Student Gets Home-Made Lunch Taken Away By School Lunch Inspectors Because It Wasn’t Healthy Enough

A North Carolina mom packed what she thought was an appropriate lunch for her four-year-old daughter. A turkey sandwich, some chips, a banana and some apple juice. But an “inspector” at the girl’s public school (we have lunch inspectors now?) determined it wasn’t healthy enough, so sent the lunch home and forced the girl to eat the school’s chicken nuggets instead. And to add insult to injury, the school sent a bill for the chicken nuggets too.

The incident happened in Raeford, N.C. at West Hoke Elementary School. What was wrong with the lunch? That’s still a head-scratcher because it didn’t contain anything egregious: a turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips, and apple juice. But for the inspector on hand that day, it didn’t meet the healthy requirements.

See, in North Carolina, all pre-Kindergarten programs are required to evaluate the lunches being provided and determine if they meet USDA nutrition guidelines. If not, they must provide an alternative.

But that’s not the worst of it. Instead of being given a salad or something really healthy, the girl was given chicken nuggets instead. On top of it, her mother was then sent a bill for the cafeteria food.

These are the same group of geniuses who decided that pizza is a vegetable, so of course they know better than we do what is healthy for our kids to eat.

Really, though, is this where we’re at? We have federal agents inspecting home lunches now to make sure they’re up to government standards?

It’s a free country, unless you want to pack your kids lunch. Then not so much.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • realitybasedbob

    North Carolina, that’s a red state, huh?

    The bill also would allow tomato paste on pizzas to be counted as a vegetable, as it is now. USDA had wanted to prevent that.

    Food companies that produce frozen pizzas for schools, the salt
    industry and potato growers requested the changes, and some
    conservatives in Congress say the federal government shouldn’t be
    telling children what to eat.

    Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee said the changes
    would “prevent overly burdensome and costly regulations and to provide
    greater flexibility for local school districts to improve the
    nutritional quality of meals.”

    • $8194357

      A red state with a liberal DC program to enforce dip wad. Good old soviet central planning…

      • Sparkie Arbuckle

        That’s a load of horseshit, liar.  Show us that this inspector had fuckall to do with anything the federal government mandates.

        You are making shit up to help you hate the darkie president more.  You’ll go to no lengths.  As if the facts aren’t enough by themselves.

        You clowns do no service to your cause by lying about bullshit all the time.  All it does is make people more skeptical about your paranoid, racist platform.

        Tell us again about God after you are done lying your ass off in the name of hatred, you fucknut-assclown.

        • Onslaught1066

          darkie president

          I don’t see no quote marks around that phrase.
          The truth will out eh, racist?

        • $8194357

          Love you to self centered de-based god..Pretty “strong” response for some one who don’t give a shit…Hit some nerves there mr. know it all?

          • Sparkie Arbuckle

            Yea, it bugs me when people lie in a public context where lots of others might be misled.  You ‘hit nerves’ by being a lying piece of shit.  As I indicated.  Now tell us again about your superior morality, layingsackofshit.

          • $8194357

            I have no supior morality of my own debased god..Jesus “creditied his” to my account..(And that is why you hate me). The world loves its own while You on the other hand are working pretty dang hard to get yours by tearing down those you dissagree with..Such “false moral high ground” gives you and other zealot haters like you some intense anger and sense of “self rightousness” now don’t it, spark…So it did the same for the nazi’s at the expense of those they hated..

          • Sparkie Arbuckle

            More lies?  I guess, WTF, right?  You already lied a bunch, why not just keep going?

            Have fun lying your ass of and identifying yourself with Jesus.  It’s an amazing credit to your chosen social institution.

          • Bat One

            Sparkie,  Don’t mean to piss on your parade, but your diatribes are getting tediously repetitive, and of course boring.  Why not just put the bottle up for the night and go to bed?!

          • Sparkie Arbuckle

            Also, it is the platform of your party that self-centered-ness is morally superior to altruism which is disrespectful, inhibits people’s abilities to learn from their mistakes, and involves a belief that the world in inherently evil, hostile, and malevolent.

          • $8194357

            I have “no party” de-based god…Mine is not an earthly kingdom, so I don’t expect you to understand or know the difference but spark? why the anger and hatred on display for the whole world to see?

