Shocker: Occupy Wall Street Learning That Entitlements Attract Moochers

The Occupy Wall Street protests are turning out to be quite an education for those involved, it seems. First they learned that wealth redistribution wasn’t all it was cracked up to be with their central committee being something less than efficient in meeting the needs of the group, and finger-pointing already starting over favoritism.

Now the occupiers are finding out that their free entitlements are attracting vultures and moochers, including criminal elements and recently-released prisoners.

Newly sprung ex-cons and vagrants rousted from other parks are crashing the Occupy Wall Street protest, where gourmet meals are free and boozy, drug­fueled parties are on tap, the movement’s leaders griped yesterday.

“They’re telling people who leave prison to go to Zuccotti Park,” lamented Daniel Zetah, a leader of the OWS community-relations group.

Volunteer Lauren Digioia, 26, said, “We have drug dealing going on here, gang activity, public intoxication. There are a lot of instigators. There are a lot of vultures.

“Everyone knows we give out free food and sleeping bags, and it’s a perfect opportunity for squatters.”

Well imagine that. You create entitlements, within the movement, and moochers rush in to take advantage instead of earning things for themselves. It’s a veritable microcosm for public policy, it seems, and not one that reflects well on the occupy movement’s core philosophies.

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  • Randy G


    • Proof

      Yes. Those that mooch.

      • Onslaught1066

        You mean like Moochelle “My Belle”

        • Proof

          Her name did come to mind in the writing of that comment, along with “Minnie the…”

  • robert108

    The reality of social and economic “justice”, liberal style.

  • VocalYokel

    This is the kind of education you can’t get out of a book.

  • NDSuperman

    I don’t blame them for making mistakes…I blame them for not learning from these mistakes.

    • VocalYokel

      A wise man (my Dad) instructed me…
      “You’d better learn from other people’s mistakes, because you won’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

      • E4bannan

        Another wise man (my drill instructor) told me…..
        “A good Marine learns from his mistakes. A better Marine learns from other’s mistakes.”

  • Ar

    THat’s your micro cosm?

    Consider the alternative model, e.g. yours:  lock them all up and pay out the flipping nose for it and turn it into a giant, private cash cow where we hide all the n*ggers and undesirables.

    • Evan

      No, Ar, that’s not our alternative model.  Our alternative model would have been to have their parents and teachers properly educate and raise them in a way that makes them understand what it means to be a productive member of society.  Yes, there will always be the poor among us,(as well as the criminal), but they would be much fewer if only our government would get out of the education business (and all the other businesses it shouldn’t be involved in) and allow the PEOPLE the freedom to flourish.  You can’t look at life through a straw and only see what is before you.  You have to look at the big picture and determine what put these people in this situation in the first place.  And the nanny-state is what caused it.

      So yes, that’s the microcosm.

  • mikemc1970

    “There’s a lot of drugs, alcohol, assault [and] theft [by] the homeless groups coming in. We’ve had meetings all day to brainstorm what to do,’’ said Zetah, 34.

    What exactly can they do and not look like a Michael Moore sized hypocrite?

  • The Whistler

    Wow, just like the US entitlement system attracts illegal aliens.  

  • Hal106

    You forgot to include the rampant spread of VD’s by the “comfort” squad and rapists.

    • Hal456

      They could address it like the military does.  How did you get rid of that in the military Hal?

      • Hal106

        Hey little fella.  Caught in another lie.

        • 2hotel9

          In multiple threads, as usual.

  • Orvilleseybert

     I have been visiting these idiots everyday after work since they started and have been portraying myself as a hapless, angry protester. I figure that I have walked away with about $1800-2000 worth of cash and prizes.

  • SigFan

    Imagine that, people giving out free stuff attracts people that want free stuff.  Excepting for the fact that nothing is free, someone is paying and in this case it’s the people who want to take everything that someone else earned.  Irony at it’s finest.

  • 2hotel9

    The Occupados ARE moochers, and their complaints are based in the fact they want more free sh*t.

  • $8194357

    Compare the media fan fare of these left over leftist anarchists to the Tea Party Constitutionalists coverage and weep for America….Propaganda and indoctrination of the young thru academic central planning and “getting the “party line” into the main stream” have paid rich dividends for these communist Mao lovers for sure. Decades in the making bearing much fruit.

  • The Whistler

    One thing that needs to pointed out again and again is that as our opportunities increase those of us that take advantage of them will become wealthier. 

    On the other hand there will always be those that will do the minimum that they can to get by.  They won’t show any benefit because if you double their pay they’ll find a way to be out of work for half the year.

    So the gap between rich and poor can only be “solved” by making the rich poor.  

    What we should look for is to expand opportunities and celebrate those that take advantage of those opportunities.