Senator Schumer Says We Have Three Branches Of Government: The House, The Senate And The President

The left is fond of mocking conservatives for being ignorant. When Sarah Palin flubbed and said North Korea instead of South Korea, the left roared with collective laughter. When Rep. Michele Bachmann mispronounced Iwo Jima, Chris Matthews was apoplectic.

But now here Senator Chuck Schumer listing the nation’s three branches of government as the House, the Senate and the President.

Now, I’m sure the Senator knows that the three branches of the federal government are the Congress (made up of the House and the Senate), the Executive and the Judicial branch. I’m sure this was just the sort of verbal flub anyone could make on-air.

But imagine if Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin or even, say, Paul Ryan had done it. The left would be all over it. But somehow, I don’t expect the Huffington Post to be running any snarky exposes on this particular verbal gaffe.

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  • Onslaught1066

    “Senator Schumer Says We Have Three Branches Of Government”

    fair enough, it matches the number of brain cells all liberal share.

  • Proof

    It may have been a verbal gaffe this time, but Chucky Schumer isn’t the sharpest knife* in the drawer, either.

    *Note to the mentally impaired and other liberals: Use of the word “knife” by no means justifies the use of knives against those who may disagree with you, nor is it the only manner in which they are used. The plastic ones you use to slice your Jello are an excellent example of this.

    • Mountainmouth

      He is more like a spork –
      a cheap plastic spork

      • Proof

        I’m not seeing it. Sporks can occasionally be useful!

        • $8194357

          Yeah, but think of the damage a deranged tea partier could do with one of those KFC cole slaw slaughters..In the wrong hands under the right conditions a person could snap and use it as a weapon of mass destruction.

        • Onslaught1066

          Schumer, if called upon/compelled/whatever, could make for a quite passable car stop.

          (For those of you in liberal land/head up a$$, that is a man-made concrete device, designed to prevent you from just parking on the sidewalk when you get to where you’re going)

          • Proof

            Nah. He’s too much of a lightweight. Maybe a door stop?

          • Onslaught1066


        • Mountainmouth

          Good point – I was going for a dull knife type reference rather than useful.

          • Proof

            Both apply to a dimbulb like Chucky.

    • Goon

      Yeah good point Proof, I would classify Schmucky Schummer as a buffoon and or a moron, if Palin had made this comment the Lame Stream Media would have been all over her!

  • Mountainmouth

    You gotta be proud if he is your Senator. This clearly demonstrates the intellectual level of the Dem/Lib/Progressives. If Harry Reid would have lost, this idiot would have been majority leader of the Senate.

    If this guy is a political icon for the Democrats – What does it say about the people who vote for them. It is no wonder they have trouble with voting booths and counting and all that.

    What a national laughing stock

  • sbark

    There was a article in the news 10 days ago stating just that fact—–most politicians know less about Civic and the US Constitution than even the ave. Joe on the street.

    and I’d venture to say between a group of dem’cats or GOP—-the GOP would be heads and tails above the former in a Constitutional quiz, and the Tea Party group well ahead of the Rhino’s and moderates.

    The Left wing would be in remedial reading level in fact after seeing what theyve done to it over the past 2 years……GM Takeover, ObamaCare, DOJ black Panthers, Acorn in general, EPA etc.

    • $8194357

      Obambi said in a NPR radio interview back in the 90’s he thought the Constitution to negetive with all the government shall not kind of talk and he was all about searching out and finding out what the government could do to its people…Sheesh I wish some more folks would have checked this guy out some..

      • Goodbye_Kalifornia

        … but we were all excited about electing a “black president” which after all is sexist ignoring his mothers contribution to his genetic makeup. .

  • thormat

    “Congress (made up of the House and the Senate)”, AKA the Legislative branch

    • camsaure

      I wonder if he got our Govt confused with the Soviet Politbureau

  • Bat One

    Sounds like Schumer took the same Civics class as Ezra Klein… another clueless liberal for whom the Constitution is simply too complex.

    • RKae

      And not just complex; it’s also REALLY OLD!

  • I H8 GOPers

    Schumer must have watched Bachman’s Constitution class.

    • Onslaught1066

      Link please

      • I H8 GOPers

        Naw, you’re dumb enough already.

        • Goon

          Pot, Kettle, Black!

          • I H8 GOPers

            Goon, Booze, Black out!

  • yy4u2

    The gaffe doesn’t bother me as much as the rest of the content. Perhaps it is the cold meds doing a number on me…if the US Govt shuts down or the debt ceiling isn’t paid is playing with fire, I’ll supply the matches. They already have plenty of nonsparking matches: Schumer’s/Rangel’s/Frank’s/Reid’s/Pelosi’s etc breath and buffalo farts.

  • Goodbye_Kalifornia

    Chuck Schumer is the reason they banned lead paint in baby cribs, it causes “dain bramage.” One of my first merit badges in Scouting was Citizenship in the Nation I learned there are three branches of government. Executive, Legislative and Judicial at around 12.

  • Patriot

    yy4u2 – Now you have done it. Because of Schumer’s “playing with fire” comment, some punk is going to burn down the capital and take out 2 of dem dar “branches.”

  • Thomasbleser

    Actually this separation of powers principle was new to the world in 1776 when many other newly independent states followed Virginia in this regard. In 1789, division of powers between national and state governments was added. You won’t learn a thing from studying documents from the 1789 national convention, and Edmund Pendleton’s Autobiography contains the only hint of how Montesquieu’s Spirit of Laws found its way into American political institutions at the state level by way of Patrick Henry’s oratory at the Virginia Constitutional Convention of May 1776.

    There were many references to a mixed constitution (executive one-man rule of a monarchy, judicial small group rule of an aristocracy, and legislative majority rule of a democracy) in the classics, especially in Polybius and Aristotle, but there is nothing explicit in Montesquieu’s misunderstanding of the English Constitution (like Polybius’ misunderstanding of the Roman Constitution) to suggest that our own three way separation of powers derives in any way from ancient political theory by way of Montesquieu, although Hamilton’s “The Farmer Refuted” indicates that Montesquieu was one of the five most influential philosophers studied by the founding fathers in general.

    Just remember, Chuck, there are now THREE not two, branches, of government: (1) Leg-kiss-sort-of, (2) Expletive, and (3) Judean, but I guess the incumbents of these institutions pretty much do as they please these days without bothering to look at their constitutional job descriptions.

  • Rushpuppy

    Senator Schumer needs to be Recalled. He is operating outside of his constituency on the Obamacare Defunding Bill. The Democrats are all together on this and Recalls need to be started in all staes. Colorado has led the way with two successful Recalls. It’s time to stand up to this Rougue Party!