          • Fastford2828

              Why cant both of you dumass Idiots remember 1 thing? It dont make any difference if nc is red or blue*No one any where is going to tell my son what he can or cant eat*He is out of school now any way*Will the govt.inspectors be coming to our house every day to see what we feed our kids?Thats when the inspectors will eat what they dont like*It will be lead*You and 7point62 are even dumber than the govt..That is hard to believe~~It has nothing to do with a darkie president*If you are an Idiot,it dont matter what color you are***If Obama was white as snow,he would still be an Idiot*He is not alone**Millions of Idiots will vote for him~~~  jc

          • Kachoo

            THANK you for bringing the topic of the article back to center.

        • Wayne

          How come you don’t go all ape shit when democrats like Obama are lying their ass off?  Hypocrite.

          The reporter that broke the story in NC was just on the news and she said the inspector was at the state level but the state was indeed enforcing a federal program.  You are a typical lying liberal.

          • Sparkie Arbuckle

            In answer to your first question, I do.  Strong words for someone who just toddled in.

        • Katren

          Mr Obama is Indonesian, so he is half black. I can tell by your curse words how stupid you are.  I’d tell you about God but we all know where  you are going, hot in hell. Michelle Obama is responsible for the lunch programs. Her next target is the military meals. I take it you live off the backs of hard working people (Government programs). The republicans are merely trying to support Her food plan.

        • Guest

          What??? You are ignorant to the fact that that guy was not put there by the federal government…. You are the stupid fucktard… I am not racist however I will enlighten you on the “WORD NIGGER”… “INGORANT” So whether you are black or white you are a NIGGER lol. (Everyone that voted for that dipshit in the office to prove they are not racist…. Now you should vote against him to prove you’re not an idiot…)

      • Sparkie Arbuckle

        If you go to the original article, and read it, you can inform yourself.  If you do that, then you won’t have to lie and look like a dumb piece of shit who cannot read.

        See here, for example (astericks and caps are my work):””The ****STATE REGULATION**** reads:“Sites must provide breakfast and/or snacks and lunch meeting USDA requirements during the regular school day. The partial/full cost of meals may be charged when families do not qualify for free/reduced price meals.“When children bring their own food for meals and snacks to the center, if the food does not meet the specified nutritional requirements, the center must provide additional food necessary to meet those requirements.”

        • Sparkie Arbuckle
        • $8194357

          You do realize of course that “in order to qualify” for “so called” Federal money, The central planners in DC have the final say over what the “states” teach and “policies” they must operate under, don’t you?
          Do you know there was no USDA federal regulatory agency before FDR created this central planning soviet over food production back in the thirites?
          The Federal Dept of Education was as well a central planning “soviet” to give regulatory power over “education” from DC as well. You do know these things right?
          Every “regulatory agency” created by DC under FDR never excisted before under our “limited power” Constituional Republic States soverighnty rights system don’t you? This set up the soviet satelite steering commitee report to central planning central control governance, brought to us by “international progressive leftists” of the day. A BIG differnce than what our founding documents set up for us and was used preceeding this time period, but what the heck do I know right Sp? I’m just a Constituionalist Conservitive Independent Christian, right..the most hated of all groups in this modern marxist central planning crony capitalist abortion called majority rule Democracy…Surfs up dude..Why you wasting your time here on SAB trying to correct my 60 years of seeing the (intended) “unitended consequences of leftist progressivism…Go figure son go figure..
          God Bless you and yours now son..

          • Bat One

            The program in which the kid was enrolled, a pre-K program, is one promulgated by the Department of Education and funded with federal taxpayer money.  The regulations are issued by the states, but required by the Feds in order to receive federal funding.  The inspection of the children’s lunches, the substitution of lunch items deemed “unhealthy” and the rules for making that determination are all federal mandates.  As are the fees charged, including for the only allowed beverage – milk, which presumably is pasteurized.

          • $8194357

            Central planning sticks and carrots diplomacy Bat..Been buttin heads with our “local control” (sarc)
            school board enough times to see how it works…The kicker being when the teachers went to seminars in the “marxist academic” vein and came back “kool aid” drinking “educators” who where charged with shaping the progressive future thru “shaping the minds” of its future global citizens…
            Cultural terrorist PC run amock..Don’t piss em off tho because they are wedded to and in bed with the Federal all powerful  “Social services” dept and have been given “punitive” powers for ‘non compliance” to agendas…It Is What It Is, “Not what they call it’…

          • Sparkie Arbuckle

            So NC has sold out it’s principles to get on the federal gravy train.  Thank you for clarifying that.  Maybe someday we’ll find some politicians who don’t ‘take the money’ and actually stick up the the proper amount of political power available to them at the state level.  Alas, I am not optimistic about this.

