Sick Day Open Thread


I’m not feeling well this morning, so posting will be light.

Talk among yourselves. I’ll be back later today or tomorrow.

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  • realitybasedbob

    I think the designated hitter rule stinks.

    Who’s with me?

    • ec99

      Depends on your point of view. Kept a lot of players in the game past their prime.

      • realitybasedbob

        So you like watching guys who can’t play baseball anymore take batting practice?

        • ec99

          Well, as I recall, a washed up crippled Curt Gibson took the Dodgers to a WS win. So, the DH isn’t always a downer.

          • realitybasedbob

            My brother was at that game. I went to game 2.
            Good times.
            By the way, Gibson was not a DH.
            What they call it is pinch hitter.
            Big difference. Baseball fans know what I’m talking about.

    • SportsDoc

      Agreed, not only because I’m more a baseball purist, but because I don’t like Major League pitchers throwing under a hitter’s chin with no personal accountability. Make pitchers step in the batters box, too.

    • Matthew Hawkins

      I totally disagree with you. Why do you want to watch pitchers hit? 99% can’t do it. I don’t think there should be any easy outs.

      • Rob

        I’m with Matthew on this. I like the idea of pitchers having to step up to the plate and be accountable, but the reality is that they’re an automatic out. It is cringe worthy to watch.

        I’d rather watch a past his prime slugger hit a few out than some pitcher flailing at fast balls.

        • realitybasedbob

          Didn’t you agree with me a little while ago when I wrote the American league doesn’t play baseball?

        • flamemeister

          Remember Jim Kaat (Twins)? Not an automatic out.

  • Thresherman

    I’m sick of all the blowing white stuff. And no, that is not a reference to cocaine. :-)

  • mikemc1970

    Hopefully it’s not that Austrailian norovirus, I’m still not 100% after catching it a few weeks back. Get well soon.

    • ec99

      Friend of mine got that and was laid up for nearly 2 weeks.

  • devilschild

    Get Well Soon Rob

  • Tim Heise

    Hooe you feel better Dude.

  • banjo kid

    I watched in disbelief as Obama said this is the most transparent administration in years . please ? maybe as in seeing right through him and his agenda , but he has kept everything secret and put up wall after wall on Benghazi, fast and furious and every time he is ask a question he does not answer it . He has hid his personal records college records and anything that might tie him to the truth and he says he is transparent whoa ! as da Fonz would say.

  • banjo kid

    Sorry you are not feeling well, I pray for a speedy recovery. But it does present a vent . so why can’t the news have a limit on how many times they can flash the news of suicides and murders and such how many times do they need to say the same thing . The families of the victims have to reach for the remote every time they are reminded of the tragedy that has just happened to them . . For the rest of us we just get sick of hearing the same thing day after day, it is like beating a dead horse.

    • joe mauer

      Pray for an atheist to get well? I wonder how rob feels about this?

      • Rob

        I’m always happy when people send kind thoughts my way.

        Religion isn’t my thing, but I respect the beliefs of others.

      • banjo kid

        I will pray for you to brother what is your need ? . should I pray he does not get well ?

  • Roy_Bean

    OMG – you’re at the mercy of Obama Care!

  • sbark

    buck up……rub some dirt on it…….

  • Opinion8ed

    Get feeling better friend, we need you to keep us to speed

  • LastBestHope

    WTF…you’re now a Union worker?