So Much For The Outrage: Paul Ryan Gets “Generally Warm” Reception At Two Town Halls

The left is working long and hard to portray dissent to Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget as being on par with the dissent to Obamacare which manifested itself at town halls during the summer of 2009. So far, though, evidence for that just isn’t in evidence.

The latest inconvenient bit of evidence is the “generally warm” reception Rep. Paul Ryan himself got at a couple of recent town halls:

FRANKLIN, Wis. — Republican Congressman Paul Ryan continues to draw capacity crowds at town hall meetings, most recently in Waterford and Franklin.

About 250 people crammed into the Waterford City Hall on Thursday, where people peppered Ryan with questions about Medicare and government spending.

At a second stop, about 400 people gathered in a high school auditorium in Franklin.

Ryan received generally warm receptions at both. In Waterford, 68-year-old Ken Thiede (TEE’-dee) of nearby Rochester thanked Ryan for being a leader who stands up for the little guy.

Meanwhile, Newsbusters notes the difference in tone from the way the tea party town halls were covered and the way the anti-Ryan budget protesters are being covered:

CBS’s Early Show on Wednesday played up how opponents of Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan shouted down GOP representatives at recent town hall meetings, but downplayed them as “less than friendly,” and marveled at their apparently “poignant” questions. The network also omitted how liberal groups targeted these meetings, and trumpeted the “nasty national shouting match” at health care town hall meetings in 2009.

News anchor Jeff Glor noted how “House Republicans are back home for the first time since passing an aggressive deficit cutting plan, including the architect of that plan, Congressman Paul Ryan.” Glor used the “less than friendly” label immediately before playing a clip of an unidentified protester shouting, “Ryan, stop lying!” outside a town hall meeting held by the Republican in Wisconsin, and another of a woman who directly accused him of “screwing our generation and the next generation.”

The CBS anchor then introduced correspondent Nancy Cordes by asking her, “The exchange we just saw: typical of what you saw yesterday?” Cordes enthusiastically replied, “Oh, yes, absolutely, Jeff,” and continued that “Congressman Ryan heard some poignant questions from constituents about his deficit reduction plan.”

Aren’t double standards fun?


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