          • $8194357

            What I said spark is the states have been subjected to DC central planning for decades…Education being perhaps one of the longest areas as it is Marxist academics the culture change first came to the masses…Central planning currency control behind closed doors being the first IMO back in 13..
            Over the last 100 years Sp, the Constituional Limited Federal central powered system wasn’t taught anymore ..States rights over Fedral rights in almost “all” areas was what we lost ..Redistribution of wealth with the Federal Reserve Taxation came along and bought and paid for politicians got folks hooked on Federal Fiat Crack cocaine called “federal money”…No such thing Sp…It is the peoples money taken by threat of force under the punitive pay or go to jail syatem Un-Constituional and used only twice before for quick cash to finance the Revolitionary War and Civiil War.
            After both previous experiments with private debt ponzi’s and the “corruption” around them the politicians of the day said:” Don’t do this again.”
            It takes forever to pay off the bill and corrupts everyone involved in the structure from politicians, buisnessmen and bankers…Beware the debtors pen was the cry after both attemps at National central planning banks..
            They came back on Christmas break in 13 with the help of JP Morgan and an olagarchy of rich bankers and buisness men and sold it for the third time to Woodrow Wilson and DC..In the thirties FDR used the Federal reserve Systems “manufactured crisis” of the crash of 29 to “Federalize dang near everything that could be Federalized giving Soviet central planning structures control over dang near everything a society “needs” to exist and survive…The leftist socialists, and greedy international progressives bankers have controlled and made dang near “everyone” dependent on some Federal agency or the “so called federal money” to grease the wheels of corrupt crony capitalist agendas..
            The States haven’t been free from Federal Laws every since and we are 16 trillion in debt to re-distribute the wealth to “billionare internationalist progressives” but “In the name of” Marxist social justice spending the Feds force on the once soverign states and individuals..
            What NC and ND heck all fifty states have become are satelite soviet structures by mandate and in debt to the Main Comintern known as the Supreme Soviet East, DC..
            Thru this “purposly manufactured debt” the “internationalist progressives” are in the process of submitting DC to the UN and become a subserviant soviet satelite to the global agendas of the eliets who sold this bill of goods to American leftists back in the early 1900’s..
            But what the heck to I know kid..
            You young folk got all the answers..
            Don’t be to hard on those politicians in NC.
            Alot of folks in America have swallowed the same “sugar coated poison pill’..
            God Bless now hear, son?

          • What???

            What does “soviet” mean?

          • $8194357

            A soviet is a steering commitee or other matriarchail majority rule group to determine out come over the individual.

            Other Shaw Articles:
            How America is Being Sovietized




            By Michael Shaw
            March 12, 2012
            Recently, several have called for the municipal creation of Property Rights Councils (PRC). The argument is that government officials need input for this “special interest.” Paul Coble of Wake County, North Carolina argued for the establishment of a property right council there because he says, “I cannot rely on the Commissioners being prepared or equipped with constitutional knowledge.”You mean to say that people are elected to office not understanding their oaths of office to the Constitution!
            Who is voting for these people? Perhaps that is where the problem lies.
            Benjamin Franklin told us in 1787: “You have a republic if you can keep it.” We have not kept it.

            Children are not taught that America is a republic. Most adults think America is a democracy. The American republic is the only nation in history where natural law prevails and civil law is subordinate. The American republic is the only nation ever founded on the idea that individual man has a natural right to live a life of his own. Accordingly, every person possesses unalienable rights including the right to life, liberty and the use and enjoyment of their private property.
            Under the American republican form of government, emulated by all state constitutions, the scope of government is intended to be very limited so to conform to the ideal set out by our founders. A property rights council does not exist in the operation of the American republic. The creation of such boards means the fall of the republic.

