Stimulus-Funded Electric Car Manufacturer Stops Production


Thanks to the bankruptcy filing by stimulus-funded battery manufacturer A123 Systems Inc., stimulus-funded electric car manufacturer Fisker has idled production:

Fisker Automotive Inc said on Thursday that it has temporarily idled production of its Karma plug-in hybrid after its lithium-ion battery supplier A123 Systems Inc cut its output.

A123, which is the sole battery supplier for the Karma, slowed production after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in October, Fisker spokesman Roger Ormisher said.

Fisker has enough lithium-ion batteries on hand in case an owner needs a replacement, Ormisher said. The company expects to have clarity on its battery inventory after December 6, when an auction to sell A123 is scheduled.

Fisker itself, of course, has problems beyond their battery manufacturer. Their cars, which are hugely expensive, are also extremely unreliable. One of Fisker’s cars costs around $116,000, but when Consumer Reports tried to test one out it they couldn’t even get it started.

Oh, and sometimes they explode into flames.

How many people have over $100,000 to drop on a car that doesn’t work very well and might catch on fire?

This is what happens when cars are built to satisfy political whims instead of actual market demand.

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  • realitybasedbob

    In other stimulus-funded car news:

    Chrysler Workers Expect Bonus Ahead Of Holidays

    DETROIT (WWJ) – The Holiday season will be a little “greener” for Chrysler UAW workers because their big payday is coming later this month.

    The company has announced it will waive the financial threshold outlined in the collective bargaining agreement and pay the second half of a $3,500 bonus early.

  • yy4u2

    Make everyone buy one. Call it Obama-car. Problem solved.

  • JW-USA

    Sacremento has upped the ante on the Electric Car requirements for Manf. selling their cars inside the Russian satellite state of Kaliforna

    so if you want to sell your cars in CCCP-CA, you need electric cars, no matter how much you lose on each sale, Suzuki Auto just folded like a tent, others will soon follow. Maybe a guy should start buying desert land on the Nevada side of the border for future car dealerships.

  • Angie Faut

    Death by politics.

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    Conservatives usually hate technology advancement, clinging to their conservative nature of being too afraid to take chances for progress. But this type of stupidity is exactly how you prevent yourself from becoming a leader in energy or fuel.

    • two_amber_lamps

      R&D is great, normally you use private $$ to fund such and stockholders need to understand that such is not a guaranteed investment.

      But you think the federal government has all the money in the world to fund pet energy projects…. does the $1T+ in borrowed money to float the federal budget this year ring a bell?

      Of course not…. why worry when you don’t pay taxes to begin with!

    • Guest

      becoming a leader in any of the aforementioned also requires a president that isn’t bending over to our enemies and suffocating our people here —- but hey you’re aren’t that bright so i can see how these concepts allude you.

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

        Mark Born, what did you think was happening when Reagan was bending over to Gorbachev,?

        • $16179444

          oh my, I got called my first AND last name….i touched a nerve. Of course back then we didn’t have Obama issues, so the comparison is moot

          • Thresherman

            Actually, Hanni is just making stuff up again. You see in Hanni’s world, Reagan never walked away from the table with Gorbachov at Reyjavik, refusing to agree to a deal that he knew was not the one he wanted. He has to believe this because otherwise he has to face the fact that Obama, when confronted with a totalitarian foreign leader, simply can’t wait to drop trou and grab his ankles.

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            Reagan practically gave Gorby an oil massage. He loved the guy.

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            What Obama “issues”, you mean Reagan wasn’t black?

            Don’t go touching your nerves in public.

          • $16179444

            yes, play the same tired game of ‘it has to be due to the color of his skin’ / you’ve got NOTHING son.

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            You didn’t list the “Obama issues”, and everyone knows it’s about skin color for you guys.

            So why didn’t you care when Reagan was bowing to Gorby?

          • Proof

            Nothing but a shiny race card which he plays whenever he has no other argument, which is most of the time!

  • WOOF

    Them that’s got’s, got’s.

    • two_amber_lamps

      Why do you hate Jay Leno?

    • WOOF

      I hate hippies

  • flamemeister

    Some day in the distant future a double-major degree in history and abnormal psychology will be required to qualify as an historian of the early 21st century.

  • Harold

    I hope someday someone builds with their own money or through investors a electric car that people will buy and will go farther then 40 miles on one charge. Govt shouldn’t be in business of picking winners and losers, it should be done with investors and those risk takers, not tax payers money. Electric cars are a good thing in my view someday when they can become affordable and pay their own way in developing one the public will purchase.

    • JW-USA

      Why would you or any investor use their own money when the “Candyman” passes it out to the Green energy folks?

      oh by the way the money he passes out… you grandchildren get to re-pay.

  • Neiman

    I recently heard here in California in a few years, every manufacturer must have hybrids, including electric cars or they cannot sell any more cars here.

  • VocalYokel

    Maybe Barry-O can get them a military contract.

    • leh

      The irs will be driving a fleet of them along with the navy.

  • $16179444

    Poor Hanni – just another failure from his god.

    • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

      Well, there’s always dog grooming.

      • $16179444

        which actually is a viable and lucrative career. of course you and yours are wanting $15 an hour to flip burgers. question is, have you finally mastered the phrase “do you want that supersized?”

  • Esp

    Just be done with this, and send your guys home back to Michigan.