Sign Of The Times: Poll Says 48% Of Americans Know Someone Who Has Given Up Looking For Work


The latest labor report shows a slight decline in the nation’s unemployment rate, but that decline has less to do with economic recovery than a labor pool that is shrinking because people are giving up looking for work.

Which is something backed up by these polling results from Rasmussen:

After holding steady for the past year, the number of Americans who know someone who’s given up looking for a job out of frustration with the current market is up to 48%.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 43% of Adults don’t know someone in this situation. But the number of Americans who know someone who has given up on the job market is up from 43% in February and ties the highest result measured in regular tracking since 2010. This finding hovered around 40% for most of 2011.

The survey of 1,000 Adults was conducted on April 1-2, 2012 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

There is no economic recovery. There is only statistical static that gives the appearance of slight recovery.

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  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    It’s true, even before Obama I knew many conservatives who would move to Alaska to work on Crab boats for 3 months just to collect unemployment for the rest of the year.  They never bothered to look for work.

    There are a lot of people like that who behave as victims and blame their unwillingness to apply for a job on illegals or others.

    Anyone remember the woman who opposed Obamacare then went bankrupt for her inability to pay medical bills, then lived off the taxpayer dime as a result of her choice to go bankrupt? Yep, she was a republican too.

    • Guest

       Working and risking one’s life on a crab boat for 3 months earns them more than what some people make in a year. But please, link us to source that will show that these people risk their lives just so they can collect unemployment.  You jerkoff!!

  • Jay

    Sadly Obama fidn’t tell usin 2008 the change part of hope, change, and optimism was whatever dimes and pennies we could dig out of our pockets after he wrecked the economy.

  • borborygmi

    Must have not polled anyone in the Dakotas.  I don’t know anyone nor does anyone in my family when I took an informal poll.     Conservatives are sh!tting bricks because the economy is improving. 

    • banjo kid

       I know I am not doing that, but I just question the method they use to determine the rate of unemployment . A lie can go around the world in one day while the truth is still trying to put its shoes on . people believe what they want to and that is a huge problem . I would love it if employment went so far down it would not even be seen , I don’t care, if Obama has the right stuff so be it . the last three years has shown he has not . In my town the employment is not so bad but out lying areas have higher rates. But what we look at is the entire country. The real rate of unemployment could be as high as 12% . He has said many times energy cost should go through the roof with his policies .

      • borborygmi

        We in North Dakota/South Dakota have been insulated from what the rest of the country has suffered through.  Western North Dakota doesn’t even register because of the oil patch.   Fargo is around 3%.South Dakota is 3 to 5%,  Even Minnesota is coming down.

  • WOOF

    Republicans want to fire more workers,
    teachers, cops, firemen, nurses.
    The have a an unemployed gazillionaire who made 42 million
    the last couple of years and whose wife doesn’t feel rich, peddling
    the Republican austerity “solution”

    No sale this November.

    • Matthew

       They don’t want to fire teachers, cops, firemen or nurses.  They just want them to work for free.

  • 2hotel9

    I have people asking me every day if I can give them work, and I am barely dragging by.

    • borborygmi


  • banjo kid

    If we have 100 jobs and we have 100 people to fill those jobs we have 100% employment , take away 50% of those jobs and we have 50% unemployment, taking a cue from our government we wait until some of the people leave and go else where, say 25 of the unemployed go somewhere else that leaves 75 people to fill 50 jobs.  So now we can take credit for reducing the rate from 50% to  33.3%, every one in the white house pats each other on the back . Introducing the new math for 2012, and reducing the unemployment rate with out a single new job . If 25 more people went somewhere else or just dropped out we would according to our wonderful government math  have  100% employment hooray!  We have already forgot about those who have left the job market. Touting the reduction in unemployment is a lie of the biggest order .  I know this is an over simplification, but it is the way they figure it .