            As a youth I learned that “councils” were soviets. So that begs the question: What is a Soviet? Soviets operate to achieve predetermined solutions that are made behind the scenes.
            If 100 communities created property right councils we would have substantially more than 100 definitions of what private property is.Private property must be understood as a foundational principle. It includes your right to use your hands in the manner you choose. Your hands are your private property. Private property encompasses your thoughts.
            Without public preservation of the recognition of private property the state can take control of what it is that any of us do. Private property also includes the relationship between a person and an object. The cornerstone of that relationship is the owners right to determine the use of that thing. These are ideas that rest at the core of the American philosophical base. To barter or re-construe the meaning of private property though a soviet council is the abandonment of America’s founding principles.By succumbing to a localized soviet system of government, property right advocates lose the war before they effectively start the battle. The threat Americans face is rule by a central force guiding the global to local movement. What is needed is a vetting of local government operations and politicians, not an expansion of a soviet system in a desperate attempt to recapture property, liberty or America.

            The change will come when normal people run for the school board or water board or city council, not those controlled by special interests. The goals include getting ICLEI out of town and out of state, undoing local government’s involvement with the federal Councils of Governments (COGs) and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), and defrocking the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) influence downtown.

            The time has come for Americans to do the right thing!

        • Chem1teach

          More government in our lives. I guess we need mor Obama and Harry Reid next year huh?????

        • lilredmishief

          so i guess bread covered chicken by product chicken nuggets most likely fried are so much healthier than a turkey sandwhich a bannana applejuice and a smal, bad of chips….my guess would be no  its not chicken nuggets have more fat and fillers in it than you would believe not to mention sodium from all the flavorings they add to them, to prove the homemade lunch had less nutrition than the one forceably given by the school you should ask what are all the facts look at all the nutrional values of everyting in the situation. If I were the mother i would ask for the brand of the chicken nuggets so she could see exactly what they are made of and look at the nutritional value of the chicken nuggets then ask how were they prepared by baking or frying then of course you must factor in if they allow ketchup, and what sides were givin with the nuggets because im sure it wouldent meet the standards if it diddnt contain some sort of veggitable which im sure are from a can and have you looked at the sodium content of your canned veggitables wow.all that factored together im sure the school luch was more likely unheltier than the homemade lunch.I dont know before you go ranting and raving acting like a small little chile calling peopl names you should really get all your facts and not just what they post on the news websites or what your government puts out there for you to read if you are one of those people who believe that your government tells you the truth or that the media is any different instead of doing the investigating yourself and forming your own conclusion or oppinion than you really have no bussiness commenting on the fact.

        • Turn, Turn, Turn…

          Just because you pull up a regulation you’re trying to defend doesn’t mean that I accept it any more than I did before you showed it. This is an infringement on my freedom to choose. If I am in a position where I cannot afford to buy certain foods, I should be allowed to feed my child whatever I can afford. if I decide to feed my child nothing but goldfish snacks, that is a RIGHT I have that should not be infringed upon.
           Besides that, who decides that chicken nuggets is more healthy than a turkey and cheese sandwich and apple juice and of ALL things a banana?
           Then they have the nerve to give a citation for replacing the child’s lunch! That is an outrage! This has NOTHING to do with religion. Where you got off on that tangent, I don’t know. What this has to do with is the invasion of privacy, and the interference of our freedom to our pursuit of happiness. It’s easy to imagine that the child was looking foward to eating that homemade lunch prepared just for her. The government stepped in and basically stopped her from that.
           It’s not a far jump to see the “inspector” coming to our homes to see what is “acceptable” in our refrigerators. Why wouldn’t they if they are taking away our children’s lunches?

    • Sparkie Arbuckle

      Yes, it is a red state.  Much like the welfare queen ND.

  • mikemc1970

    If you think School Lunch Inspectors is going  bit too far, wait until they roll out the School Lunch SWAT Teams. All the government agencies have their own SWAT teams now.

