Support For Gay Marriage Among Republicans Up 24% In The Last Year

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A slim majority of Republicans do still oppose gay marriage, but the numbers are changing rapidly per a CBS poll.

In fact, 33% of the people who said they support gay marriage said they once held the opposite position.

As the Supreme Court begins to hear oral arguments in cases involving two high-profile laws to do with same-sex marriage – California’s Proposition 8 and the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act -53 percent of Americans think it should be legal for same-sex couples to marry, while 39 percent say it should not be legal.

Although public opinion on this topic has been consistent for the last few months, it has reversed markedly from as recently as a year ago. In May 2012, just after President Barack Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, 51 percent of Americans said it should not be legal for same-sex couples to marry.

The poll suggests the extent to which people’s views have changed. Thirty-three percent of Americans who now think same-sex couples should be allowed to legally marry say they once held the opposite view. …

Politically, most Democrats (63 percent) and independents (56 percent) favor legalization of same-sex marriage, while most Republicans (56 percent) do not. Still, support for same-sex marriage among Republicans has increased from just 13 percent in May 2012 (after the President announced his support of same-sex marriage) to 37 percent today.

Minds are changing, and Republicans are getting left behind on this issue. Especially among younger voters, as another poll from the Public Religion Research Institute shows (see below).

From a personal, moral standpoint I think gays should be allowed to marry. It’s their lives. Let’s grant them the dignity to live them as they wish.

But politically, this is a loser issue for Republicans long term. Opposition to gay marriage is increasingly a minority viewpoint among present generations of American voters, and in the coming generations it’s going to be downright marginal.


Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • The Whistler

    Young voters are usually wrong. Fortunately many of them grow up.

    • Rob

      You keep telling yourself that.

    • HG

      Not if the left can help it (and occasionally a misguided republican or two.)

    • Guest

      And older voters tend to die out, along with their outdated views fortunately.

    • Davo

      Have you come across a lot of people who USED to support gay marriage, but then changed their minds?

      Wait, let me re-phrase. Have you come across *ANY*???

      • HG

        Conservatives fully acknowledge society is in decline.

  • grandma

    I think that the polls are now done by liberal poll-takers and questions are asked to favor Gay marriage. I think the worst thing about this is that we who believe have to accept that the definition of a “marriage” will now have to change, give them the right to marry and have whatever they think they deserve, but don’t make me have to change my definition that marriage is between one man and one women.

    • Rob

      But how many pols are going to come out showing this exact trend before we start to believe them?

  • sbark

    in the latest ABC/Washington Post poll, they have found that the anti-gay marriage polling data among the opponents is under-sampled and under-represented.


    What they have found is that the polling on gay marriage has weighted opponents to gay marriage by seven to 10% less than they are, on average, and in some cases it’s 15%. Meaning, if you see a poll 52-45 in support of gay marriage, it’s probably more like 49-49 tied, or 48-50 opposed, that there is that much bias.

    Joseph Goebels would be proud……..

    • AV

      We all heard these same stories last year, in the run-up to the election. Guess who was wrong?

      • yy4u2

        The people that voted for Obama as we knew n you are finding out.

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

        10x. Right wing lemmings.

    • Rob

      Look at the state elections though. Look at the legislative actions.

      The states are trending toward gay marriage. This is a loser issue.

      • sbark

        so what state with a referendum directly on gay marriage passed it?……I must have missed those

        The public has pretty much given its “tolerance” to the issue, unless the poeple vote and approve affirmation for the issue——-dont force it on us with just 9 guys in black robes……….can it be any more anti- Libertarianistic?
        There is a core group that will retain their core principles and convictions wether this attack on religion work or not. Some dont switch just by holding a finger up in the air to test the political winds.

      • HG

        As is immigration reform, medicare reform, social security reform, etc.
        People, even a majority of them, sometimes want what isn’t best for society.

