“Stand Your Ground” Law Keeping People Safe In Michigan

When North Dakota tried to pass a bill like this local liberals sneered at it, calling it the “Shoot Your Neighbor Act,” and law enforcement refused to support it. But Michigan has had this bill for a year now, and it seems to be working just fine for them.

Michigan’s self-defense act will be a year old Monday. The law allows people to use deadly force, with no duty to retreat, if they reasonably think they face imminent death, great bodily harm or sexual assault. They can use deadly force anywhere they have a legal right to be.
The legislation, promoted by gun-rights activists, clarified when a person can use deadly force in self-defense during break-ins, carjackings and other potentially violent crimes — even in incidents away from the person’s home.
Such was apparently the case Thursday night in Detroit.
One week after a fatal carjacking in Hamtramck, an 18-year-old would-be carjacker was killed when his potential victim opened fire. Police said Michael Evans of Detroit brandished a handgun as he approached a 36-year-old man from Troy as he got into his vehicle after having dinner with friends. The Troy man used his registered handgun to shoot Evans in apparent self-defense.
The shooting, which occurred in front of Detroit Police headquarters at 1300 Beaubien, remains under investigation, but prosecutors likely won’t charge the unidentified Troy man if his version of events checks out.

At some point liberal gun control nuts are just going to have to realize that trusting in the people isn’t a bad thing. Our government was founded upon that principle, as well as the idea that the people should be dependent upon themselves for as much as possible up to and including self defense.
Being dependent upon the government for self defense is every bit as bad as depending on the government for housing, health care or (given the state of our ag subsidy programs) food. From dependency comes control, and none of us should want to be controlled by government.

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  • Karen Lynn

     This law should be repealed.  An innocent young man from Florida is dead because of it and his murderer walks free still armed.  Disgusting!

    • Econwarrior

      What happened in Florida was not a result of that law.  It was probably a result of criminal behavior.  Laws don’t cause crime; criminals do.

      • ellinas1

        Take some Mellaril. This medicine is classified as an antipsychotic medication and is used to treat patients that suffer from delusions, hallucinations, unorganized thought and hostility. 

        • StopBeingAVictim

          I would say that the person, Karen Lynn, exhibited much more hostility and unorganized thinking in her post then econwarrior.  The facts don’t lie: every state with a more liberal right to carry law and self defense laws – are you kidding me kirke123 – have lower crime rates in general and many, many more examples of law abiding citizens stopping criminal behavior than initiating it.  We have a constitutional right to protect or life, liberty and property and those who use fear and lies to try and take away those rights are simply ignorant of the actual facts and prefer to live in their fantasy world where bad people don’t exist and if you ask them nicely they will walk away and leave you alone.  Give me a break!

        • two_amber_lamps

           Oh how cute!  Ellinasty is playing psychiatrist?  Must be reading the names of bottles in his medicine again….  Speaking of which, time to take your meds… that’s a good little boy!

      • Marciaf

        but that law is protecting Zimmerman for murdering a teenage boy he followed when told not to by the police.

        • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.paine.184 Thomas Paine

          How is that law protecting Zimmerman…..HE’S BEEN CHARGED! Statistics show, crime is down in States that have “right to carry;” however, in places such as Chicago and D.C. where there is no right to carry, violent crime is rampant. It pains me to see so many liberals ignrorantly trying to strip law abiding citizens of their ability to protect themselves against criminals! Why do you ignorantly use isolated acts of criminals to try to take everyone’s constitutional rights away?

    • Geromemartin

      lady the young black man is not dead because of the self defense new law that the killer done it to play everyone into hating the new self defense law to put us back into government slavery of not learning to stand up to all crimes of this would and stop being our own cowards by thinking someone else should or must protect us because i pay taxes coward mind games. The killer should be charged with that boys murder and put to death because nobody should be shot to death from just walking down the streets where mostly racial coward whites live from coming from the store my fair lady with candy in a childs pocket and a lame jump out of his stalking car and chase a child and think the boy was not going to resist,defend and fight for his life from an attacker was the frame of mind of this teenage. he matter thought this murder was a child rapper. the murder was in no danger inside his car why talking to police that told him to stop following this boy and they was on their way,just stay in your car. he was trying to take the place of police thats not acting from self defense new law. Yes the murder is disgusting but not the self defense new law to protect us all in life from real bad criminals out there who start false crimes to push for appeal of our self defense rights by US Constitution laws. Every good person is hurting over teen Martins death because i am a Martin out of Detroit, Michigan.  Bad people try to use our legal system against us good people. they try to play us with what we believe in,like devils does with religions to deceive us that the laws or religions are bad to trust or believe so we only become slaves and cowards of fearing bad people to defend us or if we are friends or lovers to someone bad then we are falsely safe from other bad people that know not to mess with their own badest as them. we must grow up and defense for oneself against even murders misusing our good laws. Stand up to that also. May Martin rest in God peace now. Justice will come for Martin at God time not our time.

    • two_amber_lamps

       Typical ignorant hue and cry of the left…  muddle the issue with what may or may not be the bad decision of a democrat who couldn’t get a job as a cop and fancied himself a community watchman packing heat. 

      Why don’t we let the facts of the matter be decided in a court of law before we misconstrue this as some kind of support for anti-gun laws?  Isn’t that the law of true democracy?  Let the mob and half-truths decide, facts be damned. 

      What’s disgusting?  You’ve let the media brainwash you into passing judgement on a man who has yet to see a court of law.  Furthermore you’d condemn every other self-protection minded gun owner to something as mindless and malevolent as what passes for law in California… your duty is to flee.  Just like sheep. 

      You look to the state as your sole source of protection, under the best of circumstance police response is 5 minutes away.  A lot can happen in 5 minutes.  Perhaps you wish to stake your life on public servants which court decisions have indicated DO NOT have a duty to protect you.


      So be it, make your decision for yourself to be a piece of livestock for the wolves to come and rape/murder/pillage at their leisure. 

      I’ll be damned if I’d let someone like you make that decision for me or anyone else who’s legally capable of possessing a firearm. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.paine.184 Thomas Paine

      I suppose this man should’ve been dragged from his car, and shot by this thug who approached his vehicle “brandishing a gun,” ALL IN FRONT OF THE POLICE STATION?!! You’re just stupid! And when these young thugs would stop attempting to mug, rob and assault people, their lives wouldn’tt be in danger. But of course, the answer is to remove the law abiding citicizens ability to protect themselves…TYPICAL LIBERERAL NUTCASE!!!

  • kirke123

    why dose anyone need a self defense law?
    the idea is to sell more guns, the old west all over again.

  • two_amber_lamps

    “At some point liberal gun control nuts are just going to have to realize that trusting in the people isn’t a bad thing. -Ken

    Our currency says “In God We Trust”….

    Good leftists don’t believe in God…  and they don’t believe in trusting their fellow man. 

    They believe in one thing…  The God-State.

    Let their mantra be “In the God-State We Trust”…

    • ellinas1


      • two_amber_lamps

        The Ellinasty says:  “In the Godstate I trust”…..

  • Josh

    I would have done the same thing, I dont care who you are, if you threaten my life I have no problem making you grave yard dead.