  • $8194357

    This is where my fight with the local school distric started ten years back or so..
    Before Bakken little western ND towns school systems were dieing and co-opping to stay afloat. The school district had a open door policy at lunch time for decades..I worked the night shift for years and gave my child permission to come home for lunch or I wouldn’t get to see her at all five days a week.
    (In the name of) child safety and school liability insurance the campus was closed..I went thru the processes of talking as a concerned parent to the proper authoriies about my decisions to allow my child to come home and was given the liability issue run around..When I told them that was pure B/S as I paid the liability insurence on her car, their concession was, ok students can “walk home for lunch” but no one could leave school property with an auto mobile…This is ND and gets a tad bit chilly in the winter time so I told my child to park down the street off of school property and drive home as was already the case for over a year and a half..
    Under threat of expulsion and numerous run arounds to get “permission” to be on the school boards agenda” I cunsulted a lawyer who told me we were the idiots who elected them to make “policy” for us so we were stuck with those policies…
    So finding “school policy” over road the drivers license division aof the state of ND along with my parental authority over a minor child I gave in. Small town communities have a very high percentage of folks who make their paycheck through “public education” and all I managed to accomplish was gettin alot of folks riled at me, my children and my wife..go figure..

    The real kicker? The school board had taken Federal dollars for an anti obisity healthy eating program to help defray the cost of hot lunch and found out later they needed a certain percentage of students using it or they were in violation of their agrreement for recieving the funds and could be held personally resposnible for the fraud commited upon the Federal sticks and carrots indoctrination central planning agreements…Solution…Lie about the real reason and pretend it was all about what was best for the children…Go figure huh…

    I am sure if folks read this it will blow any cover I had here but what the heck…I am so sick of liberal eitists hypocrocy I am not going to delete this and post it anyway..
    So now ya know borb…Now ya know…

    • borborygmi

      I could care less who you are.  I am doubting if anyone cared they could look up your case.   Western sider might know.   I know in this area parents can go and eat with the children.  I think you had a right to complain.  I believe that most campuses are closed because of safety concerns.  Of course if something happened to a child off campus at lunchtime there would be holy hell to pay because the school was responsible for the childs safety.   
             The old liability issue is the trump card that orgnizations play.  Our Scout Pack  and others loss sponsorship from the PTA (50 years  of sponsorship) because of questions of liability.  
       I don’t see anything marxist about it unless lawsuits, lawyers and insurance companies are all commies.

      • $8194357

        ( I don’t see anything marxist about it unless lawsuits, lawyers and insurance companies are all commies. )
        Did you do your leftist home work assignment ,borb? The sole reason the ACLU excists is to destroy from with in our Constituional rule of law Republic and tear down the Biblicle root system they were derived from, but what do I know, right? Its still out there to re-educate yourself of where modern societies leftist agendas come from “if you care” at least for awhile longer yet borb, the ‘truth” can be found…
        Ever wonder why the Democratic party has 85 % of the lawyers there borb? To rig the system for their crony capitalist agendas is my bet…proven track record shows this to be true..

        You know borb, there are times when you are almost tolerable and then there are times you can’t see the writing on the wall at all..

        I offered to sign any documents needed to be signed for release of liability for the School district but that was not an option at all because if one cow gots its nose under the fence all the others might follow..Can’t control your heard that way now can you..go figure..

        • borborygmi

          not talking aclu. I am talking lawyers, lawsuits and liability.  $ moolah, money bucks.  The school districts would rather not get sued because some child was hurt on their watch.  Why do you think that they have outlawed, dodge ball, tag, red rover. Someone is going to get hurt, too many people see any organization as a cash cow.  Sue first, get the money.  

          • $8194357

            Agreed. This is a sue crazy country..
            Time for the Democrats to quit blocking “tort reform”, no?
            Law is the devils playground to make grey out of what “should be” a more black and white world, IMO..

  • Opinionated

    I read with interest the Ag department stuff that was placed in the healthcare bill. It gave schools permission to do this. There was even stuff in their about schools having to have special places to allow kids who did not bring government approved schools to eat their lunch so they would not be in the line of sight with those who were eating the government approved lunches…. this is only the beginning. The government demanding safety zones away from potato chip eaters will only embolden schools to just do away with anyone bringing unapproved government food into a government controlled schools for the sake of the government. Did I mention that I was in one of those government approved school cafeterias, and you could have soup with no salt and stale crackers, a baked potatoe, breadsticks, pizza, or a rice krispie bar that was two inches thick and 3 inches wide…. but that is only becasue the government said so… Did I mention that when I was at the same government school last year on the only ones eating the Turkey Wrap were the trash cans… no wonder the kids come home starved.. In the governments big plan to get rid of BEEF IN SCHOOLS…. (cuz apparently chicken companies like Tyson are union) ask you kids when was the last time they had beef in school? Not those soy hamburger patties, but beef?