  • Guest

    Rob – What is your take on the current SCOTUS hearing the argument against Prop 8? I know you are pro-gay-marriage but should the court overturn the initiated will of the people? No matter your definition of marriage the court should not be making federal law from the bench, right? If so, how should they proceed to be faithful to their oaths to uphold the constitution and not create another Roe v. Wade precedent binding on all states. Isn’t this a matter of federalism and state’s rights?

    • Rob

      I haven’t looked at the arguments in depth, but it’s my sense that the issue is less about gay marriage specifically than it’s about the supremacy clause and state sovereignty.

      Though i support gay marriage, I hope the Supreme Court upholds the vote in California. if the people there don’t like their marriage laws, let them change them.

  • Neiman

    Don’t worry Rob, the court will punt and Gay Marriage by default will become the law of the land. The GOP will embrace gay marriage and your evil desires will be realized. Evangelicals will leave the GOP and it will be the atheist party. Congratulations!

    Aren’t you proud killing states rights, god and all our moral values?

    • flamemeister

      The victory for the Left will be huge. A descent into the maelstrom.

      • Davo

        It’ll be a victory for the Right as well. Finally, at long last, your sons, your daughters, your colleagues, and your friends will all be allowed to marry the person they love.

        • Hardy

          As if love has anything to do with it. bwaaaahhaaaaahaaaaahaaaa. It’s just sickos getting off.

          • Davo

            It’s lucky you don’t have any gay friends or relatives who are out of the closet–or else you’d have to put some thought into your response!

          • Neiman

            One can have gay friends and relatives and still oppose, even to them, homosexuality and gay marriage. You can love the person and say you hate their behavior, just as you could a thief. You can dearly love and be willing to die for a child and yet rat them out and help send them to jail for a crime they committed, that is tough love, loving them despite and through their horrible failures, like Jesus loves the lost and those that hate Him.

            At the end of the day homosexuality has NOTHING to do with love, it is driven by sexual lusts (Eros), as the alcoholic burns with the literal fires of hell for that next drink. Love, real love seeks not its own pleasure for a season, it is not self seeking at all, but selfless, self sacrificing, it is never about sexual lusts. Sex may be involved with people truly in love, but it is not required for true love to exist.

          • Davo

            You should hang out with more gay people, brah.

          • Neiman

            You should hang out with decent, moral people, it may provide you enough light to escape hell.

  • JimTownGuy

    I would think Republicans would fully support gay marriage. After all, there would be a 0% chance of ever wanting or needing to have an abortion.

    • sbark

      Not so………a couple of Lesbian use invitro fertilzation and then change their mind—–even a double abortion cause “they love each other” so much

    • JoeMN

      Marriage linked to pregnancy ?
      If only.

  • Lincoln

    There seems to be a lot of talking fossils on this site.

  • Jerry

    Morality is not determined by a vote.

    Majorities are not always right.

    I’ll continue to cling to my religion and guns. The rest of you, do whatever makes you feel good.

    Enjoy the decline.

    • Rob

      The thing is, nobody wants to do anything to your religion. Gay marriage isn’t about forcing your church to marry gays.

      It’s about letting churches that want to marry gays have that freedom.

      Remember the whole freedom of religion thing?

      • Jerry

        Didn’t say that. As usual, you twist people’s words around and come out with an entirely different meaning.

    • HG

      Gay marriage is all about forcing society to accept homosexuality as “normal” in spite of all the facts to the contrary, and most importantly, in spite of any and all religious doctrine to the contrary.
      Make no mistake, gay marriage is outright rebellion against nature, nature’s God, and especially religion.

  • JoeMN

    If this 25 % applies to Minnesota as well, how do we explain this ?

    Fifty-three percent of Minnesotans say the state statute banning
    same-sex unions should stand. Only 38 percent say legislators should
    overturn the law this year, while 9 percent are undecided.

    Registered voter split 46-30 Democrat.
    Personally I believe we should remove all government induced advantages to marriage.

    These groups would soon loose interest in the institution, while those posers in their ranks who have set their sights solely on the total annihilation of Christianity will move on to other avenues (just as they have since the beginning of time)

  • nimrod

    Gay will always be an immoral and disgusting fetish in my mind, and although I am not interested in restricting, I don’t believe they should become a privileged citizen class, or be allowed special treatment because of their fetish.

