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Steve Van Dyke: Seven Things To Know About North Dakota’s Energy Landscape

Steve Van Dyke: Seven Things To Know About North Dakota’s Energy Landscape

The oil boom has created a large need for more electricity in North Dakota and also in Montana and South Dakota – areas typically served by North Dakota’s coal-based power plants. A 2012 study conducted by Kadrmas, Lee and Jackson for the North Dakota Industrial Commission shows that North Dakota will need an additional 2000


Hold On To Your Wallets: Obama Administration Announces Severe New Regulations For Coal Power Plants

Today the Obama administration announced new emissions rules for existing power plants that would require them to reduce emissions by 30 percent by 2030. That comes on top of an already proposed rule for new power plants that North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Randy Christmann has said was set for political reasons. “It seems like


Jason Bohrer: Understand The Impact Of EPA’s Of New Coal Power Regulations

On the cusp of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement of proposed greenhouse gas regulations for existing coal-based power plants, North Dakotans should understand how the EPA’s actions could affect their lives and pocketbooks. Demand for electrical power in North Dakota is expected to increase by 208 percent over the next 20 years.  With an


Fun Earth Day Fact: Renewable Energy Was Just 7.8% Of American Power Last Year, And That’s Down From…1949

Earth Day is tomorrow, and here’s something that might blow your mind as you read the stories about our allegedly impending global warming apocalypse and the efforts to head it off. “Renewable energy (including hydropower) provided only 7.8% of energy consumed in the US last year,” writesUniversity of Michigan Professor of Economics Mark Perry. “That


Heidi Heitkamp’s Clean Coal Efforts Get Mixed Reaction From Coal Industry

I have a post over at Watchdog.org today about Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s efforts on behalf of the coal industry. Specifically legislation she’s introduced the Advanced Clean Coal Technology Investment in Our Nation (ACCTION) Bill to subsidize clean coal technology. But with the EPA looking to make the building of new coal-fired power plants illegal, the


Coal Makes A Come Back In Europe

Investment in so-called “green energy” is sagging in Europe, for a lot of reasons mostly having to do with the fact that absent heavy government subsidy “green energy” doesn’t work in any major market anywhere: Clean-energy investment fell 14 percent in the third quarter from the prior three months as Europe curbed subsidies and cheaper


Shocker: New EPA Coal Regulations Might Not Actually Be About The Environment

Here’s another data point to suggest that the Obama administration’s environmental agenda may have more to do with politics than the environment. The EPA has announced tough new carbon regulations for new coal-fired power plants. These are regulations so extreme they couldn’t pass a Democrat supermajority in Congress, so the Obama administration is pushing ahead


If North Dakota Loses Mining Oversight, The Consequences Could Be Disastrous

It hasn’t gotten a lot of media attention, but the lawsuit filed by two left-wing environmental groups (the Sierra Club and the Dakota Resource Council) isn’t really about contributions accepted from coal industry groups and employees by state Public Service Commission members. The plaintiffs argue that those contributions, legally-made and disclosed to the public under

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Energy Prices Highest Ever Recorded In May

As President Obama pushes his “war on coal” and other supposedly “green” energy policies, energy prices hit their highest level ever recorded by the BLS: (CNSNews.com) – The price of electricity in the United States for May was 13.1 cents per kilowatt hour (KWH), which is the highest it has been on record for that