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Obama Makes Statement On Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

Surprise: Post-Obamacare Deductibles Going Through The Roof

Surprise: Post-Obamacare Deductibles Going Through The Roof

Supporters of Obamacare took a victory lap when the first premium numbers were released for 2015 and the increases weren’t quite so “scary” as first thought. But there’s a reason for that. As USA Today reports, premiums aren’t going up so much because policyholders are seeing big hikes to out-of-pocket expenses: A report out today


Rod St. Aubyn: Insurance Mandates Take Away Choice

In my last two blogs on the failures of the “Affordable” Care Act to actually control health care cost increases as the proponents promised (insert first article link here) and my suggested state solutions (insert second article link here), I discussed the role that health insurance mandates play in increasing health care costs. Let’s first

Obamacare Whats in a Name

Rod St. Aubyn: States Should Have Taken The Lead On Health Insurance Reform

In last week’s post, I brought up the failures of the Affordable Care Act (ACA or as many refer to it as “ObamaCare”) in controlling health care costs in addition to many other failures. As I indicated, I prefer that health care reform be a state solution versus the power grab by the Federal government.


Rod St. Aubyn: Where Are Obamacare’s Health Care Cost Savings?

I’m sure many have seen the recent news story of the Minnesota restaurant that started to charge and display on the receipt a new surcharge for the cost of the recently passed minimum wage increase. I have often wished that health insurers were required to itemize on their premium notices the new costs that are


North Dakota Could Use That Obamacare Apology: Over 35,000 Lost Insurance, Less Than 5,000 Gained It

“For the State of the Union, one of the things President Obama really ought to do is look in the TV camera and say to the over five million Americans all across this country who have had their health insurance cancelled because of Obamacare — to look in the camera and say, ‘I’m sorry,’” Texas


The Most Frightening Health Care Article You’ll Read All Day

“Maryland just became the biggest petri dish in America’s experiment to contain health-care costs,” reports John Tozzi for Bloomberg. What is the state doing? They’re looking to put a legal cap on hospital charges. Maryland has a unique regulatory relationship with its health care industry. It has a commission that sets hospital prices, much like


Under Obamacare Access To America’s Best Medical Care Is Curtailed

No honest observer would claim that the pre-Obamacare status quo in health insurance and health care was good. The cost of care was skyrocketing, thus driving the cost of coverage. Then along came Obamacare adding confusing bureaucracy, incompetent technology and expensive new mandates while doing very little in terms of making access to care and insurance


“I thought this was going to be the miracle for us and it’s not”

The Obama administration is busy making the case that the HealthCare.gov website’s performance has improved. And, to be fair, they’re right. There are substantial problems lingering, and the site remains a monument to government incompetence, but there has been progress. And in coming weeks the site will probably be workable for most Americans. But the


North Dakota’s Largest Insurer Will Still Be Canceling Policies Thanks To Obamacare

Stung by outrage over millions of Americans – including tens of thousands right here in North Dakota – losing their existing health insurance policies thanks to Obamacare, President Obama announced that insurance companies could continue selling those policies for another year. But Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota – by far the largest player


Ohio Company Cuts Insurance Benefits For Over A Thousand Workers

One of the talking points deployed to spin news of millions of Americans in the individual insurance market losing their coverage was that the insurance market is only 8% of the national insurance market. But’s not really all that convincing, because it still doesn’t make it ok to wound the millions who make up that