    • Rob

      I’m fine that you feel that way, though I don’t agree, but how about letting other people make up their own minds?

  • Lianne

    The sad thing is that no matter how they attempt to call a gay union a marriage, it will never be a marriage. No matter how much they want to be ‘normal’, feel ‘normal’, they will never be normal. There are millions of people who are not ‘normal’. It is not limited to homosexual beings. A marriage will not make the gays feel normal. A marriage by any other union than that of a man and woman is not a marriage.

    Now, if they want a civil contract for benefit packages, no one is stopping them. If they want a marraige, no one is stopping them from marrying a person of the opposite sex.

    Not every heterosexual can get married. It is another liberal talking point to dismantle the definition of our culture-nothing more, nothing less.

    • Davo

      “Now, if they want a civil contract for benefit packages, no one is stopping them.”

      Yes, actually. The Defense of Marriage Act is.

  • SigFan

    So for the sake of scoring political victories people with a moral or religious objection to what they believe is abhorrent are supposed to just shut up and take it? Whether the majority of society thinks this is right or not means nothing – majorities have been wrong before. The majority of Germans backed Hitler, the majority of Russians backed the revolution, the majority of Americans elected Obama – twice. Look how well those turned out. For all of recorded history marriage has been recognized as the union of one man and one woman. It is consistently thought of in that way across all the major world religions and has historically been defined by religion, not by the state. It has only been in recent history that the state, in support of the religious institution of marriage have created laws to facilitate property inheritance issues and other legal proceedings such as division of assets and protections for children in divorce proceedings. Give gays those same legal protections, but you do not need to redefine something well understood for several millenniums to do that. And the fact is that marriage isn’t really what this is all about, it is about deconstructing society and the moral underpinnings that allow society to flourish. No matter what you call it, two people of the same sex will never be marriage in the eyes of God, the creator of and final judge of all.

  • HG

    I thought social issues weren’t important to voters.

    Homosexuality has nothing to do with marriage or family. Nature has seen to that. We can all pretend, hold hands in solidarity and sing “kumbaya” but you can change reality. Truth is funny that way.

    I’ll just let the reeds sway with the wind. Americans would do well to side with the truth.

  • awfulorv

    Have we considered the plight of the gay bar proprietors if homosexuality becomes commonplace? They will have spent years, in many cases, promoting their establishments, only to watch their clientele flood those bars, heretofore favored by straights, in their insatiable desires for new sexual conquests?

    • Davo

      What’s your favorite gay bar?

      • Hardy

        Your house.

  • G Whiz

    Hey… it it was good enough for Sodom & Gomorrah, it’s good enough for america. We adapt to perversion, we are seduced by the antichrist, and we dispose of human life as if it were a pebble in our shoe. We have lost the battle in our churches, schools & in govt at every level. Give them their civil union, but, dont define it as marraige. Pop culture defines it, Obama says it, the press spews it, Karl Rove adapts to polling numbers & it becomes the norm. WHat a pathetic low information society we live in.

  • Lynn Bergman

    If every state abolished all legislation favoring married couples over singles, the issue would dry up and disappear into the sunset. What almost everyone wants is freebees from government. It’s not a gay/straight issue, its an entitlements issue.

    I prefer not rewriting the Bible or dictionaries to satisfy a socialist entitlement mentality.

    • Davo

      Avoiding the “DEATH TAX” is now Socialism? Don’t let Limbaugh hear that!

  • awfulorv

    Don’t see why the homosexual community doesn’t get a group of distinguished politicians to write eternally binding legislation which makes it illegal for anyone to “Infringe” on their right to enjoy themselves.

    If they used that, unmistakable, word no one, save an illiterate person, would dare to challenge it’s meaning.

    Unless the word, that is, over time, took on a new connotation, as the word Gay has.

    But that’s unlikely to ever happen, as it’s manifestly evident, to all, what infringe means.