Say Anything In Print: Ashley Tribune Picks Up A Certain Humble Blogger’s Weekly Columns


Earlier this year I was pleased to announce that I would be writing a weekly column for the Barnes County Independent. Now I’m very happy to say that the Ashley Tribune will also be carrying my column starting this week. My good friend, and Tribune publisher/editor, Tony Bender is also threatening to include an article about me announcing the column.

He’s a creative man, but he’ll be working from decidedly uninteresting subject matter.

On a related note, if there are any editors or publishers out there interested in picking up my column, please write me at [email protected]

As a writer, I’m finding that I enjoy this more traditional newspaper-style column format. It’s a very different medium from blogging. You can’t just throw up a few links to explain the back story while introducing a topic. You can’t just put up a picture or a graph to quickly illustrate a point. I finding it a challenging departure from the sort of writing I’m used to, and so far it’s been a lot of fun.

I’m glad of the opportunity to do it.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • tom

    Congrats. Hope you don’t forget us little people. :)

    • Rob

      I don’t think I’ll be needing an agent any time soon, but thanks!

    • Guest

      Doesn’t get much littler than the Ashley Tribune.

      • willieB

        “Littler” You don’t get much dumber, or do you?

  • Captornado

    You haven’t truly arrived until you’re in the Wishek Star!

  • sbark

    so all of a sudden he wants a random act of journalism in a weekly opinion publication?
    Hedging his bet with plausible deniability………

  • LastBestHope

    Make every sentence count. Be efficient with words. Avoid puffery. Don’t overload with numbers. Focus on a single idea and make your case based on it. Never write angry.

    all IMHO

    • VocalYokel

      …and avoid cliche’s like the plague!


  • Randy G

    None of the “Heidi person of the year” Forum rags are looking your way? Congrats on both accounts!

    • Rob

      If they were smart, they’d want a conservative regional columnist to attract readership if for no other reason than they don’t have one, and this is a conservative state.

  • schreib

    Great job Rob

    • Rob


  • Mike

    Tony is as close to a North Dakota Mark Twain as we’ll see.

  • Guest

    Wow, The Ashley Tribune! Soon Rob might move up to a bi-monthly 2nd grade classroom’s newsletter (assuming he can considerably improve his writing of course)

    • Rob


      But hey, you should amaze us all with the size of the audience for what you write. Mine is measured in the tens of thousands, daily, plus whatever these columns reach.

      • Guest

        Yes, your self-congratulatory demeanor is funny! Alexa and dnscoop give a much more grim depiction of your audience, but I suppose even Kim Kardshian’s twitter account alone manages several times what you brag about. People love that type of utter stupidity, and even I can’t help but be lured in to laugh at your profoundly moronic rants.

        • Rob

          Well, the Alexa rankings are better used for comparisons rather than raw numbers. For example, SAB is #120 on the list of top conservative websites by Alexa ranking.

          I’m proud to be listed with those other sites. SAB used to rank as high as fifty, but there are more blogs now and I write a lot more about ND issues these days which obviously have less national appeal.

          And according to DNScoop, this blog is worth over $600,000. First, I wish, and second that’s not a very good metric.

          But please, rip down my accomplishments if that makes you feel better. I’d expect no less from you.

          Have a great, and safe, New Year.

          • Guest

            “Have a great, and safe, New Year.”

            You too, Rob.

        • willieB

          Everyone appreciates your presence here. It gives us another troll to laugh at. Please continue to post your grammatically incorrect sentences with all the spelling errors. It makes for great entertainment as you try to criticize everyone else.

    • Paul

      Says the unaccomplished, under achiever.

      • Guest

        Says the person who thinks unaccomplished and under achiever are express different insults. You’re so smart and brainy! Derp.

        • Guest

          Says the person who thinks unaccomplished and under achiever express different ideas. You’re so smart and brainy! Derp.

        • Paul

          Try to write a sentence that makes sense. “Derp” isn’t even the dictionary. It’s just in your tiny, little world of fantasy.
          Have a happy New Year, ne’er-do-well.

  • borborygmi

    Thought it might be you until the word humble….

    • Rob


      Sometimes a person has to self promote. I’m proud that newspaper publishers want to print what I write. So sue me.

  • Waski_the_Squirrel


    Now you need to get into a paper in the western end of the state so I can read it.

    • Rob

      I’ve never really made an active effort to get published in the papers, outside of writing a column or letter here and there.

      Maybe it’s time for me to start trying. Which one do you read? i’ll give it a shot.

  • Goon

    wow! Cool…So I suppose you will really be busy now.

    • Rob

      Well, not that much busier. I was already writing the column for the Barnes County Independent. Now another paper is going to be publishing it too.