Someone Should Ask Senator Hoeven About Federally-Subsidized Flights That Cost $2,000 Each

According to a press release put out by his office, Senator John Hoeven will be in Jamestown on Monday, January 9th to tour the airport there and talk about the “importance of regional air service.” I’m sure the local media will be in attendance, and maybe someone should ask the Senator if regional air service in Jamestown is important enough to bill federal taxpayers almost $2,000 for every departure from the airport.

An analysis of federal Essential Air Service subsidies, and departure/passenger numbers, for the Jamestown Airport shows that every single flight leaving that airport cost federal taxpayers $1,993 and had just four passengers on average per flight. That’s a nearly $500 federal subsidy for every passenger.

And that figure doesn’t include the $3.42 million in federal Airport Improvement Program funds the Jamestown and Devils Lake airports have received from the federal government for each of the last five years.

Our federal government is bankrupt. Senator Hoeven campaigned on taking fiscal responsibility to Washington DC. I’d like to hear the Senator explain how it’s fiscally responsible to spend $500 subsidizing air travel for passengers leaving from a destination that is roughly 100 miles from larger airports in Bismarck and Fargo, neither of which receive subsidies through the EAS program.

Because I don’t think he’s got a good answer for it.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • Kevin Flanagan

    Hoeven just loves big government; it has made him very wealthy. What happens when the private sector is taxed out of existence?

    • ellinas1

      Buyers remorse?
      Y’all voted for him.

      • Jimmypop

        nope, hes not our gov anymore! yippie!

        this was the ONLY way of getting him out of here. and he has a chance at being better than the other guy. so far, hes been a quiet failure.

        • ellinas1

          Is he a quiet failure, or is he quite a failure?

    • ec99

      How do you edit posts?

      • Spartacus

        “Edit” is only available after you’ve made a comment. Only then will you see the option in the lower right corner where you typically see the options “Like & Reply.  Once you notice it it’s pretty much self explanatory. If you need help, just holler at RBB or Hannitized, they’re pro’s, or you could just ask Ellinas, who’s mostly harmless and a lot of fun! And most likely to give you an honest answer as he sees it as long as you didn’t start by jerking his chain.

        • ellinas1

           Gosh darn! You make me blush with all the good things you write about me.

          Do I edit that much? Is it that obvious?
          Man! I didn’t realize that I was unable to convey my thought at my first try.

        • realitybasedbob

          OK Spartie, even you must have laughed at yourself for calling someone out over editing a comment and then editing your comment.

          Ya know who cracks me up?

      • Neiman

        For comments there is an edit button at the bottom right after you post it. For an actual post, there are several keys that say edit. To edit comments, place your cursor over the edit key on the lower right and click. Your comments will appear in a new box and just edit as you would any word document. When you are finished hit the EDIT Key to the Left on the Bottom and it will post again. You can keep doing this until someone replies and then you are locked out.

        • ec99

          Thanks a lot to both of you for the info.

  • ellinas1

    Someone Should Ask Senator Hoeven About Federally-Subsidized Flights That Cost $2,000 Each
    Rob Port  •  January 6, 2012

    Hey big guy, why don’t you and the Whistler go and ask him?As a matter of fact anyone from North Dakota that blogs here should go and ask him.Then y’all can post his answers for us all to see.

    • Kevin Flanagan

      I’ve never received a straight answer from any of these clowns!

      • ellinas1

         You have to insist. Tell him:
        Hey, you clown. That is not what I asked. Now give me a straight answer, or forever be known as a crooked SOB.

        • Kevin Flanagan

          If I did that, he would just send one his goons to break my feet so I couldn’t use them to vote.

          • ellinas1

            Kevin, Kevin, Kevin!
            An ancient Greek saying: “Courage is needed, for he who dares wins.”

            Take your own goons with you dude!
            Quit your complaining, and do something.

  • Spartacus

    Why not petition you’re Governor and State representatives to recall the honorable :cough: Senator back to your state capitol so that he can explain to everyone why he has chosen to burden you with this expense. Just a thought.

    • Rob

      Oh, he’s not burdening the state with this expense, it’s federal tax dollars.  He’s burdening the nation with it.  Though, to be fair, the program started before his term in office, but he’s clearly supportive of it.