    • $8194357

      Too true for school, opinionated..

    • borborygmi

      Or it could be because beef costs more and the budget is tight already.  

      • Opinionated

        oh no it has to do with the war on cows and that nasty methane gas..Did you know that one of NASA’s last missions was the effect of methane on the moon.Here is North Dakota’s standards on physical education in high school

        High School Graduation Requirements: The state requires students to earn 0.5 physical education credits for graduation and 0.5 health credits for graduation. However, if 0.5 units in health is not an option in an individual school, then 1.0 unit in physical education is required for graduation.
        Amount of Required Physical Education: North Dakota mandates specific minutes of physical education per week in grades 1-6, varying per grade up to 119 minutes, and requires daily recess. The state also mandates at least 45 minutes per week of physical education in grades 6-8 and requires high schools to provide physical education to students. If we need 30 minutes a day to be healthy why are we not demanding it in our schools? Do you realize that your child cannot buy a Gatorade in school because it has empty calories but you can have a 2inch thick by 3inch wide Rice Krispie bar? MAKES NO SENSE FROM THE SUPPOSEDLEY EDUCATED

        • $8194357


          But perfect sense to the leftist indoctrinated and brainwashed Opinionated…Perfect sense to alighn oneself blindly to your secular believe systems doctrines…

  • Spyderman5131

    This is the stupidest thing i ever heard

    • Spartacus

      It’s all about the school (read that as state) generating a revenue stream, even at $1.25 at a time. It’s the socialists wet dream.

  • Spartacus

    What part of a chicken is the “nuggets”? Roosters only?

    • borborygmi

      LIke rocky mtn oysters but smaller.

      • Spartacus

        So if you’re really hungry, and a repulsive naked PETA babe is around, suicide is your best option because she might sit on your face?…Just asking ’cause those girls have balls, no brains, but balls…

    • Opinionated

      Since when are industrially processed chicken nuggets fried in genetically modified, rancid vegetable oils and nuked in a microwave healthier than a turkey and cheese sandwich and a banana brought from home?
      School cafeterias don’t even qualify as real kitchens in most cases as cafeteria workers only have access to giant microwaves that quickly heat up the overly processed, factory fat laden, genetically modifed, agricultural dumping ground food they serve.

  • jason

    People really want reelect this radical president and his administration? I have a 6 year old in public school and I am already getting ready to pull her out and home school her or find  another alternative. They aren’t allowed to say merry christmas or happy easter. And the teacher is not allowed to say that it says “In god we trust”, on a dollar bill when teaching about money reguardless of her religion! 

  • Bill Mulligan

    to the mother of this child sue the school for the cost of the lunch that you had to go shopping forand  then the  time to plan and  make, it the cost of keeping it fresh you can get about $150.00 if you work it right

    • Sparkie Arbuckle

      Spend how much to get that $150, Bill?

      • mickey_moussaoui

        small claims court. no expense except to file the claim and the loser usually has to pay that

  • borborygmi

    True story: my buddy and I were hauled into the principals office because I swapped my bag lunch dessert for his hot lunch dessert.  The lunchroom monitors (who later became cops)said that was against school rules.    Who would have thought the commie/fascist indoctrination would rear its ugly form 45 years ago.  

          Common sense is dead in the North Carolina food police. 

  • Sdamron1977

    This Obama BS has to be stopped. Do Americans not see the socialism we are being force fed?

    • Opinionated

      With ACT scores falling…. maybe they need to get out of the school lunch bags and get back to longer days, and knock off the bullcrap

  • A49ac

    Is there no end to the amount of government we are willing to put up with.  Isn’t it time to take a stand and take our freedom to make our own choices.

    • $8194357

      We been living uder the illusion of Constituional protection for quite sometime folks…The communist left has known this for decades…The all powerful central Federal government giveth and taketh away since FDR backed communists ‘sovietized” our Limited Power Federal government so long ago…We worked and slept thru it for several generations as they quitely built the Supreme soviets strangle hold over us…

  • suitepotato

    It’s a free country

    There’s that understanding level of a ten year old again.

    in North Carolina, all pre-Kindergarten programs are required to
    evaluate the lunches being provided and determine if they meet USDA
    nutrition guidelines

    There’s nothing unconstitutional about this, and it is a matter of law. If you don’t like that, maybe you should explain why the judgment of a blogger from the Dakotas is more important than that of the citizens and taxpayers of North Carolina who have seen fit to not bother contesting this. This is home rule, what you always claim to want. Well, sometimes it doesn’t go your way. What’s your alternative? Federal intrusion to force the states not to have laws like this? Based on which entry in the US Constitution?

