017 biennium, and he’s calling for “hold even” budgets from state agencies. I got a good laugh out of it. “Dalrymple directed agency leaders to develop a hold-even baseline budget with an option for additional resources that are essential to the needs of a growing state.,” read


Reform The Property Tax? Yes Please. More State Buy Downs? No Thanks.

Since about 2007, the approach to addressing North Dakota’s property tax problem under Governors John Hoeven and now Jack Dalrymple has been for the state to buy them down. First with an income tax payment, then with money sent directly to local governments in exchange for locals lowering mill levies. Up to the last legislative


Governor Jack Dalrymple: No Special Session

Governor Jack Dalrymple announced today that he will not call a special session of the state Legislature to address western North Dakota oil impacts. Gov. Dalrymple says he won't call special session. Says he and Leg. leaders will pass early funding bill in regular session to meet needs. — Mike Nowatzki (@mikenowatzki) April 28, 2014


Interesting: States That Increased Local Spending Have Not Reduced Property Taxes

Since before the 2007 Legislative session, North Dakota has been embroiled in a statewide debate about property taxes. Judging by the amount of criticism from the public about property taxes, and the fact that the state’s politicians seek to address it again and again with various schemes, I don’t think there’s any question that a


Ryan Taylor, Dem Candidate For Ag Commisison, Files Complaint Over Industrial Commission Meeting Minutes

Ryan Taylor, the endorsed Democrat candidate for Agriculture Commission, has filed an open meetings complaint with the North Dakota Attorney General over North Dakota Industrial Commission meeting minutes requested by Ellen Chaffee, his running mate when he ran for governor in 2012. This is from his announcement on the North Dakota Democrat website: The request

Rick Berg, Tracy Berg

Is Rick Berg Running For Something Again?

The short answer to the headline question is no, he’s not. I’m certain that’s what Rick would say if you asked him, and certainly that’s what the sign outside of the hospitality room he ran at the recent NDGOP convention here in Minot said. If Rick Berg was running for anything in 2014 we’d have


If You Want People To Come To North Dakota, Eliminate The Income Tax

North Dakota has a labor shortage problem. On one hand, we can tout the state’s rock-bottom low unemployment rate – just 2.6 percent in January according to the latest numbers – as evidence of a booming economy. On the other hand, another report from North Dakota Job Service indicates that there is less than one