    When exactly did the oxygen supply to your neural net drop to the same level as Hannatard?

    • Opinionated

      Okay genios maybe this is exactly why not one Democrat is running for re-election this year… because of stupidity like this. I have been to North Carolina numerous times and if your going there to find a job don’t bother…

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Revenge of the lunch lady.

    School lunch programs have sucked for the past forty years. These brown bag monitors are not hired for their brains. She proaibly makes a wicked tator tot dish. Maybe the principal likes the way she looks in a hair net.

  • banjo kid

    The fed has no place in educating our children , the state should be over that period no one else . local government is the heart of democracy but the feds have used the commerce clause till nothing means anything any more.  Close down the federal education department and you will see a quick improvement in our state run schools. That checking of school lunches is an invasion of the child’s privacy . They have changed a guideline into law . 

    • $8194357

      But but “school policy” overides “individual rights”…We been sold out while we worked and slept for the past several generations Banjo..I been crying wolf for decades already to deaf ears…

  • Bouncingtigger7

    I heard about this from my husband when he got home yesterday and I was appalled at they could do that to a 4-y-o. If they say it wasn’t “healthy enough” and the article said that they were suppose to have something else for them to eat. Well instead of taking the lunch away for from the child add a couple of pieces of vegetables to it or whatever was “required” ( this is a bunch of crap) and as long as they are not just eating junk food that really shouldn’t make a difference what they bring to to school to eat. Cause I know there are lunchroom monitors to keep the peace and things like that but enough is enough. It wasn’t like this a couple of years ago and now it’s just getting to be to much. But I tell you what if that ever happened at my son’s school, there would be some very angry parents showing up there and besides I don’t think the principal of his school would allow it and besides the dietians (sp) wouldn’t allow it either because for one thing that’s what they were trained to do in the first place and  it’s their job to see the kids get the diet they need cause my son and lot of school districts in the surrounding areas go to this school for the disabled and alot of those kids need the fat content in a lot of food cause a lot of those kids are too skinny in the first place  cause the illness they were born with and in order to get certain things and somtimes even a double lunch they of course haave to go to their primary doc to get a prescription but all the docs usually agree about things like that and sign the script cause they know rhe child the best except for the parents of course.   And I agree with banjo kid said too 

  • Guest

    It’s not going to get any better with king odumbo in office, why was it people came to america in the first place? How about a arab spring in the DC today.

  • Mike

    This is unbelievable. In the elections this November this administration has got to go. If Obama isn’t voted out of office, this crapola is just the beginning of what we will see in his 2nd term.

  • badger

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again . Education does not make a person smart. What a bunch of maroons!

  • Littlerockcarriage

    I smell lawsuits, not chicken nuggets..  I’d like to see anyone take away my childs lunch, no matter what it was!  This is the problem that is getting out of hand so far that you can start rolling up this countries Constitution and wipe with it..  This sitting gov’t has got to go folks!

  • Fastford2828

      There are 57-58 comments here*** There is a simple answer I guess no one has thought of* I come from nc,but I know more than the Idiots there now>Do what I did for my son*Take your kid out of school and home school them*When all the teachers lose their jobs & the schools close down,maye the food inspectors will be fired then*It will be too late then~~~I took my son out of school for a different reason*It was a damn good reason***  jc   A good home school     Seton Home Study School  Front Royal,Va.   You can get all the books you need for 2 years for about 6-700 $$$*It cost more than that to go to public school***

  • bb79

    Once again the govt. so oversteps it’s authority it’s maddening.  People need to take a baseball bat to everyone involved in the nonsense.  This was done to ME as a child.  I was skinny, but always healthy and some stupid busybody teacher didn’t like what my mom sent with me for lunch, which was a sandwich, soup, an apple and chips.  Then reported her to whatever stupid f’ing agency stuck their noses in things that were none of their business at the time.  Scared the crap out of my mom FOR NO REASON.  Govt’ needs to stay the hell out of our lives and do what they are LIMITED to do by federal and state constitutions.

  • lilredmischief

    how come they can spot a bag of chips which in an otherwise helty lunch , much heltier than pre manufactured deep fried then frozed, then reheated chicken by product or as everyone knows them as chicken nuggets but they cant spot drugs in middle or high schools .kids of all ages being bullied , middle schoolers and high schoolers acting sexually at school…..this is why ehn I have children I will home school where I can teach them the way I was taught where you can celebrate holidays , say the pledge of allegiance the way or founding fathers sure they diddnt come to this country to escape communisum and oppresion for this country to turn out just like the countries theyh came from …this is no longer america and by the way what gives michelle obama to tell our troops that they dont eat heathy they have to consume more calories than the average person when they are in the field or training because they burn more…….this is so stupid

  • lilredmischief

    wikipiedia chicken nuggets grosssss. but aparently healthier than a FRESH trurkey samdwhich a real bannana apple juice and a small bag of chips yeah right

  • lilredmischief

    im guessing the chicken nuggets were served with probably mac n cheese which is worse than chips by far high in fat content fron the pasta and cheese , and most likely veggies from a can high in sodium and lost most of their nutritional value from being canned ….the only way the nugget lunch would have been healthier is if the nuggets were hand prepared cut from chicken breast then backed , fresh steamed veggies and fresh fruit were served as sides no ketchup unless made on site so you can limit then salt and sugar added to the ketchup and seved with low low fat / fat free milk or fresh squeezed juice …which is probably not what was seved so no not healthier than the luch the childs mother packed and sent with her child…..The school , the government , and Michelle Obama need to worry about more important issues in this country ……THIS COUNTRY …. not  other countries …..totaly different subject but how can e fix other countries when ours is falling apart

  • Linda Loftus

    Has anybody considered that the fried chicken nuggets might have been prepared in peanut oil or some other oil to which the child has an allergy.  The Federal Government also requests dairy…how many children are allergic to milk, are lactose intolerant…Where does the government get off thinking they know the children better than the parents who are aware of their child’s health history? Since this administration has come into our lives we are not better off we are having our freedoms taken away slowly but surely.  

    • concerned mom and rn

      And please don’t forget those children whom religions they practice prohibit them to eat certian types of food. or if their family are practicing vegans.

  • bb79

    Another aspect of this I find interesting is that the agent was doing what he or she was told to enforce the law,  while ICE and AZ is being told NOT TO ENFORCE THE LAW.  They can confiscate an apple but not a truckload of illegal aliens, no, we kiss their asses.

  • harun sut
  • Concerned Mom and RN

    Well, i guess I will write quickly what I have to say. I agree that our children need to be taught how to properly eat and that schools should be providing food within the nutritional guidelines but they do not. My child does not have a good diet when eating at school. Poptarts and lucky charms are not healthy choices. Neither are chicken nuggets, fries, cake and cheeseburgers. Putting veggies and fruit with those foods does not make them better. My child eats more processed food at school than she does at home. I do not think that the food that mother sent with her child is any better or worse than what the school provides. She could have sent carrots instead of chips, yes. Just because the school says her lunch was not good enough they do not have the right to take it away from her or force her to eat something else. They can always offer but what the child decides to eat is up to them.

  • Cutbank

    And do you know who took that lunch away?  It was MICHELLE OBAMA HERSELF. 

  • Tracyme

    Yes, and at the public school that my children used to attend, they considered a pre-made grilled cheese sandwich served shrinkwrapped and not even warm was nutritional. No, I sent my children with homemade lunches and told them they were not to eat the school lunch. This school lunch issue only added to the reason why I pulled my kids from the school. We are not allowed to bring any baked good home prepared, only purchased. So for school parties, birthday parties, etc. the kids are loaded with crap from the local bakery at Wal-Mart! Along with these parties (which occur at least weekly), the teachers can give the students “rewards” of any kind. Candy being the easiest and cheapest. Any my first graders were given a “snack” after each recess!!! I never had a snack after the grade of kindergarten. Since when is it okay for the teachers to “feed” the students with whatever they want? I went round and round with this and they only way to get it changed is at the district level. Think that’s gonna work??? No way. I won’t even get into demographics here because that adds a whole new level of stupid.

  • Tracyme

    For birthdays or holidays I never sent an edible treat. It was always pencils, stickers, silly bands, etc.